Friday, March 31, 2006

The Spiderman is having me for dinner tonight!

Went out last night after work to help celebrate a coworker's 50th birthday. Had 4 beers, two glasses of champagne, and 2 martinis. Oh, and about 3 tortilla chips for dinner.

So it's safe to say that I'm feeling a bit under the weather this morning. And I need breakfast. GODDAMMIT, WHERE IS THE BREAKFAST THIS MORNING!?** (We have a deal in my office where 2 people - it rotates around to different people every week - bring in breafast for the whole company every Friday morning...I'm telling you, most awesome job ever.)

See, I just hung up on a dude that was looking for a coworker, too. Not good. Oh well! Don't know why he called my desk anyway. Shoulda called the coworker's desk, not me. I was just gonna throw him into his voice mail, anyway, so it doesn't really matter, I s'pose.

I'm going to go search out the people who were supposed to bring breakfast now. When I walked past the kitchen earlier, there was a bowl of fruit sitting on the table, and I can say with a good amount of certainty that that is NOT going to cut it today. Huh-uh.

**Ok, so breakfast finally was "served" at about 9-ish. And it consisted of a big bowl of fruit (which is usually nice, but I wasn't in the mood this morning), and then a box of a dozen donuts, and then a bunch of other sweet roll-type things and even some weird looking fucking cookies of all things! Oh, and someone had been thoughtful enough to put out a small bowl of Fritos. Yep. Fritos...they're the newest fad in breakfast treats.

I mean, WTF??? I should have known better than to count on a good breakfast being provided by the stick-figure in accounting that seems to survive on a steady diet of cigarettes and coffee. I swear, I've never seen her eat anything. Ever. Part of the deal of the breakfast club thing is (A) if you participate in the eating of the breakfasts, you need to be prepared to participate in the buying of a breakfast at some point during the year. There are plenty of people that do it, so it's not like any one person is buying breakfast more than once per year, though, so that's pretty cool. Also, (B) you need to get enough food to feed about 30 people, because that's how many usually join in the eating fun every week. For the last 3 weeks in a row, we've been given yummy things like biscuits and gravy, bacon and eggs, fruit, and some sort of roll thingy, so I guess I've been spoiled. I know that those are the more expensive meals to have to provide, but hey, once a year, I can fork over $125 to feed a few people in a way that I'd like to be fed myself, you know? So fucking donuts and sweet rolls?? Uh-uh. Dumbass stick-figure bitch. (She's never spoken to me once in the entire time I've worked here, so I have every right to call her names.)

After "breakfast" finally got here, I went ahead and rolled my ass down to McDonald's and bought breakfast for myself and 5 of my coworkers that had joined the party last night. The one that turned 50 paid for it. And that's just the way I like it, baby.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

See, they're dumb in Texas, too!

Schools in Kansas are not alone in their ridiculous decisions to punish children and take away their freedom of expression. Look...Texas does it, too!

When I was a kid, way, waaaayyyy back in the late 70's - 80's, we could do whatever the fuck we wanted to with our hair. Hell, you shoulda seen what the Twin did with her hair most of the time. For example, she used to use pieces of a torn up pillow case in order to curl her hair...she'd take a small strip of the material, wrap her hair around it while it was still somewhat damp, and then go to sleep. In the morning, she'd take her hair out, and it would be a mass of fun curls, all without subjecting the hair shaft to any torture under the deadly grasp of the Curling Iron. (I wasn't nearly this cool back in junior high. I prefered to be fat, ugly, and have the Shittiest, Ugliest Hair EVER until I was a freshman in college. There was a time when I was a senior in high school that it looked ok, but it was short-lived, and I only have one really good picture of myself from that entire time that I'm aware of...)

One day, the Twin woke up and decided that she thought her hair looked pretty cool as is, while it was still wrapped in the strips of pillow case! It was awesome...she went to school with her hair all wrapped up in a torn up pillow case. I can't remember if she took it out halfway through the day, or what, but she didn't get sent fucking HOME for having it done that way! And yes, people did point and stare and ask what it was and all that good stuff, but then they went on with their dull, junior highish lives, and forgot about the pillow-case head sitting next to/across from/in front of them. The teachers didn't give a shit. The kids didn't give a shit. No one CARED, for chrissakes!

I just don't understand what the hell is going on. Why can't kids do whatever they want to their bodies/appearance without being punished for their choices?

Reason #3 & #4 that I LOVE my new job...

The following e-mail correspondence is occuring amongst all of my 19 coworkers at this very moment:

Coworker # 1: Whoever has the stapler from the copy room, please put it back. If you need one, I will order you one. Thanks!

Coworker #2 replied: I will burn the building down if you take my stapler.

Coworker #3 replied: Coworker #2 you are ready for some one on one with the maestro

Now, I don't entirely get the "maestro" reference in the e-mail from Coworker #3, but it's still funny because, well, I guess you'd have to know the guy. (And if anyone knows what he's referencing with that comment, then please let me know...) I just love that they all respond the way they do to each other. And it's not like all of us even need to get involved, but we sit in our little area of the office, and we can all hear each other laughing as we open and read the latest response to the e-mails, and it's just so goddammed fun, people. This is the work world I've been waiting for since I graduated from college.

And oh admin cohort (a.k.a. "Coworker #1" in the e-mail correspondence mentioned above) just came by to show me the SWEET little closed deal package for a property that she received from one of the brokers this morning, and holy high hog in heaven...I'm gonna have an AWESOME bonus in June, it seems. Just with that one package alone, it surpasses the bonus I'm getting this week for the first quarter, and that 1st quarter bonus isn't anything to scoff at, lemme tell ya.

I'm in job heaven. I've died and gone to job heaven, honestly!

Chew on this...

Busy again today, I'm afraid. Won't have a "real" post up until later, if I get the chance. But check out this story in the meantime. Wonder what they'd do with someone with MY hair color? Shit, I'd probably get expelled...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's the little things...

Is it sad that I am so overly excited that the yard guy was FINALLY (and I mean it when I say that...I called him about a month ago to ask him to come clean up my yard) able to get to my house today, and now I have fucking butterflies in my stomach with the excitement at seeing my yard when I go home today? Is that sad? Some might think so, so I thought I'd ask. I just think I'm cute, dammit.

He's not entirely done, though...there are two bush/tree-like things on the south side of my home that are the bane of my existence in the spring/summer with their growth and ugliness, and so I decided to have them torn out and I'm gonna plant some attractive boxwood plants in their place once they're out. I was planning on doing the removal myself, but after some further thought, the realization came to me that I'd probably get about halfway through one of them, and then fall to the ground weeping amongst the rapidly spreading mint-like ground cover that grows along that side of my house. These weird bush/tree things have about 50 gazillion different "trunks" that go into the ground, and probably spread into a random root system that I can only begin to fathom (and which I actually hate to think about, because then I imagine all the weird bugs that live among them, and the mess of dirt I'm gonna have to buy to fill in the holes they leave behind, and it really eeks me out...seriously.), so it'd be difficult to remove them, to put it mildly. I'm sure I could do it, but it'd take me a couple of weeks to complete the project that I can pay $50 to have done in less than an hour by my yard guy. That means I can clear out the area and plant the boxwoods this weekend, yo! And that makes me happy. The yard guy called me just now and told me he was done with the yard clean-up, but he didn't realize what kind of bush/tree things I was talking about needing to be removed, and now that he's seen them, he's gonna come back tonight with his chainsaw in order to take care of them. Yeah...I don't have a chainsaw. So I'm pretty sure it would have been about 100% harder for me to remove them myself.

