Friday, January 13, 2006

Mellow out legs! MELLOW, I SAY!!

I have that incredibly antsy feeling that I hate. The one where I don't wanna hold still any more. I want to get up and GOOOO ALREADY! The coworker went upstairs and grabbed me a beer, which hopefully will help a bit. I've been wanting to leave and go to the bar for the past 3 hours, I swear. I'm just not in work mode, although I think that some of the things I've accomplished thus far today have been pretty helpful to the group overall, so go me! (Go out the door, to the bar, where you can kiss and hug your boyfriend and hang out with your friends! Go, go, GO!)

It appears that the beer isn't helping yet.

Incredibly antsy. I have stuff I wanna accomplish, is the thing. I wanna take the boyfriend for a nice dinner, I wanna go to Target and buy hangers we need, I wanna see if I can find a box set of the BBC/British version of "The Office". I really just do not have the time to finish working today. I know there's only about 20 minutes left in the day, but it's done for me. Seriously. Everyone else is leaving. I want out.

God, I hate this feeling.

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