Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Look out for 2-door black BMW's...

I’m in a pisser of a mood this morning. I think I’m just tired, but on the way to work, I ran into one too many issues that irritated me and sent me into a little "road rage". It turned out ok for everyone involved, but in that last stretch before I pulled into my parking lot, there was definite honking, flipping off, and skidding as I pulled a right turn going on. For a split second, I wondered if I was going to slide into the people stopped at the signal, the skidding was so bad. So, yeah. Not in a good place when it comes to other vehicles so far today. I think I’ll stay away from the car and the street for, oh, about 9 hours. Then things should be ok again. (I hope.)

I think tonight should be a good catch-up night. Just me and the boyfriend, possibly some laundry getting done, definitely making a little dinner for the two of us, and I’m thinking heading to bed early will be very helpful indeed. The parents left early this morning to head back to Indiana, and while it was lovely seeing them, I find it hard to entertain guests and keep up with activities accordingly when I also have to focus on my own home and work life at the same time. It was exhausting. And the boyfriend is drained as well. So I think some down time will be well deserved.

In about 10 days, we will be heading to California to visit with my family, and to visit with a couple of the boyfriend’s family members, and to rest and relax and to think about nothing other than just having fun. The Twin will be driving us around, for the most part (yay Twin!), we get to see my nieces and nephews, and we have pretty much all of our days planned out at this point. I’m so excited about this trip that it’s hard to think about anything else at this point. But I have to.

For example, one of my bosses sent out an e-mail this morning asking people for antibiotics or penicillin they could share. I seriously thought he was kidding, as he’s kind of a funny guy a lot of the time. But I just watched the one coworker that likes to fry herself and her fake boobs a little bit too regularly at the tanning salon (the one who was pissed about her kids staying home on Martin Luther King Jr’s b-day…the one who called it "monkey day"…yeah.) pull some old antibiotics out of her purse, and give them to him. I don’t understand. Apparently, they do it all the time around here.

See, the problem is, a DOCTOR prescribes those medicines and a PHARMACIST fills the prescriptions so as to be able to monitor the situation, and make sure that everything is ok. Self-diagnosis and medicating is NOT smart, and can lead to all kinds of other health problems, especially when the tart of the office is acting as one’s pharmacist! I asked her why she even HAS the antibiotics. "Oh, I had some left over from the last time I had to take them. I never finish them off." Ok, retard, the reason why you’re given antibiotics in the first place is because you need them in order to kick whatever your body has. If you don’t finish said antibiotic cycle, then you’re likely to not get rid of what your body has. I know this is a common practice, though…I just don’t understand why. If the doctor prescribes antibiotics for 10 days, you need to take the antibiotics for 10 days. End of story.

My ass just gave birth to The Most Glorious Poo Ever, FYI. It felt marvelous…AND I had privacy in the bathroom whilst I was pooing! That puts me in a much better mood all by itself, believe it or not. I don’t know why.

Ok, I have some little piddly things to get to, and some reaming of the receptionist to do (she’s not getting our mail out the door every day like we need her to. It’s getting obnoxious…), so I’d best be on my way. Happy day all!


Maine said...

Giving birth to poo.


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