Just so everyone knows, I prefer to do as many home-improvement projects on my own as I can. The boyfriend doesn't seem to understand why I do these things, though. For example, I told him that I'm gonna have to tackle the staining of the back porch again this year, and I need to clean it sooner rather than later, and he said, "Just have it powerwashed." I asked him if he, by any chance, had a powerwashing implement hidden in storage at his old apartment, or something and if by "have it powerwashed" he meant that HE was planning on powerwashing it and he said, "No. Just pay someone to come and do it."

Oh. OH!! Yeah! The money tree I planted last year will come in super-handy for that! I can't believe how handy that tree has wound up being, actually. Now if I could just stop using the bills that grow on it for things like new shoes and having home improvement projects done for me, maybe I could save up enough to have that plastic surgery that I've always wanted, dammit! But hell, it takes so long to just get the money tree to produce $1,000 (it only grows $5's, dammit), and I get all impatient trying to save more than $3,000 at a time, and all. But's been a blessing, that money tree. Everyone should have one. Don't delay. Go get one now. They're awesome.

So, really, I have to clean and then stain the back deck all on my own, because I did it two years ago all by myself, and so I know that I can do it. So I will do it again. I'm sure he's thinking that if he doesn't help me with it, then I'll hold it against him, and to a certain extent he's probably right. But what it all comes down to is that it is my house...I'm the brilliant person that thought that having a great, BIG back deck would be loads of fun, and no one else made that stupid fucking decision except for me. In the next house, which we will pick out together, I will be asking him to assist more with the home improvement activities. And if he wants to pay for someone to come do something that we could very well do on our own, then he's more than welcome to do so. With his cash. Hmph. (And we will not have such a huge fucking back deck, dammit. Unless it's one of those synthetic wood type dealios that doesn't require a re-staining every goddam year. I love synthetic products...)

Ok, I have to work again. Why these people don't spread out the work they give me is beyond me. It always comes in little I've had to balance 4 different projects, whereas last week I was completely bored on Thursday and Friday. I guess I could have done a couple of the projects then, had I thought about them. But I didn't. So today, I'm screwed. Oh well!

Happy Hump Day!

Jeezy, does the kid have any toys at home?

You know, if parents would just spoil their children a little bit more, I doubt we'd keep seeing instances like this all the damned time. The kid crawled into a 7" X 9" space, apparently. That is one tiny 3 year old! (Either that, or he's part hamster...)

More later...just been busy the past couple of days, and I'm in the middle of a project this morning. Have a great morning, all!

Monday, March 27, 2006

By popular demand...

Ok, so there wasn't any demand at all, but I promised, and so here they are. The hair pictures. Enjoy!

Mish mosh...

Ok, been at work for over an hour now, and have seen just about everyone I work with. And not a single person has reacted to the fact that I chopped my hair over the weekend. Six inches off the back, yo. This wasn’t any little indiscernible trim. It’s a bob whereas it used to be shoulder-length, layered hair. So WTF? Are people afraid to say anything? Does it not look as cute as I thought it did? The boyfriend thought it looked cute! I still think it looks pretty darned cute! I took pics last night after I got home from having it done, and I’ll post them tonight so you all can tell me what you think. I just don’t get it. Very weird. I’ll get over it, though. Again, I still think it looks cute, and that’s all that matters.

My legs hate me and I hate them. I got back out into the yard for the first time in over 2 months on Saturday. I cleaned up plants that were covered in leaves and overgrown grass, I trimmed a couple of unruly trees, and I trimmed the hell out of my rose bush (and I hope I did it right because I know how easy it can be to piss those things off…). My arms, shoulders, and my hamstrings are just not functional at this point, and it’s been two days! People who actually enjoy working in the yard? Yeah, you guys are freaks of nature. Bleh!

The mood I was in on Friday was conquered through the consumption of some wine and some chick flicks. As well as some prominent teasing of the boyfriend for having set the TiVo to record "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement", which wound up being perfect for me on Friday because I was in the mood for random Disneyfied drivel, and it fit that mold to a "t". (And for the record, the boyfriend said that he went through several Encore channels and just picked movies at random to record. Uh-huh…suuuure he did.) We were expecting "Capote" to come in from Netflix on Friday, too, but instead we got "Just Like Heaven" with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. Such a cute movie. And I’m not sure if it was just really predictable, or if in my super-PMS state I get really, really psychic, but I was able to figure out what was going to happen from scene to scene without too much thought on the plot. I’m sure it was just a predictability thing, but usually I don’t enjoy predictable movies at all. So I thought it was a little weird. We got "Capote" on Saturday in the mail, and watched it last night. Very good film. Really good. Y’all should watch it.

FINALLY! Someone stopped and asked me if I’d cut my hair. I had to ask her if it wasn’t more obvious as I thought it to be, and she said it definitely looked like it had been cut, so no worries. Still, very weird. They have to ask if I’ve cut my hair? I guess I was wearing it up in ponytails too often until this weekend…

To finish off this post, I have a random question that I’d like to ask all the readers, and hopefully people will feel comfortable answering it. The boyfriend and I sat and had a half-hour long discussion about afterlife last night right smack in the middle of "Capote". I can’t remember exactly how it came up, but it had something to do with me bringing up the fact that I had watched the new episode of John Edward’s "Cross Country" on WE, and it was still recorded if he’d be interested in watching to see what all the hubbub is about. I dig John Edward, and have seen him live twice now, and plan to go some more in the future. I don’t necessarily go to be read, and while it’d be nice, I’m not one of the people that leave his seminars feeling sad and frustrated that they didn’t get read while they were there. I have a pleasant relationship with those who have passed in my life, and feel their presence on a regular basis. I guess you could say that I’m open to the signs of them being around, and I recognize them for what they are. Loads of people who are looking for validation that their loved ones that have passed still watch over them miss the most obvious signs, and need someone like John Edward in order to realize that they are indeed still with us in one way or another.

But the boyfriend doesn’t believe in the same things that I do. He has what he calls "unanswered questions" about what happens after someone dies, and so he has a hard time understanding my belief about what occurs. I can’t say that there is a definitive "heaven" or "hell". But I do know for sure that the soul continues on. In fact, while we were talking last night, I felt my mother touch my knee as if to say, "Get a load of this guy!" It was a perceptible touch, and I know it was my mother. Don’t ask me how I know…if you don’t communicate with those who have passed, and you have questions as to what it is that happens to a person after they die, then you probably won’t understand what I’m talking about. I’m not a little nutcase and I’m not in the slightest embarrassed by my abilities. They’re kind of cool, IMO.

So what do you think? Do you think the soul continues on? Have you any reason to believe the way you do? You can stay anonymous, if you wanna. I just want to hear back from folks on this one…

Back to work I go! See ya!

More later, but for now...

I officially threw away my NCAA brackets just now. In the trash. Not that I shouldn't have done it last week, but whatev. They're gone and this season is now history to me. I'll probly watch the championship game. Maybe. Ok, probly not...

More later. Just wanted to get that out there for now.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Our new passion...

The boyfriend and I have taken to watching a couple of new shows together. He's not one for dramas, so we don't watch things like "Lost" or even "Gilmore Girls" together. But he doesn't mind "Sex & the City" and he's started watching the reality shows more than he probly would have before we met and started hanging out.

So our news faves are "Project Runway" (to be honest, he often fell asleep during it, only to wake up and make fun of whatever creation Santino or Kara or even Daniel had pulled out of their asses that week when they were being judged...), and now "Top Chef" and the whole "Next Food Network Star", which, let's be honest...they don't become "stars", now do they? No. They become time-slot jumpers doomed to the same fate that Jamie Oliver and Ming Tsai eventually met on the Food Network. I hate the winners of the first season of "The Next Food Network Star" contest. They aren't fun to watch, they don't have original ideas (last week, I caught the end of their show, at which point they were giving the tip of putting your food into a cooler when heading to a, DUH!), and they generally annoy me a good amount. They were the number one reason* I was glad I finally found a job, as their show used to air on Fridays at 4 p.m. central time. Now they've moved them to Sunday mornings, and I'm not awake when they're on, so I'm just fine with that. (And for the record, I miss Jamie and Ming. They need to come back from wherever they went...)

