Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'll take that in $10's & $20's, please...

- Ugh. Took my vitamins this morning and then forgot to eat something (usually some fruit) after I did it. By the time I got to work, I was fully feeling like I was about to wretch. I grabbed a warm Coke out of the supply closet to sip on in order to calm the nausea down, and it seems to finally be subsiding, but DAMN! That is a nasty feeling. (I eat half of a bagel when I get to work, which is why I usually eat fruit when I take my vitamins in the a.m.) The worst part of it is that I know I need to eat something to stop feeling sick, but the idea of eating something when I feel that nauseous just makes me want to throw up more. BLEH!

- As I was leaving the house this morning, I got a bit nosy, and decided to review the deposit slip the boyfriend had left on the kitchen table last night. (He deposited his paycheck yesterday…) And I don’t know what happened, but the slip said he deposited $1,577,049.00 in his account. Now, either that last raise he got was a doosie and he’s been holding out on me, or the teller he visited in order to make said deposit was an idiot. As I’m pretty sure it’s the latter of the two options, it makes me wonder: what kind of trouble does a teller get into for making a mistake like that? How did they not catch it before the boyfriend left? Also, how long before they catch this mistake? I called the boyfriend and left him a message on my way to work letting him know that it might cause problems with his account, so he might wanna follow-up with them and all, but what if they don’t catch it? Naw…they have to catch it, right? I mean, wouldn’t higher management get involved if there was a high deposit made like that at the bank? And again, this just makes me wonder if the teller will just be made fun of for a while for his/her mistake, or if they really get into some serious trouble over something like this. Why doesn’t shit like that happen to me, huh? The boyfriend probably won’t give a flying hoot about what happened, and will likely forget about it once everything is right in his account again. I, on the other hand, would remember the teller that did it, and try to visit said teller again in the future to ridicule them, and ask them if they could give me another $1.5 million just for kicks. But that’s just me.

- I’ve successfully cut back on calories for two days in a row, now. I can tell that it’s less than I usually eat because I get a headache at about 4, and then yesterday I had the added bonus of getting dizzy (I think that’s because I’m getting my P today, though…), and then I’ve been hungry at about 8 p.m. again, after dinner has settled, and my stomach is left wondering, "Um, WTF, bitch? GIVE ME MORE FOOD, DAMMIT!" I not only hate it when my stomach starts acting all superior and shit, but I also am tired of the fatness, so I ignore the stomach, generally fall asleep a bit on the sofa by 9-ish, and then go to bed at about 10, ignoring the hunger as best I can. It should only last a few days, really, until my stomach gets used to it, and then all will be well again. I woke up late this morning, though…turned off the alarm at 5:20, and then fell back asleep accidentally, so I missed my workout. Oh well. It’s my sleep-in day this week, I guess!

I’ve been counting the calories really closely, though, which can be difficult at times, but now that it’s been a few days of it, I’ve gotten more in the groove of writing every little thing down. And I’ve been rather successful at keeping the intake to 1500 – 1600 a day. Not bad. It’s amazing how I look at grabbing a snack out of the snack drawer at work now. "Do I want to waste the calories on that? Or should I look forward to having 5 ounces of chicken at dinner instead of just 4, and being able to eat a cup of pasta instead of just a half a cup?" The inner dialogue is what I needed. Looking at snacks as wasted calories that I could be having at a seriously good meal (which last night’s dinner was, by the way…good GOD it was yummy!) is a wake-up call that I’ve probably been needing for a while.

So I continue to pound my water, ignore the donuts (which are still in the kitchen today, dammit!), eat more veggies and eat less other stuff at dinner, and spread out my meals throughout the day (if I bring two things, like I did today…soup and a little tuna salad thingy…then I can eat the soup at noon, and then eat the tuna salad at 1:30 or so – brilliant!), and stay busy, then I should be down a dress size by the time I go home to visit the family in March. This is a good plan.

But I still wish I had the $1.5 mill that my boyfriend has today, dammit…


Maine said...

Um.... spend.... SPEND... quick, go now!!! SPEND!!!!

Faith said...

I'm not gonna lie...that was my first thought! But boyfriend has a funky payroll company that his checks come from (because the company he works for is sucky like that), and so they put a hold on his deposits for 2 days anyway. He can only use $100 of that $1.5 mill right now.

Chances are, BofA will figure out their mistake by the time Thursday rolls around, and then we won't be able to have any fun with the extra cash, dammit.

But if they don't? Fuck if I'm not gonna get a few things for myself. My birthday's right around the corner, yo!

FaithsTwin said...

BofA is retarded. 'nuff said.

I wonder what your co-workers think when they walk in and see you staring at the snack drawer? "Ohhh, Faith is up to it again. It's getting creepy, don't you think? I mean, do we need to intervene? Should we do something? I just don't know..."