Thursday, February 09, 2006

I've been fortunate to be about 99% craving-free for the past week and a half. While I kind of wanted a pizza on Friday and Saturday, it wasn't bad enough to justify the expense, and I really didn't wanna waste the calories on Pizza Hut. I wanted buffalo wings and ranch dressing on Saturday pretty badly, but I solved that crisis by going out and buying supplies for a lighter, homemade version that seemed to do the trick.

But today, I'm craving badness! I want a BIG OL' turkey club sandwich with loads of bacon and mayo and fries on the side, please. I went so far as to pull out the menu from the restaurant across the street that has a similar sammich to what I wanted for a very reasonable price. I was drooling, I noticed. Yep, that usually means the craving has the best of me.

I was also very hungry by the time I pulled the menu out of the drawer. And I couldn't find any calorie count online for Texas Toast, which is what the sammich I wanted was served on, and how many calories are in the fries they serve there? I don't know. So I put the menu away, I went down the hall, and I heated up the cup of chili and 1/2 cup of rice I brought for my lunch today, and I ate that like the good girl that I am.

I tried to satisfy the craving for badness by feeding it some Diet Coke and a small baggie of Cheese Nips from the snack drawer. (Cheese Nips SUCK, by the's Cheez Its or nothin' from now on, dammit.) Seems to have helped a little. The Cheese Nips only have 170 cals and 7 grams of fat, so that's considerably better than the mayo/bacon/fry catastrophe I was contemplating just 2 short hours ago, but still...I want me some badness, dammit!

This is hard. Very hard.

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Anonymous said...

I feel for you, especially when my downfall is Buffalo Wings, mmmmm.