Anyway, so my point is that we've started watching "Top Chef" on Bravo. Brought to us by the same creators of "Project Runway" this show has me hooked because of the people they've chosen as contestants, and the fabulous challenges they give to the chefs each episode. Plus, I really, really, really like watching cooking shows. I know that I can't learn anything about how to cook from watching "Iron Chef" - American or otherwise - but dammit, I love to see those men and women hustle and watch them pull together random and sometimes gross sounding dishes in hopes that the judges will tear them apart for their choices of flavor compounds at some point during the show! I get off on the weirdest stuff, I just realized...

So. On "Top Chef". Yeah, there's this guuuuyyyy, named Stephen...and, um, well, I HATE that guy! The other night, one of the other contestants mouthed off to him, calling him both a "tool" and a "douchebag", and I honestly thought that outside of certain boys and girls I went to junior high with, I would never see another person/character in my life that so perfectly fit the definition of those words. Stephen fits them to a "t". I actually had to hold the boyfriend back from throwing things at the t.v. twice the other night while we were watching little blurbs of Stephen talking about the current challenge they had been presented with. This "man" goes beyond asshattery. He isn't quite evil, really...but rather, he's just plain retarded with how he sees other people, it seems. He's beyond condescending, which is where that "douchebag" definition comes in handy, and he told the contestant who called him those names that she was going to "fail...miserably", as though he felt he was God, or something, and could have some sort of power over her in that respect. His attitude, in short, stinks more than the air that comes out of my body the day after I eat a dinner that includes plenty of onion and cabbage.

I know that it seems like the producers pick people like Stephen to be on shows like this in order to draw viewers, but I honestly wish this guy would get dead, or something. There's another bitch that's somewhat interesting and bitchy enough (and we even think she sabatoged another chef's cooking one night by turning down her oven when she wasn't looking...mwahahahaha!!) to keep me interested, so the Stephen guy could catch a horrible, nasty, life-threatening disease that progresses quickly, and keeps him from being able to participate in the competition past the 3rd episode, and I'd be quite pleased. Especially if it's a flesh-eating varietal disease. (Yes...he's THAT asshatish! I've never wished a deadly, flesh-eating disease on anyone in my life! So know he has to be bad.) Interestingly, both that bitch and this Stephen guy are both from Las Vegas. Maybe there's something in the water there. I dunno...

So if you have Bravo (which the Twin doesn't, and this makes me ultra sad because I cannot call her to discuss the episodes after they've happened!), then you should be watching this show. And then come here the day after it's on and discuss it with me. I'm gonna start taking notes as of this next week.

Ok, gotta go. I cannot WAIT for this day to be over...seriously...

*Ok, they weren't THE number one reason I was glad I got a job. I needed money. And I was also quite bored. So those things sorta came first. Plus, it was easy to always turn off the t.v. once they'd come on, as it was a signal to me that my drinking time at the Moose had finally come upon me. I DO miss the drinking at 4 p.m. on a Friday that I was able to do throughout the entire month of November. Damn...those were good times.

You might wanna turn around, and walk away...

- Not in a good mood today. I'm trying to fight it every moment I'm in contact with other people, though. It's gone ok so far, but it's only 8:40 a.m. We'll have to see how the rest of the day goes.

- *shaking head* Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke, DUKE!!! WTF, guys??? Thanks. That's all I can say. Thanks a lot. It's a good thing I stopped betting on sports after the USC/Texas fiasco, dammit.

- Boyfriend is worried that he's going to be facing some serious kitchen issues today due to this crap. Have I mentioned before that I hate politics? Yeah, I do. But we stayed up until about 11:30 last night discussing the issue at length. I can't go into it now, because I'm too tired, and see above about the mood, but I hope it doesn't seriously cripple his work he understands it, much of the Hispanic kitchen population across America (in big cities like LA, Houston, Chicago, NY...and Prairie Village, apparently) plan on walking out of their jobs today so we can have a taste of "A Day Without A Mexican". See more info here, as they did the walk out yesterday in Wisconsin, it seems...

Anyway, boyfriend is already short-handed, and he had to fire a guy yesterday for sexual harassment issues that have been non-stop and ongoing, and if he has even 2 or 3 guys decide to not show today, then he'll be there from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. tonight. Because that's what happens to managers, I guess. He's such a hard worker!

- Quick tip to everyone: If you are in a marked left-hand turn lane, it is ILLEGAL (against the law, ticketable, WRONG) to pull out of that turn lane in any way, shape, or form in order to go right or straight or whatever the fuck it is that you decide you need to do instead. If you find yourself in a turn lane that you realize you didn't need to be in after all, you have to make the turn and correct your path in a legal format AFTER you've made the turn! Thanks. Hope this helps some people out there, so you don't come across a PMSy, sore-throated, pissed off girl who's a tad late for work (even though she really didn't care about that today...), and make a mistake like trying to pull in front of her in order to change your course of direction at the last minute. She's very sorry that you made the mistake of getting in the wrong lane in the first place, but she wants you to follow the rules (just as she would do if in your shoes) all the same. Gracias.

Hopefully I haven't offended anyone with this post. Any Duke players that happen to read it? I'm sorry you played a good game, I'm sure, but it wasn't good enough now was it? Maybe next year, boys. Hispanic population? I didn't go into the particulars on how I feel about your plight, but let's just make it clear that I'm on your side in some ways and not in others. Maybe I'll feel inclined to explain further at a later date. Turn-lane violators? Yeah, I don't actually care if I offended you. Follow the laws of the streets, or don't drive on them. End of story. (I almost got in two accidents this morning due to people who decided they would make up their own rules, and that was a bit much for me, to be honest. Two almost-accidents in the course of 10 minutes? No...just - uh-uh.)


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Did that just happen?

I shit you not, one of my coworkers just spied something on the carpet outside of my little desk area, he bent over to inspect it, then picked it up, threw it in his mouth (I could hear him crunching on it), and then said, "Mm!" and walked into his office, which is right across the hall from my desk.

I think it was an M&M. But I can't be positive.

Maybe I missed the part where he dropped it a second before he picked it up? But still...if something unwrapped hits the office floor, the 5 second rule doesn't apply...throw it away! Don't EAT IT!! Hundreds of weird shoes traffic through this hallway daily! Just, eeeeewwwwww!!!

He's such a sweet old guy, too. Dayum.

Retail Hell

A few days ago, I headed out of my office to go pay for the parking permit I will need in order to park in an underground garage throughout the summer. I’ve decided that I’ve been parking in the lot illegally more often than not lately anyway, so it was time to pay up. I was able to talk the lot management down from their ridiculous price of $55/month to about $35/month instead, so everything wound up being good all around, really. (I told them that I would either pay them $420 now for the rest of the year, or I could pay them monthly for 3 months, starting in June, for their parking, which would give them a grand total of $165 from me. Their choice. They chose to have more money now…I thought that was very smart of them, really.) I don’t know WHAT they’re thinking charging $55/spot by any means. Utterly insane.

Anyway, the office was closed when I finally got down there to pay, and so I decided to spend a couple of minutes in Williams-Sonoma checking out their sauté pans instead. I need a pan that I can stick in the oven to finish off meats that I’ve seared on the stove, so I thought I’d ask their opinion on what would be my best option. No one was available to help me, though, so I waited at the counter for someone to free up. As I stood there, I noticed the following: One lady was assisting a woman that appeared to be putting together a registry of some kind. Another gentleman was helping a woman ring up a purchase, but I think she had an exchange going, or something, because it wasn’t a cut-and-dry put something down, ring it up, and get the money for it dealio. And the third person behind the counter was watching a UPS label print out, so I figured she was putting together a shipment. You know, because I’m smart like that.

