Friday, January 06, 2006

Holy bajeezy...

Ya gotta love some of them Kansans, boy. I just saw an ad for this new t.v. show that’s gonna be on NBC starting tonight called "The Book of Daniel", in which Aidan Quinn stars as an Episcopalian reverend that is the head of a dysfunctional family, and struggles to deal with day to day life. In one part of the ad, they show him talking to Jesus. No really, they have Jesus sitting in his car, chatting with him about something. Cracked my ass up! But here’s what some right-wing group in Wichita has to say about it:

Among the group's criticisms is that the show portrays Jesus -- who appears and
speaks to the minister -- as a "good ol' boy, nonchalant, happy-go-lucky kind of
guy," Sharp said.

"It's not a true representation of Jesus Christ," he said.

Also offensive, Sharp said, is that the show portrays everyone in the
minister's family as dysfunctional: one of his children sells drugs, another is
sexually promiscuous, another is homosexual, and his wife is an alcoholic.

Oookaaayyy…and t.v. should portray everyone in the world as being perfect? Oh yeah! I forgot…all the people in Wichita (and most of Kansas, I bet) ARE perfect! Which is why they think its "dysfunctional" to be either sexually promiscuous (huh?) or homosexual. Asshats. According to the article, this Randy Sharp person is the director of special projects for the American Family Association. Hm…"special projects". I think maybe this dude needs to spend more time focusing on things like helping in the community, and making sure that people have less dysfunctionality in their lives, or something. You know…go out and try to cure some homos, or try to keep people from having sex with more than one person in their lives. LEAVE MY T.V. PROGRAMMING ALONE, BUGGAR!! (Good thing I live in such a fucked up place like Kansas City, yo…they let us watch whatever we want here!)

And the whole "not a true representation of Jesus Christ" thing? Um, did he personally know the guy? Because I like to imagine Christ as being a nonchalant, happy-go-lucky kind of guy myself. And I’m a Christian. I swear! (Oops…) But seeing as I’ve never had the opportunity to actually meet him, it’s kind of tough to say what he was like in real life. Dontcha think? I don’t know…

This group sees this show as "Christian-bashing," but I don’t get why that is? They say it’s because you don’t see t.v. execs "…making a fictional entertainment program about Muslims or Jews or about any other faith. The target is Christianity," but I think it’s more relatable that way. Christians are, after all, the most predominant religious affiliated group in North America, aren't they? (I could be wrong about's just a guess on my part, so don't shoot me if I'm wrong, please...) So it’s funny to more people that way, I’d imagine. I don’t know that I’d understand a show that fictionalized a rough life of a Muslim church leader who had regular conversations with Muhammad, you know? Might not be as funny to me, I’d think. Kind of like that new show "Four Kings." (Has anyone seen that crap? It. Is. TERRIBLE!! And I don't mean that they're depicting the fictional life of a Muslim character on that program, by the way...I just mean to say that the show isn't funny to me. It's really bad. Really, really very bad. But I'm just using it as an example of what isn't funny to me, just to be clear.)

Anyway, I applaud NBC for stepping out of the box on this one. And, as always, I feel crappy that people in this world can’t lighten the fuck up, and deal with the fact that the entertainment industry isn’t out to get them. Jeezy, Wichita…get over yourselves! It’s called a "sense of humor," and I’m willing to bet that Jesus had one. Sheesh!


FaithsTwin said...

I've only seen the Jesus dude in two short blibs in those ads and I have to say, he looks exactly as Jesus has looked in my mind. He seems kinda like a hippy, mello and all, "You can quote me" and all that. I don't know what to think of the idea fo the show yet, though. You know how they advertise things one way and they actually end up being quite another? I picture the show as sort of a dramedy. Which is my favorite kind of show to watch. Especially when Jesus is involved.

Four Kings was funny. I'm sorry. It was. I enjoyed the reaction Seth Greens character had to his friend getting everything. It was funny. You're just all jaded and whacked and shit. =P

Faith said...

Oh, you just said Four Kings was funny OUT LOUD, dude. Where people can read it. You're sad. I feel bad for you. Really.

("I'm sorry...I can't hear you. I have a Heisman in my ear...")

And as far as the type of show it might wind up being, I picture something like "Arrested Development". Now THAT is funny stuff.

FaithsTwin said...

Lol...the Matthew McConaheigh (or however you spell his name) and the Will Ferrel bit cracked my ass up. Will was on Jay Leno last night and I caught a wee bit of it. He is just so damned hilarious.

Yes, I said it out loud. I didn't have a problem with that show. BUT it was ONLY their first show. Remember how I used to hate Gilmore Girls and now it's like, "Get awAY from the tv! GG is on!!!" Yup. My opinion could change *smacks ass* like THAT.

Faith said...

Why are we the only ones commenting on this? Do I suck that badly, and I didn't know it?

FaithsTwin said...

No. We actually kick ass so much that people are afraid to try and top us.

Faith said...

Ok, so it wasn't "Arrested Develpoment"-ish at all. But it was a good show. Boyfriend hates crap like that (serial dramas), so I felt bad about that, but he watched it anyway. I don't know if I'll be a regular watcher, or anything, since it's on when it is, but one never knows. Last night, the boyfriend and I were supposed to go to a movie, but I so wasn't in the mood at the end of the day, so I dragged him home where I wanted to eat soup, wear pajama pants, and sit around on my ass. So it was nice to have something new to watch...

Steve said...

Um, Faith? You do realize that Overland Park is in Kansas, and not in KC, right? :D (Just noticed that's what your front page says there)

I'm not a big fan of the whole "righteous Kansas" thing, either.

Faith said...

Yep...fully aware of the fact that I'm in Kansas, Steve. Fo sho. Done by design, really.

You do realize that Wichita isn't anywhere near Overland Park, right? A 3 hour drive constitutes quite a distance in my book. Also, my point that you "gotta love SOME of them Kansans..." should be what stands out in that statement. Guess not, eh? :P:P:P:P:P