Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hit the jackpot!

So I couldn't wait to see the boyfriend last night, obviously because I love him, duh...but also because I wanted to know if he'd talked to the bank at all about their $1.5 million deposit mishap. Of course, he hadn't listened to my message I left him yesterday morning (I don't know why I even left one, to be honest...he usually checks them after they've been in there for a couple of days), so I showed him the deposit slip. It was clear he hadn't noticed the placement of the commas prior to me pointing them out to him. We laughed about it, and then he got his dinner together, and I went back to sit on the couch and watch some t.v.

We kept chatting about it, though, and I thought it might be fun to check his online banking information to see whether they'd caught the mistake or not. We both got these silly grins on our faces, and he hustled into the office to turn on the computer. I stood over him as he signed on, and then waited for him to figure out where to click in order to view his checking account activity. He scrolled down a bit, and there it was...

$1,577,049.00 is in process of being deposited into his checking account. I shit you not. We printed it out, even. I should've scanned it, dammit!! Oh well...if it actually goes through (which he thinks won't happen because he has faith that the bank will HAVE to catch it before it actually gets deposited into his account, but I can't wait to see what actually happens today or tomorrow...), I'll make sure to scan it and post a picture somehow.

All I'm afraid of at this point is that he hasn't called the bank to alert them to their error. And now that he's logged in and viewed his checking account activity, that sort of shit can be traced, and I'm sure the bank might get mad that he didn't make an effort to let them know about their incredible blunder.

But you know what happens inside my head after that? "Fuck the bank! If they didn't catch the mistake already, then let's play with this...I wanna see how far it goes before they figure it out!" (Obviously, IF the money actually gets deposited by some miracle, we can't use any of it. The company boyfriend works for would never be able to cover such a deposit, and I'm sure they'd point the mistake out to the bank sooner than later.)

I'm just shocked that the bank hasn't already caught it! See, I would imagine that at a bank, of all places, they would do a reconciliation thing at the end of their day, sort of like what I always did when I worked for a restaurant or a clothing add up the receipts and the cash in the drawer, and you match everything up. If you're $20 over, you gotta run through the calcs again to figure out where you went wrong. And if you're $20 UNDER, well you'd better figure out what the fuck happened so your pay doesn't get docked.

So I'm thinking that the bank will have to realize, at some point, that they're $1,555,491.51 under for the day on their deposits from Tuesday. But wouldn't they have figured that out BEFORE they allowed it to start processing through the boyfriend's bank account? Obviously not. So that's why I say fuck 'em. We're gonna watch this play out, and we're laughing our asses off while doing it!

I'll keep y'all posted. In the mean time, I'm gonna enjoy sleeping with my millionaire for as long as possible. In fact, why am I at work today, dammit? I need to be out getting massages and pedicures! Ta!


lyn said...

so i worked for a bank and i work in the financial institution software industry...and these things happen all the time and are corrected once they balance for the day.

i'm guessing that his bank runs in a batch mode (not online) and that once they actually proof everything and balance out, they'll make the adjustment.

and as far as him looking at it and not contacting them - not his responsibility and it doesn't really count until it's fully posted into the account. (it's called having memo entries - you can see them but they aren't really in or out of your account until it's posted.)

so there's the geek in me explaining it all.

FaithsTwin said...

Wow- this is funny. You know that saying, "They're laughing all the way to the bank," well I think we can officially change it to, "WE are laughing all the way about the bank."

Faith said...

I was hoping that someone out there worked for/used to work for a bank and could tell me what's going on! Thank you Lyn!! (Although I find it strange that it showed as being in process yesterday when he made the deposit on Tuesday...wouldn't they have balanced it all on Tuesday at the end of the day? Or is it done the day after for deposits made after noon, or something? He made his deposit on Tuesday after 3, so that's why I was thinking we wouldn't see an adjustment on the issue until at least today...)

lyn said...

you got it...most banks have a cutoff of 3 or 4pm for same day processing.