After a couple of minutes of waiting and observing, I noticed an older "gentleman" holding a bottle of lotion or soap or something come up to the right of me, and set his bottle down on the counter. I was in front of one of the check out stations, and he was essentially standing between the two checkout stations on our side of the desk. A bit too close to me for my comfort, but whatev. So the woman that had been dealing with the shipment comes over, stands at the register I’m standing in front of, looks at the old guy next to me, and says, "How can I help you, sir?" The man picked up his bottle of whatever, set it down in front of me, and the woman picked it up to start the ringing process.

Needless to say, my mouth dropped open, and it took me about 1 second to recover from my disgust at which point I said, "Well, I was kind of here before this man, but whatever." The salesperson started to say she was sorry, but I cut her off by putting up my hand and said, "I can see where you’d be confused though, as I was STANDING DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOU, and everything." I then walked out of the store with everyone at the counter watching me as I went.

First of all, how DARE that man just butt in front of me like that! What happened to chivalry? What happened to being a gentleman? Hell, what happened to common sense that tells a person that if someone is at the counter before you, you need to let them go first???

Secondly, what the FUCK is up with customer service at certain places on the Plaza? Vic’s Secret is ok. The Apple Store is on the ball. Express could use a bit of help, but it’s a big store, so I can kind of understand their shortcomings – I used to work there years ago…I feel their pain. The Gap? Y’all have heard that story, so don’t even get me started. And now Williams-Sonoma? CHRIST!! I’ll just stick to buying my kitchen gadgets and cookware from Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond, thankyouverymuch. Assholes.

I’m afraid to try different shops at this point. I fear for their ears as I might actually rip a new one into an unsuspecting salesperson that might just be having a bad day when I come across their lousy customer service skills. Look folks, IT’S RETAIL, OK?? Some days, just like any other job, it’s gonna suck, but as you have to be in front of patrons and paying customers while you work, you have to just suck it up and play along. Being in a desk job where my phone doesn’t even ring 4 days out of 5 (and then it’s usually the Twin calling me), I have found the ideal job to have if I’m in a bad mood. No one has to bear the wrath of my mood except for the internets. (I find it hard to be irritated with my coworkers at all, as they kick such major ass…especially when compared to many of the managements retards I had to work with at my last job.)

And for those of you that are just assholes and idiots in the retail industry? Like the woman behind the counter at Williams-Sonoma? Yeah, SUCK IT! If you don’t know how to do the basic job of recognizing a customer, and maybe asking who was next in line, then you’re in the wrong field, asshat! It’s not like the counter was swarming with people! There were TWO of us that were standing there that hadn’t been attended to. TWO!

Maybe I’ve achieved the power to turn invisible when I go into certain stores, though. Maybe, until I actually talk, I am not visible to people, which takes this whole rant into a different direction, I must say. Hmm…I need to go check that out. Maybe I’ll try my invisible powers in Banana Republic later today…

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fight! Fight!

I've taken to reading the local paper's little crime "blog" that they have here in KC. (Sorry Tony!!) Today was the first day I took it upon myself to comment about what was being said in regards to a news story that was singled out for possible discussion by the "blogger", and I have to say, the people that comment on the stuff he posts scare me a little bit. Some of them don't seem very smart, or very nice, and a lot of them seem to be interested in living in a government-free society where they can roam free and do whatever the hell they wanna do all the time. Which doesn't make much sense to me, but then again, I've never had a whole lot of problems with our government. I kind of like law and order, personally.

I'm not a political person, so don't take this post wrong and start attacking me for being a sheltered, conservative, rich, white girl who doesn't know what the hell she's talking about. I'm not rich. I'm not sheltered. But I am conservative and white. Hasn't really effected me too badly, that I've noticed. I'm successful. I'm happy. I have a few good friends and a lovely job and a good home and a nice car.

I could be thinking of this on too simple of a level, though...but it always comes down to one concept for me: people need to take responsibility for their own actions. Why is that such a tough thing to admit?

Harder every day...

You know, you'd think that after all this time I've been sharing the road with idiot drivers that somehow procured licenses from the DMV's of America, I'd eventually get used to it, or give up hope of ever having a completely idiot-free day.

Nope. Hasn't happened. Apparently, I am hell-bound to always be bothered by the idiots, and to wonder what intelligence-challenged individual actually approved them for a driver's license.

Speaking of which, the Twin apparently has a "special needs" puppy on her hands. One of the puppies she has is showing signs of not developing very well, and has a tendency to wig out now and then, and all that good stuff. (Can puppies be autistic?) She said his eyes are a bit further apart on his head than the other puppies' eyes are. He also has a tendency to run into things like walls and chair legs, etc...I suggested that perhaps the fact that his eyes are further apart is causing him to have problems with depth perception, and now that he's run into so many things with his soft puppy head, maybe he's done a teeny bit of brain damage to himself. Poor little puppy. He needs a visit to a vet, I think. I also suggested that when the Twin finds someone that might want to take him home, that she not show him to them while he's around the other puppies, so they don't have anything to compare him to. Just in case. Wish her luck!

I am a bit tired today. Then again, I'm usually tired around this time of day, so that isn't big news, I guess.

OH! And I finally have figured out what's wrong with the bras I wear from Vic's Secret. I believe that it's the foam stuff they use in the cups on the type of bra I use (which is a 40D Body by Victoria fully lined bra)...and I'm planning on writing them a little note about it. This weird smelly thing that happens to them didn't used to happen on the bras I got from them 2 years ago, and my boobs haven't changed, so I'm thinking it must be the bras. So I think they probably started using a different type of material inside the cups, and it's reacting badly to being worn, or something. I have done everything I can at this point...I wash them every week, I spray them with a lavender-scented spray that's meant to be sprayed onto linens after wearing them and then air them out over night, and before I put them on in the morning I spray them AGAIN with a body spray. It's not me...I've been deodorizing my boobs, and while this has definitely made ME smell better at the end of the day, it hasn't had any effect on the bras themselves. They still get all stinky. It's the last straw when they smell icky even after I've washed them, air-dried them, and prior to even putting them ON again, you know? The company needs to be told about this problem. Not that they're gonna care, dammit...but they're expensive bras! They shouldn't smell so foul all the time, IMO!!

And now, my friends, it's time to get to work. Or to go pee and possibly grab a Diet Coke. Haven't decided on that last one yet. I've pretty much been drinking caffeine around every other day or so now. Not great, but not as bad as drinking it every day like I had been, I figure. It's the sodium that's supposed to be such a bad thing when it comes to diet soda, I think, and considering that I don't follow my sodium intake all that closely (I try to avoid adding salt to meals, and I don't eat too many processed meats - shut up - if I can avoid them, and I try to keep from making Asian-style food as often as I used to, etc, etc...), then I don't know why I'm avoiding it, really.

Tangent over. Getting to work. Bye!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Aaahh! You said "death" first!!

- But I meant "cake"...

- Oh, all right. Give him cake, then. You're lucky I'm Church of England!

Starting the day off with Eddie Izzard lines in my head is all that's keeping me moving at this point. Late night last night (late for me, anyway - we finished up and headed home at about 10:30-ish), loads of fun, but I was really hoping for more snow to fall between midnight and 6 a.m., so I could be stuck at home for the first 3 or 4 hours of the day. Didn't happen. As usual, the headlines today read "Storm in KC Not Nearly So Bad as Forecast". Yeah...der! They never are, dammit. And when they don't expect things to be nasty, that's when we get hit with the big uglies. Fucking weatherpeople...

