Monday, February 06, 2006

WTF, Mate?

My ovaries (or at least the area where they're located) hurt. WTF?

Somehow, my lunch blossomed into eating up most of the calories I had left for the day. (So now I can eat a whole 200 calorie dinner. Fabulous.) See, I brought chicken and potatoes from home, and then went and got a Wendy's side caesar to supplement both the lack of veggies as well as to give me the additional calories I will need to get through the afternoon without dying at my desk. I thought I was staying below 550 cals, and instead, I ate 660. (Which is clear now, because I have that pretty damned full feeling that I haven't had for quite some time.) I think I forgot to calculate the dressing I brought to go with my chicken (they were buffalo chicken tenders that I made on Saturday...yummy!) when I was working out my totals earlier this morning. Oops! Oh well! Cereal for dinner it is!

I also had a Diet Coke this morning, as I could feel a headache coming on from lack of caffeine (the last time I had any was last Thursday...half a can), and instead of stopping drinking it once the headache was gone, I drank the whole thing. Dammit. Why does it happen that I can go the entire fucking weekend without a headache, but the moment I need to go to work and be productive, I suddenly become a walking pain-in-the-head? WTF????

So yeah, I'm a big WTF right now.

Ooh! But the boyfriend has set up our new TiVo at home (which he bought for us over the weekend as a Valentine's present for the both of us, how sweet is that?) so I can't wait to see how things are going when I get home tonight!

It's back to being cold in Kansas City again. Just in time for my birthday. Lovely. At least it's not supposed to snow or anything. At least it's not supposed to snow much over the next few days. I think we're expecting what they call "wintery precip" either tonight or tomorrow night, so we'll see if that manifests as they expect it to. These days, I don't hold my breath when it comes to what the weather people tell us on the news. They've been really, really wrong a good amount of the time when it comes to precipitation in particular, so I ignore that shit.

Ok, work has suddenly picked up a good amount, so I'd best run. Bah!

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