Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Someone has farted near my desk twice today. It's really not nice of them.

And, just to be clear, I'm pretty sure it isn't me doing it. Yep...I think I'd notice it if it were me. I usually do, anyway.

I'd like it to stop. I'm really hoping they won't do it again. While I can understand the plight of the intestinally challenged (welcome to my world, seriously), I just know how well I can control my issues at this point in my life, and I'd figure that, as I work with a bunch of grown-ups, they should be able to control theirs as well. We all have those moments where something eeks out without us being able to stop it...I know, and I understand. But TWICE in one day? RIGHT BY MY DESK?? Just, quit it.


Ms. Pants said...

Soon as you smell it, yell out:


People will eventually get the hint that if they fart by you, you will loudly announce them to everyone.

FaithsTwin said...

OMG. I don't know if I would be able to say something like, "WheewwwIE! Someone let a humdinger fly! Does anyone else smell that?!" But it certainly must come to a stop. That is NOT a cool way to treat a co-worker.

Faith said...

Ha...I've thwarted the evil-doer! I went and bought a lovely smelling candle from Bath & Body down the street. They were on sale for $10, yo!

I also bought a couple of the plug-in thingies they have, in case the candle isn't kosher. So far, no one has told me that I can't have the candle lit, though, so I might be cool. The plug-in thingies will be nice as a supplement, I think. I also bought some fun smelling, foamy hand-soaps for the bathroom here. Because I'm cool like that. (Hopefully, no one will steal them. I don't know if anyone here is a klepto yet...haven't been here long enough to figure that sort of shit out.)

Just got my second comment on the candle...she said it smelled "delicious". Yay!