So I'm at work recovering from an evening of food and drink that we partook in (yes, I KNOW "partook" isn't a word...I'm being creative in my slightly hungover state...which is a good sign, I think) to celebrate a friend's birthday that occurred over the past weekend. Boyfriend and I were the only ones out of the regular group that could make it out, and it was a good time had by all, IMO. Sushi was yummy, hanging out at the Irish pub on the Plaza was a lovely time. I'm really glad the weather didn't get in the way of it at all. (My car does terribly in the snow. You'd think that the German muthafuckas that designed the damned thing would have designed a car that could pull me through 3 inches of snow that hasn't been plowed yet, but no. Everytime I try, I get stuck. So I've stopped trying.)

Warning boys! Girlie paragraph to follow...
The peeing seems to have abated a bit, and I don't have the headache today that I had yesterday, so yay there. I think my mood is infinitely better today than it was yesterday, but it's early, so we'll have to see how that progresses. Overall, seems to be a less PMSy day than yesterday was, so thank GOD for that! Hunny made the suggestion yesterday in the comments that perhaps my period will be starting early this month. I actually don't start my periods "early" so much. Once or twice over the past 19 years of having them, I've started a little late, but that's never been a problem. I've been on the pill since I was 16, and have regular clockwork. (And they were like clockwork before I started the pill as well...) Mine will start next Wednesday at about 10 or 11 a.m., unless I get lucky the night before in the whammy area with the boyfriend, and then it usually starts at about 7:30 a.m. instead. I'm one of the lucky gals when it comes to periods. Never had a problem with cramps, never had a problem with migrains...I have moodiness OR I break out. It's not usually both, believe it or not. And when it is both, then I know it's not going to be as light as it usually is. I'm a freak of nature, I think.
Girlie paragraph over, boys.

Boyfriend and I will be getting our puppy from the Twin next Friday, it seems. That's when the timing all works out best, and I'm hoping for things to warm up a bit by then as well, as she will be flying through Denver to get to Kansas City. I'm so excited! I think this next weekend will be a good time to shop for new doggy items. A nice kennel for her, and some food and toys. I haven't had a dog in about forever, so having her in the house should be interesting. I hope she settles in well and likes the boyfriend and I! We've decided to name her Isabel and will call her Izzy. I thought the name Zoe might be a good one, but then remembered that my neighbor behind my house has a little dog named Zoe, so that would be weird. I definitely wanted a name with a "z" sound in it, though, so I'm glad I thought of Izzy. Unfortunately, a couple of friends plan on naming their first daughter Isabel, but I don't think it matters much. They aren't prego, and we'll just never introduce the two if they ever should have a daughter they bring over to our house. I didn't steal it on purpose, is my point. It's a dog, not a child, and I swear I don't remember her telling me her plan prior to the other night when we were talking about the puppy coming home soon.

And now the hour has come. My bowels are calling to me in a faint manner that makes me think I need to find a more private place to spend some time with them, if possible, so I'd best be off. Happy Tuesday to's one day closer to Friday - WOO!

Monday, March 20, 2006

No! It's too soon, I tell you! Noooooo!

I have to pee a lot, I've had a constant headache for 2 days, I'm craving sweets, and I'm kind of up and down on the moodiness scale.

What could be happening to me? When's my period, you ask? NOT UNTIL NEXT FUCKING WEEK, DAMMIT!! (Oh, sorry...didn't mean to yell. I don't mean to aim the angry beast of my mood at anyone in particular, you understand...I just, oh, I don't know!!! *uncontrolable weeping begins...*)

Can PMS start as early as a week and a half before the P is set to visit? JEEZY!!

Basketball sucks.

Don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but Blogger has been a pain in the ass lately. Half the time, my blog doesn’t pop up, and now I’m having a problem logging in to publish this post. Whatever…it’s free. But don’t think I didn’t want to update on Friday, because I did! I just couldn’t…bear with me while I deal with this issue, kay? Gracias…

Ok, so I’m still only mostly dead in my bracket. I've got some twitching going on, but I think it's the kind that happens after they've already thrown the switch once or twice on the electric chair, and I just need one more shock of voltage in order to be completely put away. One of my bigger mistakes? I had originally picked George Mason to beat Michigan State, but changed my mind when I joined the ESPN Tournament Challenge thingy. Should’ve remembered what my mom always said about sticking with your first instinct. Unfortunately, my instinct on Tennessee beating Wichita State didn’t materialize at all, so I’m ass out on that match-up entirely. (I might have to call bullshit on the first instinct thingy after all. Hmm...) I also didn’t expect KU to fall out so early. But I’m imagining that Pittsburgh probly threw a party that they got to play Bradley instead of KU on Sunday, and we all know how THAT turned out for Pitt. (For those that don’t, Bradley is sweeping as a true "Cinderella" team might do…they beat KU on Friday, and they beat Pitt yesterday. I don’t know where the fuck they come from, but they’re freaking me out a little bit. I don’t think they can beat Memphis, but I ain’t holdin’ my breath at this point.) I just now realized that half of my Final Four is completely out the window. I picked KU to beat UCLA in the Elite Eight, and while I knew that was a bit of a reach, I still felt confident in my pick of Ohio State meeting up with Villanova, and then moving on to play Connecticut on April 1. Dammit. Well, at least I still have my championship on track. (I chose Duke to play Connecticut, and have Duke winning the game 64 - 60.) But Lord only knows what might happen. Fuck, we might have West Virginia playing fucking Georgetown in the championship...and won't that be something people will be excited to watch? (Anyone else notice the empty stands that they have in the background during the games over the weekend? Yeah, I'm thinking I'm not the only one that shocked by the outcomes of these games...)

So basketball took a back seat to Food Network and old movies all weekend. I also got hit by a bit of a bug on Saturday and slept through much of the day after I woke up at about 10 initially. I just don’t know what hit me! I finally got up and went and did some grocery shopping at about 3:30, and then took a shower after, and that made me feel a bit better. Sunday was almost 100% better, but I got grumpy last night and didn’t wanna cook anything for dinner, so I didn’t. Today, I feel totally back on track, thank goodness! I got good sleep, and even though I pretty much was awake from 4:30 until I got out of bed at 5:15, I wasn’t tired on the treadmill or anything.

Friday was a lovely day…I was feeling a bit under the weather, but still went to lunch with my coworkers at a bar on the Plaza so we could watch the Iowa game, and they started drinking then. When we got back to the office, we all realized we didn’t really feel like working much, so people finished their mid-day meetings they’d already committed to, and we bailed at about 3 to head to another bar and hang out. I had a couple of beers at that point, but as I was the designated driver for the evening, I stopped it there, and kept myself from having any beer at all at the party we went to at our friends’ house. They had made some absolutely YUMMY food (the most delicious corned beef I’ve EVER had!), and we hung out and chatted with friends until about 12:30 before heading home. The streets were quiet, thank goodness. I don’t usually go out on St. Patty’s day, so I was happy to see that things were looking as mellow as they were that night.

And apparently, not being able to blog on Friday has taken me to a new level of Boring. Sorry!
I have loads of mundane little tasks (my fave kind…no, really.) to get to, so I’d best be off. Maybe I’ll have something better to publish later today…and maybe Blogger will actually let me do it! We’ll just have to see, my darlings...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Right now...

I am very jealous right now of all of those who have jobs in sports bars.

Although, all the boys were just gathered around my desk in my office watching as refreshed on the current score and time left in the BC/Pacific game. I'm the only one here that has BC moving on in my bracket. And it is painful to watch a game go into OT when all one has is a website that refreshes every 30 seconds to rely on for information.

Suddenly, I feel kinda ill...maybe I should, I dunno, go home perhaps?

