Monday, February 27, 2006

Wait...was I even born yet?

I went to Wendy's today to pick up my cheap-ass, low-cal lunch (side salad w/ LF Ranch, and a plain potato - $2.13, thankyouverymuch!), and for a portion of my trip was driving behind a Subaru that had a "Carter/Mondale" sticker on it's bumper.

Now, just the very idea that this car has made it that long is amazing to me. But also the fact that the bumper-sticker itself was in such great shape was a fascination as well! It was sort of faded, but it didn't have any razor blade lines through it, like one might expect would happen when someone tries to remove a bumper sticker, especially one that says "Carter/Mondale" on it. All four corners were still in tact. And it didn't look as though it had any wear and tear from repeated washings/snow days over the past, what, 30 years.

There weren't any other stickers on this car.

I'm left wondering if this person found the sticker at a yard sale or something, and put it on their car just to throw people like me off? Would the sticky stuff even work still after sitting in someone's dusty den/basement/attic for all those years, if that was the case? Or perhaps this is a know, one of those cars from the 70's that only has 3,000 miles on it because the 80 year old person that owns it only uses it to go to and from church every Sunday? I don't know. Weird. Just thought I'd share.

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