Sunday, January 01, 2006

What is wrong with you?

Ok, men...I'ma gonna bash a bit right now, and it's not aimed at anyone in particular, so please don't be offended, but rather take something away from this that might help you in the future.

There are, in some rare cases, a few girls (who have big boobs, even) that know what they're talking about when it comes to sports. Ok, so we might not know how to deal with "point spreads" so well as you (which might mean we don't have a gambling problem, FYI), and we might not know who the quarterback was for the winning team in the 1969 Superbowl (I know that it was Len Dawson, and the backup quarterback now works as a delivery guy for a courier company here in KC...can't remember his name, really. Gah! That's gonna bug me...), but we just might know our shit when it comes to the teams we've been following all year, and whom we have a great deal of confidence in when it comes to the Rose Bowl on Wednesday, m-kay?

I just aquired 2 more bets for Wednesday's game. One guy is a roommate to a manager that used to work at the Moose, but has moved on to a different restaurant at this point. To be honest, his roommate was fair...gave me a $50 - $40 bet. If Texas wins, I owe him $40. If USC wins by their projected point spread of 7.5 points (which, come on, let's face it, it's 8 points, der...since when did a team manage to score half a point at anything? Am I wrong? Yeah, so let's just make it even, shall we? GAH!!), then he owes me $50. He wanted to go $100 - $80, but my limit is $20, really, so he's lucky he got me agreeing to pay $40 if USC loses.

Anyway, so as I was leaving, I heard him saying, "She doesn't know what she's doing..." And I just couldn't help but feel sorry for the asshole. Here I am, a fan of a school that has a winning record for the past 4 fucking years, due largely in part to the fact that they have such a kick ass coach (and QB, and RB!!), and he thinks I don't know what I'm talking about? Ok, I know the boobs might be a bit distracting, but let's look at the facts, ok? Last year, USC beat Oklahoma in an embarrasing game, really (55 - 19, for those who didn't watch, and don't remember). Why did I win $60 in the bets that had been laid? Because the men around here thought that USC didn't know how to play a GOOD team like the ones we have in the Big 12. So, let's look at that, shall we? This year, Texas had to play some really scary, tough teams! There was that frightening Missouri game, and the really big Oklahoma State game, and then there was that perfectly horrendous Rice game. Man, they must have been shaking in their boots!! AUGH!

Seriously, I think the toughest team they met was Texas Tech...and even Kansas gave them a bit of a scare, and had it been a home game for KU, I'd have been willing to bet an upset on Texas's season, to be honest.

USC never, ever has a very tough season, so I'm not even bringing it up. There's no point. But the deal is, everyone is always soooo confident in the power and frightening ability in a team that has to play in the Big 12, and all I'm saying is, WTF is the big deal? When you look at it, there isn't that big a deal, really.

And here is my prediction: Texas will lose. Notre Dame will win their bowl game (on Monday the 2nd at 4:30 EST, should anyone be interested in seeing them play...). And next year, we'll have Notre Dame at the top of the ranking at No. 1, and Texas will be at No. 3 behind Penn State. But that's just a guess. I doubt anyone will follow the guesses of a girl. Because we're icky, you know...

I give everyone permission to come and make fun of me on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning, should USC lose. That's only fair. Because every team is out there to play that one game that one day, and all the other days really don't matter. It all comes down to the ability to play that one opponent that single day. I'm fair...I know that's how it should really be looked at.

But I HATE it when a guy thinks a girl doesn't know what she's talking about when it comes to sports. That shit just chaps my goddam hide.


Anonymous said...

FYI - Most of us men appreciate your passion for the game and know that there are alot of women who know as much or more than we do. That being said, here is some info to keep you up to date with the biggot in your office. The .5 in the spread is intended to prevent ties so that one of you has to pay. So the "Yeah, so let's just make it even, shall we?" quote doesn't help your case. Also, Notre Dame almost beat USC and just lost to Ohio State. Ohio State could well be next years number one coming into the season no matter what happens with USC vs Texas. So leaving Ohio State out of your discussion of potential number ones doesn't help your case either. I say go Texas but agree with you that it will be an upset if they win. Keep it up.

Faith said...