I want a burrito, and all I have for lunch is pasta jumble...

I hate my boyfriend's work. It's his job, and all, but the whole management system of the corporation he works for sucks ass. He's been told twice now in the past 6 months that he's going to be moved to a different store, and then they changed their minds after the initial decision. This last time, it was more definite, though. And then they told him yesterday that - yep, you guessed it! - they'd changed their minds, and they've decided to have his coworker (the other kitchen manager at the Moose) go back and forth from the one restaurant to the other, and boyfriend will stay where he is.

It's ridiculous. In both cases, the change would mean more responsibility and money for the boyfriend. And in both cases, he's been shafted in the end.

It's not for me to worry about, but I do get bothered by the effect this wishy-washy management style has on my boyfriend, you know? If he doesn't have an ulcer, I'd be shocked. We were looking forward to the management change it would have meant for him as well (he has a shrew for a general manager right now, and they butt heads regularly over certain management issues that deal with personnel, time clock issues, and even menu items...), so I think that's the most disappointing thing about all this. He also works about 54 hours a week right now, and that's going to be going up with this new arrangement. But his salary stays the same. That means that right now, he's making about $12.50 an hour. In a management job. One that he's been in for over 2 years. And this makes And now he'll be making even less? It's just craziness...

Anyway, I hate the company for what they do to the boyfriend, he doesn't like it much either, they'll figure out their mistakes in due time, I'm sure, end of story.

There was a meeting last night for my neighborhood regarding some upcoming construction that's going to be occurring in the area for the next several months. Sounds like my portion of the street will be one of the earlier projects (yay!), and this means new curbs, gutters, and a new driveway for my house, baby! I think I'm gonna do a bit of a wider one than I have right now, so as to accomodate extra cars better. The city will be demolishing about 18 feet of my driveway that they will be replacing as a part of the project. That means that I only have about 10 - 12 feet of driveway that I have to have done on my own, and I'm so happy about that, I could scream. (Who knew I could get so worked up over concrete? Not me!)

They will also be tearing out a prominent tree in my front yard, which I gave them permission to do at the last meeting that was held. It's smack in the way of the sidewalk they'll be installing on my side of the street, and while they said they could work around it, if I wanted them to, I actually am ok with it coming down. I wish they could take the walnut tree in my back yard along with it (and apparently, I wasn't the only resident that made mention of such a wish!), but they can't help me with that.

I'm really looking forward to this project, as I think it will greatly increase the curb appeal of my home...and I don't have to pay for it! Well, probably some of the taxes I pay as a resident goes towards it, but as taxes are out of my control, I just kind of ignore them anyway.

Last night's meeting showed an interesting dichotomy that exists in our neighborhood. I sat in the back row with a couple of my neighbors (the guy next door and our neighbor that has the cutest house on the block that happens to be across the street from both me and my neighbor), and the one from next door leaned over and said, "We must be a relatively young block in our neigborhood, huh?" I told him I had been thinking about that lately, actually. When I sell my house sometime in the next couple of years, I'm pretty sure an older person/couple wouldn't be the ones to buy it. My neighbors and I sat on what appeared to be the young side of the room. The other side of the room was full of people who were at least 60, and liked to complain about shit. One lady didn't like the type of new street lights that will be installed during the project. Another lady just installed a new sprinkler system in her front yard (even though she had to have known that it could be damaged by the upcoming project) and wanted to be sure the warranty on her new purchase wouldn't be effected by any damage that might occur. And one older gentleman had a concern about how they could accomodate his need for access to a paved driveway, as his wife is in a wheelchair, and he lives on a corner where both streets he has access to might be out of commission at the same time, it seems. That last one wasn't so much of a complaint in itself, but he, like the other two people, went on and on about the issue even after it seemed that he had his answer. I was hungry, and wanted to go home and eat dinner. I was done with the old people asking their questions.

I voiced my concerns as well, though. Don't get me wrong...could you imagine me NOT speaking up if given the chance? Yeah...duh! So I asked about how the weather might effect their timelines, and wanted to know if we would have issues with our street being at a reasonable height for us to be able to access it and drive on it...the normal shit. And that was that. I do not care about the streetlight choices the city made. I was not stupid enough to install some expensive landscaping or watering system in my front yard near the street in the last year, as I've been fully aware of the plans to tear up the street and half of my front lawn since about 6 months after I moved into my home. And fortunately, I don't have any special needs that they will have to accomodate during the project. I'm easy in that regard. Yep. Every now and then, it happens...I can be easy-going about something. Eat it up while you can, because it don't happen often, folks!

Ok, so long, boring tangent is over and done-with now. I need to pee and search out a snack, and then I need to start addressing postcards. Very exciting day for me, fo sho. Hope all the bloggers have some good shit updated on their blogs, because I'm gonna need it today, my friends!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

**Updated!** I'm eating sammiches, dammit.

Here's the update to my earlier post:
I have to drop a load that is wanting to come out pretty badly RIGHT NOW. It does NOT want to wait 55 minutes until I get to go home...rather, it is a 4-year-old that just saw a toy outside my asshole that intrigues it, and it wants the toy!!! Of course, the toilet is the toy, and mommy is telling the load that it can't have the toy right has to wait until we get home. (This is a fun analogy, actually. Especially since I usually call pooping "dropping kids off at the pool". Heh.)

Blogger has been having issues all day, y'all, so I'm gonna leave this post up for a while. I don't know what the fuck the problem is, but it was telling me earlier that it was under maintenance, but they didn't tell us about the maintenance, and then I wrote a note criticizing them for both the unscheduled maintenance as well as the improper grammar they had in the original maintenance message (it said something about the "blog not being not available", and made no sense at all...), and they then changed the error message and they put up an "info" link, so that's how I figured out they had a problem with a server. Anyway, seems to be working again.

By the way, one of the admins in my office is now reporting that an oversized staple-remover has gone missing from our front copy room as well. We've been making jokes about the staple-remover running off with the easel, but it's not being received well. I just wonder if my purse is safe in the drawer I keep it in. Jeezy. (See the original post below if you're wondering what the fuck I'm talking about...)

Aaaannnd, here's the original post:
We’ve lost an easel here at the office. Everyone is looking for the damned thing as though it’s a lost child. Seriously, 3 e-mails have been sent so far this morning, which seems a bit much for a couple of pieces of wood that are probably just folded up in a random closet somewhere. My coworker sent a note out to our group about it and asked if anyone had seen it. I responded, "Maybe a dingo ate your easel." I don’t know if she didn’t get the joke, but she didn’t respond. Am I the only one that remembers that episode of Seinfeld? Dayum…I even looked it up on Wikipedia, just in case she asked me what the hell I was talking about. In case anyone else is wondering what I’m referencing, check out the link. I hear Elaine’s voice in my head saying that line all the time. Which might explain a lot, really, but I digress.

If anyone sees an easel out on the Plaza, alone, scared, and looking lost, it’s likely the one that belongs to my company. Just try to direct it back towards the east end of the area, and it should find its way back in our doors accordingly. Thanks.

My eyes are bugging the shit out of me today. I don’t know if my new contacts are suddenly realizing they don’t like their new home, or if they’re inside out, or backwards, or what. But they are pissing me off, dammit! I’m gonna go try flipping them around in a bit, as I already tried turning the left one inside out while I was in the shower this morning. It still seems unhappy, so maybe it’s just in the wrong eye, I figure. I don’t know how…but I guess I could’ve put the wrong lid on their container last night before bed. The left one is marked with an "L", but I was in a hurry to get some whammy before sleep, so I could have been distracted, I s’pose.

