Thursday, February 16, 2006

Yep. I worship Satan. Wanna make something of it?

The parents will be in town this weekend. Not mine. No…my father doesn’t visit Kansas City very often. ("As soon as they figure out how to put Kansas in between California and Hawaii, I’ll visit you all the time!" Nice, eh? He doesn’t see any reason to visit Kansas City. Hm. I wonder if I stopped spending my hard-earned cash to fly home and visit HIM every now and then, maybe then he might have a reason to come here…) No, it’s the boyfriend’s parents that will be in town. I’m not sure why. Maybe because they love him, and want to make sure that he isn’t living with a Satan-worshipping witch that was just able to put on a good show when she went to visit them in South Bend in November. Maybe because they just wanted to get away, and they like hanging out with the boyfriend. Naw…I think it’s because of the making sure I’m not a freak thing.

So tonight, the plan is to go home and put away all pictures of, statues of, and alters to Satan. And to scrub my bathroom from top to bottom. And to scrub the floors. And to wash the towels and sheets. Let’s just understand that a LOT of cleaning and organizing will be happening. A LOT. Because that’s just how I am. My place is too small to accommodate grown-up guests (boyfriend’s brothers will be coming to visit in May, and they will be sleeping on my couch), so the parents will be staying at my favorite little hotel in town not too far from my place. I’m not really sure why I’m so intent on cleaning the place so well…but it does need it, I s'pose. And I didn’t wake up to workout this morning (I can feel a cold taking over – and again I say FUCK YOU MOTHER NATURE!!!), so the top-to-bottom-clean-up will be my workout for the day as well. It’s a good thing all around, I think. Plus, t.v. sucks on Thursday nights now, and the boyfriend works late so I’ll have the place to myself. I’m looking forward to it. (But I really hope that Satan won’t smite me for having to keep all of his worship stuff in a closet for 4 whole days. Being smote would seriously suck, and I don’t really need it at this point in time.)

Outside of that action, I’m basically coasting by these days. Work is busy. Homelife is sweet. Looking forward to heading to California in 2 weeks to visit the fam. I think the only thing that’s really bothering me right now is why didn’t the Cheney shooting accident get reported earlier than 24 hours after it happened? I mean, it’s so important that the citizens of this country know about these things. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I see Harry Whittington as a father/grandfather/friend to the entire nation, and I was very disappointed to hear that such a dear man to my heart was struck down in an accident like that, and they didn’t even think to call reporters prior to calling the ambulance! Cheney was such an asshat for thinking of his friend’s welfare prior to the country’s curiosity and desire for the next big scandal out of the White House. Because, I’ll tell you what, hunting accidents don’t happen every day, you know? It’s more like every other day, really, so I can’t see why Cheney didn’t see the importance of reporting such a thing immediately to the nation. It’s just bothering me sooo much, I could cry.

Oh…wait. No. What’s bothering me is the fact that I DON’T CAAARRRRE!!! Why is this such big news? Is it because the big media houses are pissed that they didn’t know about it before a little local media outlet was given the information? Is it because the media (and the nation) look for anything they CAN these days in order to make fun of the White House and its administration? (And I don’t disagree with them there, really…this administration has been disappointing to say the least.) Because WTF, people? It’s still the primary news story on ABC every morning, for some reason, and I’m tired of it. The news is supposed to keep me informed, and I’m about as informed as I wanna be when it comes to the fact that Dick Cheney did something he feels terrible about to an old friend of his that I don’t know and don’t give a flying shit about (I mean, obviously I hope he recovers quickly and well, so that he can return to his normal life of slowly wasting away as a lawyer and supporter of politics), and that something that he happened to do is something that happens to people every fucking day (oh, I’m sorry…every OTHER fucking day), and it really just doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. CAN WE MOVE ON??? Or are we gonna find some way to blame the fact that troops are still stuck in Iraq, and were sent there in the first place for no good reason, on this incident alone? Because CHRIST!! Enough already!

And that’s all I have to say about that. This is not a political blog. I just wish that the news would let up, and start reporting on more important things like the weather, or the Olympics, or the amount of dust that gathers on a wood floor over the course of 1 month if left untreated. Seriously. More interesting to me than Cheney and his injured buddy. Dust. I swear.

Ok, I gotta go. The dust is collecting on my job as I type this, I can feel it.

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FaithsTwin said...

I dunno dude. Maybe you are being a bit harsh on the news programs that have sticks shoved so FAR up their butts they spit toothpicks as they report. No? Ok, carry on.