Friday, January 20, 2006

You know you're bored when...

Ok, it seems I’ve finished the influx of work that hit me this morning, and I’m waiting for a nasty storm to move in so I can be excused from work early, dammit, so I thought I’d fill the time with this lovely meme. I have seen it today at both Maine and Lyn’s beautifully lovely blogs. (Really…go check them out. I love them so…)

Four Jobs You’ve Had In Your Life

1. Waitress
2. Admin assistant
3. Admin assistant
4. Oh, and did I mention admin assistant?

Seriously, I’ve been an admin for a fucking long-ass time now. I’ve also been a waitress for a bit here and there (during college, and then once during a "break" I wanted to take from the corporate world. It backfired. Instead of feeling refreshed and grateful for the break, I felt like grabbing any little piece of the corporate world that would have me. Man it sucked being a waitress.), and I’ve also acted as a sherpa in the Himalayas. But I don’t like to talk about that, so let’s move on, shall we?

Four Groups of People You Want to Stop Reading Your Website Right Now

1. All the poor schmucks that probably stumbled across my site looking for help with their "faith" or thinking they were finding some sort of religious bullshit on it.

2. A couple of family members that KNOW it only causes trouble to read my shit.

3. Old boyfriends. There must be at least one of you…I know it.

4. Anyone that is just looking to hand out shit to me about the person they think I am. That one chick finally stopped calling me/making comments, but I can feel her lurking, and I want her to go ‘way for good. (But, then again, we all know how trusty my "feelings" are lately, don’t we. Maybe she IS gone for good! That’d be keen.)

Four Movies You Could Watch Over And Over

Wow. I used to actually do this. I haven’t in a while, but here are the ones that were on my regular rotation, and still are great favorites for me:

1. Roman Holiday
2. Emma
3. Anything the BBC does that’s based on a Jane Austen book
4. Saving Silverman

Four Commercials You Can Watch For Hours and Hours

Gah. Commercials being on for hours and hours doesn’t sound good. Sounds like a prescription for suicidal tendencies, actually. But ones I can watch a FEW times, and not get sick of? Sure…

1. The Diet Coke commercial with the guy getting dressed, dancing around his apartment. He’s wearing red socks, and I find that so fucking adorable, it’s not even funny. (Plus, I dig the song.)

2. The Burger King commercial where the guy wakes up and the King is in bed with him, and then hands him an enormous egg sammich. That big, creepy, plastic head of the King’s gets me every time. (I like the ones where the King is playing sports, too. I don’t know how the actor does that with the plastic head on…but it’s funny!)

3. I miss the Stacy Rumple Starbucks commercial. I don’t know how many times I could hear the song without wanting to kick someone’s ass, but I always loved the part where they tell Bob to "..step off…" and told the other guy she doesn’t want a second date ("…Leave her alone…"). That was my favorite one of those commercials so far.

4. The "Happy Fun Ball" commercial from Saturday Night Live. I dig a lot of those commercials they have on the show, but "Happy Fun Ball" and "Colon Blow" are a couple of classics that I particularly enjoyed the most. My coworkers just reminded me of "Finger Off!" and the tattoo remover ones, too, though. Man, all of those commercials are fucking great. They should write for real products, dammit.

Four Places You’ve Lived

Hmm. Narrowing it down to just 4 is not easy. Why don’t I just list them all, ok? Because I’m all about breakin’ da rules of da meme, yo…

1. Whittier, Ca ('74 - '83)
2. Lake Arrowhead, Ca ('83 - '87)
3. Mission Viejo, Ca ('87 - '91; '98 - '99)
4. San Juan Capistrano, Ca ('91 - '92)
5. San Pedro, Ca ('92 - '93)
6. Malibu, Ca ('93 - '95)
7. Paris, France (summer of '94)
8. West LA, Ca ('95 - '96)
9. Pasadena, Ca (summer of '96)
10. Kansas City, MO ('96 - '97)
11. Overland Park, KS (1997; 2000 - now)
12. Oceanside, Ca ('97 - '98)
13. Carlsbad, Ca (1998)
14. Walnut Creek, Ca (1999)
15. Boston, MA ('99 - '00)

Holy Shit. I never realized there were that many places on the list. Holy fucking shit.

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch

This is so easy…

- Friends
- Sex & the City
- Iron Chef America
- Gilmore Girls (although I’ve kind of let this one go by the wayside for now…boyfriend doesn’t enjoy it, and it’s on during one of the nights I like to spend time with him. So eventually, I plan on buying the entire series on DVD and watching it from start to finish. Gives me goosbumps to think of it!)

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Kristine said...

After always living in CA (and PARIS! and Boston...) how'd you end up in KC?