I think the boyfriend is a bit annoyed with me lately. He seems to be having a little, itty, bitty problem with getting used to the bossiness that comes with having a girlfriend. (Boys out there who have girlfriends? We’re bossy. Just get used to it. We also should be giving you blow jobs on a regular basis, and that should balance things out, I think. If you’re with a girl that’s bossy but doesn’t give beejers on a regular basis, then you’re missing out. Find a new woman that’s bossy AND gives beejers, and the universe should tip back into the proper balance…) I try to be as nice about it as possible and not get any kind of nasty tone in my voice, which tends to happen unintentionally much of the time. But I can’t help but try to help him sometimes, and that is why I felt particularly happy when I got a postcard from a blog friend yesterday that said "It’s all about me. Deal with it." I love it! I showed it to the boyfriend, and he looked all confused, and wondered who had sent it to me…I told him it was from a friend who understands what it’s like to be a girl, dammit.

I slept in this morning, and skipped working out. I will likely burn in exercise hell for this transgression, but I don’t. care. I was tired, and working out seems to be doing NOTHING for me, so I’m telling it to go blow when I feel like it, as of right now. I’ll work out tomorrow and Friday, and still get 5 days in for this week, so I’ll be fine. Fuckin’ fat ass. Makes a girl seriously consider anorexia now and again.**

I’d better be off. I’ve been working all morning, and haven’t had a chance to troll about on the internet the way I usually do before this time of day, and I feel totally uninformed because of it, really. So ta for now, muthafuckas!!

** Ok, not SERIOUSLY, because (a) it’s not right, (b) I like food too much to be able to ignore it as often as I’d have to if I were anorexic, (c) I hate feeling hungry too much to be able to ignore THAT feeling, and (d) I’d never wanna look like this woman – who appears to be giving advice to MORE women about just how they can be aneroxic, just like her...fabulous! Or this poor girl whom I heard saying on the premier episode of Real World Key West that the reason why she didn’t eat is because she doesn’t want to be fat and ugly and alone. (Um, honey? Just saying something like that is what makes you ugly, and I for one can speak as a fat girl who is pretty in spite of all the extra poundage I carry, and guess what? I’m in a relationship with someone! *GASP!!* Fucking dumbass…)

I’m not trying to make light of eating disorders here, but rather have been waiting to put information into a post regarding these two women for a while. And now that I see that the Hayley chick from Dr. 90210 is actually giving other people advice on how they "should" eat, I feel sick. And hungry, dammit. (But I guess I should just roll with that feeling, according to her! Jeez…I can’t believe E! would allow her to post such drivel on their website! Criminy…)

So, just thought I’d put that out there. When I was at home a couple of weeks ago, I was talking with one of my sisters and stepmom about how difficult it can be to deal with trying to lose weight, and we were talking about how we handle it (not that my stepmom needs to…she’s an itty bitty little thing!), and my older sister, who has never been overweight in her life, seemed quite annoyed with us all at one point, and kind of walked out of the kitchen as though she couldn’t take listening to us any more. I thought that was insensitive and rude, actually. And I know that it’s a sickness that people with eating disorders have, so I’m not trying to sound callous and insensitive towards their plight at all. But when I see them giving out advice on how to become anorexic, or talking about how terrible it would be to be fat and ugly as though the two terms go hand in hand, or getting annoyed when people talk about their struggle with weight, I feel a little less sensitive towards it, is all. Hate me or love me…it’s all just me spewing my opinion, really.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It might be a sign...

Last night before heading to bed, I pulled an outfit out of the closet to wear today. When I went to get dressed this morning, I came to realize just how tired I must've been last night. Let's skirt and tights - check. Favorite black cardigan - check. Orange knit top for under the black cardigan - uh, wha? Ok, so I wanted to have a Halloween themed day today as of last night, apparently? Not so much this morning. I had to go in and find another shirt...I pulled on a pink one instead of the orange. Much better.

I mean, don't get me wrong...I love the orange knit top! But with a jeans skirt on a Friday, perhaps. I mean, der!

One of my coworkers made mention this morning that she thinks she got too much sleep last night. I wanted to smack her right across the face for blaspheming in such a manner against my sacred love! But I refrained, and simply said, "I don't think that's possible!" And another coworker that was in the room at the same time agreed. But I feel less tired today than I did yesterday, thank goodness. Got more sleep last night, and had a strength training day today rather than a treadmill day. (That's the usual for a Tuesday, though...) And am looking forward to the rest of the week getting easier and easier each day.

Last night, I went to the eye doctor for the first time in about 3 years. Needed new contacts and to get my prescription for my glasses set for when I can order them. My eyes are healthy, thank goodness, which was kind of a surprise to me since I've had the same contacts for 3 years now. They have gotten slightly worse, though (big shock!), so he increased the strength of the prescription a bit, and now I can see!! I'm so happy I can see, it's not even funny. I was dealing with some really hazy vision much of the time for the last few months, and I was at my wit's end with it. But I can only afford the contacts for now ($300 total, including the exam and all), and will get the glasses next month I think (another $350, and that's if I use my old frames! I have really, really bad eyesight, so I have to have certain special - and rather expensive - procedures done to the lenses in order to not have them weigh 80 pounds each, and to keep the glare as low as possible on them...), and look forward to having everything all evened out again. I don't think I'll let it go another 3 years this next time, though. That wasn't any fun.

Ok, I need to go figure out what the HELL is wrong with my computer, and get some stuff printed out and bound, so I'd better run. Happy pooping to you all...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Boring, boring, and basketball. Take your pick.

(This post ends with my picks for the Big Dance, in case you just wanna skip to the end and see if you're on the same track as me in that regard...)

Been around checking out the first few blogs on my roll this morning, and it seems like so much stuff is happening in everyone’s life, and in most cases, it’s not good stuff. My life, in comparison, has been largely uneventful as of late, and as long as it’s the bad shit that stays away, I’m quite pleased with that deal. In particular, I feel bad that Dooce’s kid is having problems pooping. I’ve never raised a child, and I honestly don’t remember having this issue when I was one myself, but I just cannot understand why a child would be afraid to poop, or would try to keep it from happening. I had at least 3 close-to-spiritual-experiences with pooping over the weekend myself. I love those poops. The ones that happen when you’re at home alone, and can deal with the sudden cramp of the intestines that are ready to let loose, allow them to do so as slowly or quickly as they want, and then allow the bathroom to air out in it’s own time…those are my favorites. Don’t know why they happen, but I’m grateful that they tend to take place on the weekend. (I feel worse for other folks I read, btw…but I feel it’s inappropriate to bring up their issues here. And for those of you that are wondering, no, it’s not inappropriate to talk about pooping. Everyone does it, I’m just one of the people that feels comfy talking about it, so nyah.)

Outside of some stellar pooping, this weekend was just average, really. Just the way I like it. Saturday I was supposed to help a friend move. I called her at 11:30, left a message, and then waited for her to call back. I thought we were supposed to get started at about noon, so when I hadn’t heard from her by 1:30, I started doing the things around the house that needed doing. Laundry, scrubbing the kitchen, vacuuming…and cleaning the coffee table in the living room. In order to clean the coffee table, I had to move all the stuff off of it. When I moved the stuff back, I accidentally slung my cell phone onto the floor next to the coffee table, and it split into several pieces. The phone hadn’t been doing well as it was. It was one of those Samsung thingies that everyone seems to have these days (standard model flip-phone…no camera or anything), and I have had a problem with dropping it on occasion. It didn’t like all the dropping, apparently, and started shedding small bits of itself in early Fall. It apparently had had enough as of Saturday, and had come to the level of needing to resort to assisted suicide, so I bid farewell to the phone, and went to the Sprint store out south to get a new one. Unfortunately, this meant I had an out-of-commission phone for about 4 hours in the middle of the day, so if my friend DID need my help moving, after all, then she was shit out of luck in getting a hold of me.