Ohio State had an impressive performance, for sure. And while I watched many of the BCS ranked teams throughout the season, I'd have to say that Ohio State escaped my attention until yesterday. For obvious reasons (I was paying more attention to Texas, USC, and Notre Dame than anyone else...with special moments of bliss watching LSU and Georgia fall further down the scale as the season progressed), I have a limited knowledge of many teams throughout the country, mostly because I have a life outside of football as well. (I'm a fan of "Sex & the City" reruns on TBS and several different random reality shows, because they break up the monotony of everyday life, I find...)

I don't believe the ".5" reasoning you gave Anon. I'm sorry, but the original spread given on the USC game was 6. So why wasn't there a ".5" on that? Half points don't exist in games, so I don't see what validity they have in gambling. If I recall correctly, there wasn't a half point given in last year's game between USC and Oklahoma. I just don't get it.

And really, my point was that the guy in the bar that made the stupid $40 - $50 bet with me was an asshat for saying I didn't know what I was doing. I think he said that because I made the comment that I was looking forward to Notre Dame winning their game yesterday, and it turns out (according to boyfriend) that this particular guy is totally anti-Notre Dame.

After watching the game yesterday, it's clear that Ohio State has both an impressive defense, as well as some offensive moves that were really kind of fun to see. But they lost 2 games this season, right? One to Texas, and the other one I'm not sure about. Pretty well the same losses as Notre Dame had (except Notre Dame lost to USC rather than Texas...), from what I heard the announcers talking about. So what makes them any better than Penn State, Notre Dame, or Texas next year? Come's truly doubtful that they'll be #1. It's clear now that Notre Dame won't be #1 at the beginning of the season, but it'll be interesting to see what happens. I expect a quick climb for them into the top 3, if they're not in it already...

Anonymous said...

Cool debate - Ohio State may be number 1 or 2 next season because they could have 2 eventual Heisman trophy candidates returning in their backfield and many other young, quality returning starters. But who knows. Your bigger point is that you know what your talking about - and assuming you freehand these posts without a lot of research, I would say you are in the top 15% in regards to college football knowledge (male or female). Also, I didn't like the asshat you talked about previously and now that I know he hates the Golden Dommers I really think he is an idiot.

mikey said...

i'm pretty sure anon is right about the half point, but it's not something they use every time.

i dunno. really, it falls in there with "What's the diff between saying "USC -7" and "UT +7?" to a common person (aka the non hardcore gamblers), these would seem like the same thing. but i think there's a difference between the two... normal people just aren't meant to understand hardcore sports betting.

and i dunno if ND will be preseason #1... has Quinn said that he's definitely returning next year?

i wouldn't be surprised if USC was preseason #1. sure, Bush and Leinart will be gone, but there's still LenDale White (or is he leaving too? this is his chance at the spotlight! he's been underrated for 3 years now), there's still the receivers, and isn't just about the whole offensive and defensive lines returning next year? i know they're not losing too many people to graduation/NFL... shoot, look at their current roster... only a handful of seniors there.

my preseason top 5? USC, ND, Ohio State, Penn State, Texas. just a guess.

Faith said...

I like that lineup, Mikey. No matter what, it's gonna be hella interesting to see what happens! Lord knows the BCS always seems to have something funky up it's computerized sleeve.

I can't imagine Quinn would leave. He's just a junior, right? Yeah, no way will he be going anywhere...if he's smart. He could be Heisman material next year, if he works hard over the summer, and gets back on track with his pass completions. (Not that it was his fault that Smardja - or however you spell that - dropped all the passes he received. Let's face it...the whole team was a bit off on Monday.)

Ohio State has some impressive freshmen players, and that could work quite well for them overall. Not sure that USC will be #1 next year, though. I doubt LenDale is leaving, but if he goes, we're left with a team full of fresh meat. I'm already so excited about seeing what happens next year, though! Can we skip summer in 2006?

Anonymous said...

The morning after. What a great game. Your USC boys have nothing to hang their heads about. Vince Young was just too much. What a year for college football - your right, lets skip the NBA and baseball seasons and get right to training camp, or at least draft day! Thanks for the good posts and good grip on life that you express.