Monday, February 13, 2006

Why is teppanyaki such a phenomenon in Kansas City? Teppan restaurants that aren’t succeeding all that well in other parts of the country? Yeah, just come and open a restaurant in KC, and you’ll flourish! (FYI, for those that aren’t aware, teppanyaki is where the tables surround the cooking area, and the food you order is cooked right in front of you on a flat-top grill. It’s kind of entertaining, and the food turns out really yummy, I’ve found, so I’ve always loved it!) On Friday night, I invited a group of friends to join my boyfriend and I at dinner to celebrate my birthday. I love, love, LOVE Japanese food, but sushi isn’t an unusual thing for us to do, and besides, it can get kind of pricey if you want to eat enough to get full. I haven’t been to a teppan restaurant in a long time, so my plan was to make reservations at a popular place in town called Gojo. I haven’t eaten there for years, so I hadn’t the first clue that it would be impossible to make a reservation for 8 people on Friday when I called them on Thursday. But it was. They had space for us at 5 p.m. or 10 p.m. And, pretty obviously, neither of those times were good for me.

So I called another place…it’s across the street from my office, and my coworkers told me it was a good place to go. I’d never been, but it’s been there for as long as I can remember, so I figured it couldn’t be bad. And it’s not that it was bad, per se. Not if you like really loud, rather smoky environments, and don’t mind feeling a bit rushed by the employees to get the fuck out so they can seat the next group waiting to eat. Now, I’ve been to many teppan restaurants before, but I guess I’ve been spoiled by less smashing around of the spatulas against the cook top and salt shakers, and less people in there all at once. The hoods were on to filter out the steam and smoke, but this particular restaurant is upstairs, and I think that somehow caused the steam and smoke to not all filter very well, so it was a bit smokier than I’m familiar with.

The food was good though. I had calamari and chicken, and it was perfectly cooked. Plus, I was there with friends that I love hanging out with, and that made it all worth while really. I wish that we could’ve heard each other better while we chatted, but now we know…that’s NOT the place to go for a birthday dinner, or anything like that. Hell, it’s just not a place I’d go back to, period! Just too damned noisy. Give me dollar sushi on Monday nights in a nice, quiet little restaurant, and I’m a happy girl.

Anyway, overall, the weekend was very good. I’m kind of glad to be back in hermit mode now that the sports season has kind of mellowed for a bit. It’s helping me to stay away from the bars, and to keep my drinking to a minimum. I missed my hermitdome, actually. There’s something about being able to hang out by yourself for a good amount of time all in one block, and still not drive yourself nuts. Some people take baths when they hang out in their hermit world. Some people order pizza and settle in for a night of movie-watching. Me? I like to clean. I pick a room and I clean it. Or I vacuum the whole house. Or I do laundry. I love looking back at my evening/day alone and seeing some sort of product from all that time spent. Makes me feels good.

Ok, my breath is heinous, and I think it’s due to the small amount of food I’ve had today. I’m off to grab a bite and to find a mint somewhere. Bah!


FaithsTwin said...

Ah, teppan. Good stuff. What was that place called down here we would go to? Yakiboobie? I can't remember what we replaced with the "boobie" part.

I cleaned yesterday. Vaccumed the entire house- except the stairs. I can't do the stairs. My windtunnel is now full of the stuff that has been sitting on my carpet for the last week. Yes, I went a week without vaccuming. I suck. Or rather, my vaccum does.

Amd I spelling vaccum right? Or is it 'vacuum'? Fuck.

lyn said...

my whole thing about teppanyaki restaurants is that i hate smelling like food afterwards. it totally permeates in my hair and then i feel like i smell like soy sauce.

Alisha said...

I don't think we'll be going back there either. For the $5 tip we were forced to pay we weren't really treated very well and Lloyd was miffed about his tea not being refilled. Overall the food was good though. And I'm also not a fan of smelling like food afterwards either. :)

Faith said...

I HATE being rushed through a meal. Pisses me off. And the fact that I had to flag the waitress down in order to order another beer was irritating to me. I thought it was funny when she told us that there wasn't any hurry when she set the bills down. Coulda fooled me!

But yeah, my food was yummy, so I have to give them that. I never mind smelling like something later, really. I learned long ago about how putting a sweater or coat or shirt out on my porch for the night (or even a couple of hours) will wipe the smell clean. And now that febreeze exists, I'm a happy camper, regardless! But I can see how that would be bothersome to people, for sure. :)

Maine said...

If teppanyaki was like $10 cheaper, I'd be down. But I'm not big on paying all that cash for something I can get delivered to my house for $8.