Friday, February 17, 2006

Mini M&Ms or chocolate chip?

I chose the mini M&Ms. That's right...I'm eating a COOKIE, dammit! I've been craving a BLT and fries all week, and haven't given in to the desire. So eating this cookie is not only WAY better than consuming an entire BLT and a side of fries, but it's justified by my having avoided said BLT and fries all week. So there!

Actually, I pulled out my old 6 Week Body Makeover manual and measuring tape last night, and got down to brass tacks. I've taken my "before" pictures (from the front and the side), and I've been diligently watching and noting my calories for about 3 weeks now, and it's slowly paying off. I've lost 5 pounds in that time, although I think most of it has been over the course of the past two weeks. I started out at a hefty 193, and am now at 187.5 (I round up, hence the actual loss of only 5 pounds in my mind), and can see that due diligence is getting me where I wanna go. It won't be fast, that's for sure. But I've always been a bit wary of the quick weight loss thing anyway, seeing as every time I've dropped a significant amount of pounds (10 or more) in a quick amount of time, it doesn't take long for them to creep back on to my frame. I have 30 pounds to go before I'll be absolutely comfortable in most of my favorite clothing, so I figure that by the end of summer, I should be in a stupendous place with my body. I hope.

Again, though, the tightening of my flab is undeniable at this point. The ass is tighter, and the "love-handles" aren't quite as apparent, even though my pants and skirts are still a bit tight. And being less flabby is key to my motivation.

Also? My boobs appear to be losing some of their heft. It's a small amount, but it's noticeable to me. (Oh, and I've taken the suggestion of a few people - Hunny, I believe you were one of the people to mention it - and I've started putting deodorant on under my boobs before I get dressed in the morning. I was worried that it might make a mess of my bras, but it really hasn't, and I feel so much less smelly and gross at the end of the day, thank goodness! So thank you to those of you who suggested it. I think the boyfriend did as well, and I told him about my new habit last night, and thanked him as well, so now we're all on the same page. =) Losing a bit of boob is a BIG deal to me, so I am very excited about that, and think that next week things will be even smaller, and that thought is just so exciting to me that it's hard to put it into words. I can't WAIT until another month has passed, and I will have lost an inch or two, perhaps, and I will be better at avoiding the cookies and the grease-laden breakfasts brought into the office on Fridays, and I will not crave things like BLT's or fries or turkey club sammiches drenched in mayo as badly, and I will look forward to being back in a size 14 with less chub than I've had in a long time.

And that, my friends, is what it's all about.


Hunny said...

Had a really bad day at work, unbelievalbe. So I had strawberries dipped in chocolate. It was worth it. Now I have tough decision. Quit, or fight?
So your cookie was a good treat for being so good, me, I think I will eat some more strawberries, and pretzels dipped in chocolate too.
Thanks again for the Blog, without having this and other blogs to read daily I would go stir crazy!

Faith said...

Aw! Thanks Hunny! I'm always glad to hear that my sharing a bit of my eccentricities and silliness (and crappy issues as well, of course) makes someone happy. :)

But now I want some strawberries in chocolate dammit. Thanks! ;P

Hunny said...

Plan a night with boyfriend that he needs to feed you the strawberries and chocolate.
I promise it will be something you both will enjoy!