Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Um, Momma N., do me a fave and make up your *BLEEPING* mind!!

Yesterday, it was in the upper 60's outside. I felt like an idiot walking down the Plaza in my coat, because I didn't realize it was that warm. (To be honest, I didn't believe the weathermen who said it would be that warm...)

Today, it's in the upper 30's, I think. The wind is bitter, and a bit nasty, and seems to be ushering in some icky weather for us over the next couple o' days.

I'm done with it. I'd like to hibernate until March, please. Preferably in a sand cave (a.k.a. in a room with an ocean view) in Puerto Rico. That'd be ideal, thanks...

If I can't have that, then how about if we have one consistent, fucking weather pattern for the rest of the goddammed season, huh? This up and down, warm and then cold bullshit fucks with my insides and makes things go phlegmy. So UP YOURS, Momma Nature! Since you're not me real mom, I can say shit like that to you, you fucktwat.

(Don't worry...I'll love you again in April. I swear.


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April said...

Yeah... about this crap - I'm missing the 75 degrees year round Miami weather something fierce today.