Monday, February 06, 2006

Funny, funny guy!

The boyfriend made a comment on Friday night about wanting 7 children. I told him the maximum, if any, would be 2. And he'd be taking care of them, so he'd better start saving up now, because my job won't be enough to support 4 people, that's for damned sure.

I got him back, though. I was looking at Tiffany & Co rings on Friday (or was it Thursday? I can't remember...), and found my dream ring. It's really pretty, and sort of encrusted in diamonds, and it's made of platinum. Yeah, it's $12,000. So I told him on Saturday that I found the ring on the website, and I love it a lot!

Hopefully, that'll teach him to joke about wanting to have 7 kids. I'm 32, dammit! I can't have 7 goddammed kids!! Sheesh.

He also mentioned last night that he feels like I'm "picking on" him a bit lately. I told him that if we aren't able to communicate our concerns and issues with each other, then we aren't a healthy couple in my opinion. And while I'm all about the even-stevenness of relationship give and take, it's not my fault that I'm perfect, and that he has very few things, if any, that he can pick on me about. I felt kind of bad this morning, though. So I apologized for picking on him, saying, "You're just such a boy, though!" To which he replied, "Yeah, and you're SUCH a girl!" I had to explain to him, yet again, that girls are better than boys, so he should just get used to this sort of thing, if he isn't already. Part of my "girliness" is my desire for things to be a certain way (i.e. rinsing the dishes really well before putting them in the dishwasher, or being careful to not let the tin foil covered in chicken "juice" drip all over the outside of the trashbag, or cleaning up all the water on the bathroom floor after a shower is over and done with...), and I guess that's what he was bagging on. I don't know, though, for being a girl, I also have the amazing ability to block out information that isn't useful or relevant when a boy is talking sometimes. It's a trait that comes in handy now and then...

Anyway, hopefully he knows that there are things that I love about him that completely outweigh all of his boy issues. The fact that this morning, I was in the shower and all I had to do was call his name, and he immediately came to see what I needed. Or that he was able to pick up on my annoyed tone last night when he was chatting online with his hypochondriac ex-girlfriend that lives in Tennessee, or some such place, and I wanted to hang out with him so I wanted him to finish it up. He has all day today and tomorrow to fuck around and have his alone time. So I appreciate it a great deal when he realizes what I mean when I say, "Sooo...she's all right, then?" three times in the course of 2 minutes, and finishes up in order to come and join me on the couch for a cuddle. He's a darling of a boyfriend, really, so I do feel pretty bad about "picking" on him, as he calls it. But then again, he has been changing his socks when he gets home from work, and he showered this morning, which was quite a lovely surprise, and on Friday and Saturday, he was even voluntarily talking about his teeth issues. And it was good stuff he was saying. And I was so pleased, I almost BURST!

I love my boyfriend, with all my heart. (But I still think girls are better than boys, dammit...)

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