Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm not done yet!

I didn't realize this started back up again tonight!!! While I usually miss the boyfriend on nights when he has to work late, the fact that Beauty & the Geek returns with a new season tonight makes it much more bearable. (Yes, I'm ridiculous. I watch Project Runway, too, mkay? But from what I've seen on the blogosphere, I'm not alone in my addiction to that. And Santino is an asshat.)

Yay! YAY I tell you!!!


Maine said...

Isn't it the same as Average Joe?

lyn said...

santino. i have such a love/hate relationship with him. he's so talented, but he knows it, so he's smarmy.

Faith said...

Maine, it's not the same as Average Joe, no. It's not meant to be a romance show. I think a couple of people hooked up on the last "season" of it, but that was incidental. Basically, they bring 8 geeky, very intelligent guys to a house, and introduce them to 8 beautiful, not so intelligent girls, and then they try to get them to rub off on each other, so to speak. The idea is that the geeky guys will learn a few social traits (and possibly get some self-confidence) from the chicks, and the chicks will learn some new things that will make them less ditsy. It's actually a very good idea...they call it a "social experiment", and I think it's brilliant. These girls aren't necessarily retarded, but one of them hadn't a clue who John Kerry was when she saw his picture, for example. Another one didn't know there were different types of screwdrivers (philips head vs. flat head...). One guy had no idea who Brittany Spears had her baby with...and not that it's important at all, really, but it's the whole rounded idea of them becoming more complete by being involved in the experiment, I guess. I dig the show. I highly recommend it.

And Lyn, you're right...I do like some of Santino's designs. It's his nasty attitude that pisses me off, and makes me wish he'd go 'way. But then again, it might not be as entertaining if he weren't there. But smarmy is the perfect word for him. Oh sooo smarmy!!