Thursday, January 05, 2006

Well, that was helpful!

Ok, found the way to get past the blues of watching your team lose a championship game (which also meant me losing $100, mind you...) - take TWO Advil Cold & Sinus tablets at the same time! Shit, I didn't care about anything except trying to focus my brain for the past couple of hours. Woo!

Now I'm a bit woozy, of course, but it was worth it, I think.

Then, my coworker brought me a CD-ROM filled with a bunch of pictures from their holiday party they had before I started, which also doubled as a going away party for the chick that I replaced, it seemed. Holy hell, these people are fun! Body shots? Coworkers touching the tips of their tongues to each other? (Femal coworkers, that is...) I had found a folder in the company's shared drive that has a bunch of photos in it from what must've been last year's holiday party during my first week here, when I was fishing around getting familiar with where we kept things. It was a revealing trip through that certain drive, is all I can say. Well, I can also say that I saw one of my new bosses without his shirt on in several of the pictures, but I prefer to try to delete that from my memory, if possible, so I don't wanna bring it up. Even though I just did. Dammit.

Anyway, the day is looking up. I've kept severely busy, had lunch with a few of the coworkers, and am still in the middle of a ton of work, which is nice. And it's FUN work, at that! Creation of marketing materials is hands down my new favorite thing to do when it comes to working. I dig it, fo sho.

But I also wanna mention this: how the hell did I not wind up on Tony's bloggy award list? Is it because I'm such a bitch and a pain in his ass? Could be. Oh well! (I do agree with his choices...except for Superficial as the most entertaining. I do find the chick VERY entertaining, believe me. I love it when she posts new stuff! But the problem is that she doesn't post often enough. Post more, sista!! POST MORE, DAMMIT!!! Pretty please?)

FYI - saw Lazlo last night at the Moose, along with his sidekick Slimfast. I didn't recognize of the servers mentioned it, and so I chatted with them both a bit when they came to the bar to have a couple of cigarettes, and they wound up using the ashtray on our table as we talked. I was a bit embarassed, as he had to clarify a rule for me at one point (I didn't realize that in college ball, you don't have to have both feet inbounds in order to receive a ball legally. So that interception that happened in the endzone when the Texas defender had one foot in and one foot out? Yeah, I made a fool of myself during that...), but he wasn't a dick about it and I thought was nice. And while I don't really care that I saw Lazlo and Slimfast - I was way too caught up in the game to break away and discuss my issues with their programming choices - my point to this whole paragraph is to say that I understand that the Texas defender managed to get an interception with that reception half in/half out of bounds. But my problem with the call overall was that they called it a touchback. The ball never crossed the plane of the was out of bounds when his hands wrapped around it. So I felt they should have started that drive at the 1/2 yard line, and not the 20. Dumbass refs.

You like how random this post is? Yeah, coming down off of Advil Cold & Sinus is this sheit, muthafuckas! Give it a try, you'll see what I mean. I need more Diet Coke now...bah!


P. McB. said...

Tony didn't mention superficial plaza chick either, it's an entirely different weblog.

Faith said...

Well dayum! I'm glad you pointed that out, p. mcb. I assumed. And we all know that assuming just makes an ass out of me. :P Oops!

I still think Superficial Plaza Chick is entertaining. And wish she'd have the time to blog more often.