But now I have a new phone…yay! This one is one of those all-one-piece brick-like numbers. It ain’t breaking if I drop it, yo. Good deal. (Even if it is a bit ugly and doesn’t fit into my purse as nicely as the old one…)

Sunday, we all know that I was woken up too damned early by the fucking tornado sirens. And again, while it looked hella ugly outside for a bit, all the little supercells blew very quickly to the north and east as they moved through, and the ones later in the day that were south of us stayed south, and moved east well before they got to our area. So unfortunately, upper Missouri got quite a beating, and middle-Missouri got quite a beating. Kansas City is in the mid-west part of the state, and we got nothing. Lawrence, KS was kind of shook up, but no one died as I understand it, so they’re just sifting through all the debris today trying to make sure people can go back to school soon.

I was planning on heading to the Moose to watch the KU/Texas game at 2, and while I was looking to leave my house at about 1:30 or 1:45, I started hearing more tornado watches and severe weather warnings popping up, and decided to get out of my tin hut of a house before anything started up again. Had a lovely time watching the game, talking to friends, and having a couple of beers, and then finished off my day with a trip to the supermarket and making shrimp scampi for the boyfriend and I for dinner.

I am exhausted today, though. And I’m a little bit worried because I found something lumpier than usual on my upper-left breast this morning when I was putting on lotion, but I’m sure it’s nothing. I have an appointment with the gyno in 3 months, so I’m figuring on monitoring things until then, and seeing what they think of it when I go in, if it’s still there. See, right now, I can’t even find it, so it might’ve been a fluke thing, really. (And aren’t you all thinking of how cool I am for feeling myself up while sitting at my desk at work? Hell yeah! BOOBIES!) I’m starting to get tired of working out all the time. I had been feeling pretty good about it until this weekend, but suddenly I’m on full burn-out. I’m gonna try to push through this feeling, though. I don’t know where it came from, but I indulged it on Friday night and yesterday, so I have to work out the rest of this week in order to make up for my laziness. I just feel like I'm trudging along on the treadmill each day. Maybe it’s all the re-runs that’re on while I’m working out lately. I hate re-runs…

To finish this post off, I thought I would let everyone (those of you that care, anyway) know my picks for the Big Dance that starts on Thursday. There’s no need to go over my 1st and 2nd round picks, IMO. So here are the important ones:

Sweet 16: Duke vs. Syracuse, Iowa vs. Texas, Memphis vs. KU, Gonzaga vs. UCLA, UConn vs. Illinois, North Carolina vs. Tennesee, Villanova vs. Nevada, and Florida vs. Ohio State.
Elite Eight: Duke vs. Texas, KU vs. UCLA (because I love KU too much to think they won’t make it to the Final 4 this year, and I hate Gonzaga too much to think they should progress past the Sweet 16 round), UConn vs. North Carolina, and Villanova vs. Ohio State.
Final Four: Duke vs. KU and UConn vs. Ohio State
Championship: Duke vs. UConn, with Duke winning it 64 – 60

Lemme know whatcha think, if you want. Bye now!

All's well...

The weather was icky yesterday, but it never got out of hand around my neighborhood. It kind of skipped above us and then below us, and then we got a little rain and then that moved on. Weird day.

Got a little bit of work to do this morning, but I'll be back with a post about the rest of my weekend later...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wow. There's nothing like being woken from a lovely half-asleep state at 8:25 on a Sunday morning by the tornado sirens. And I'll tell you what...that weather looks nasty as all get out, so my computer is getting unplugged right now, y'all. Wish me luck.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Do I really need to go over this again? Really? Fine...

I really wish my family would stop reading my blog. Really. Certain items of recent stories have been misconstrued and relayed incorrectly, and that's just not fair to me. When I said, "...we played Pictionary with the older sisters. They’d been drinking a bit, though, and got a bit rough with the boyfriend regarding his dyslexia and problems with reading/understanding some stuff..." I then followed that info up with, "...The word "retard" was being thrown about a bit much for my taste, is all. I don’t think any harm was meant by it, but they seemed to believe they understood the extent of the boyfriend’s issue, and I don’t think they did..." I NEVER said that anyone was drunk, now did I? Saying that folks were "drinking a bit" was true. Y'all were. The game was silly and fun and we had a good time. Which is why I ALSO said, "Thankfully, he also got to see other sides of them that impressed him, so it all kind of evened out. I really don’t think they meant to tease him about something that is so out of his control, either."

Just please...try to stop reading this shit if you're gonna get all worked up about it and spread information around that isn't true. I KNOW that you guys like the boyfriend, and didn't mean to be nasty or rude or tease him in a nasty way (which isn't what happened at all, and I don't think that's how I made it sound in my post from Tuesday, by the was normal, run-o'-the-mill teasing, just like you guys have always done to us. Remember going through the Twin's purse at church during communion that one time in the mountains? I do...and I'm pretty sure she does as well. It was THAT kind of teasing. Not a big deal, ok??), and HE knows it as well, which is the important thing. He liked everyone, and I think he's even more comfortable with me now than he was before the visit (if that's possible), thanks to being able to meet everyone and hang out with you and have a chance to get to know you. I was relaying a story to the people who read my blog. A story about a night that happened in MY LIFE. This is my blog, and the perfect place to relay said story, IMO. No one, with the exception of the Twin, knows who my family IS, even, so why the fuck should it matter WHAT I say about you guys out here? It shouldn't.

So let's move on, shall we? Gracias mucho...

Friday, March 10, 2006

Yay! Yaaaaayyyyy!!

It’s Friday! It’s Friday!! I’m very happy about this fact.

My throat is a bit sore, because I went out and had a few drinks with this woman and her coworker last night, as they were in town for business and wanted to see the infamous Moose, as well as the not-so-infamous Faith. I’m soooo glad we had a chance to visit and catch up and talk and talk and talk (hence the sore throat…I do much of the talking when I get together with people)…I just love meeting up with my favorite bloggers. I hadn’t seen Lyn for over a year, so it was DEFINITELY overdue. =) Hopefully, she’ll be back again soon, and we’ll be able to hit different spots in the city. I hope I hope I hope…

Felt a bit dodgy this morning, though, and am quite happy that the boyfriend is working a mid today, so he doesn’t go in until noon and won’t be off until about 10 tonight. That meant I was able to sleep in this morning, and I can work out tonight after work. Yay! I’m drinking the caffeine this morning, though, and am sad to say that I think I might’ve gotten bumped off that wagon, thanks to jetlag and all that good stuff occurring over the past week. I don’t have any at home, though, so I can probably avoid it this weekend fo sho. We’ll see…

So. This morning I have devoted my time to looking up shipping info for puppies, and flying info for grown adults into South Bend, Indiana. The boyfriend and I are going to be getting a puppy real soon, as the Twin’s dogs had puppies about 5 weeks ago (almost 6 now, right Twin?), and we want one of them. Twin and her daughters have given the puppy we want the nickname of "Chocolate Chip", and she is just the sweetest dog I have ever met! (If you go to the link and look at the "group puppies" photo, I'm pretty sure Chocolate Chip is the one at the bottom of the photo...she has slightly longer hair, and is fuzzy and soft and looks like a miniature version of the dog we had when I was growing up and I want her!) Boyfriend decided that she was the puppy for us about .5 seconds after we saw her, and I agree. We wanted to bring her home on the flight with us this past week, but she was too young to be allowed to travel at that point. So I’ve been looking into all the fun stuff that goes along with the shipping of puppies and all that, and found some very good info I’ll be going over with the boyfriend and the Twin really soon. It’s not very expensive (less than $200, since she’s so little), and will just take a smidgen of coordinating between the Twin and I to get her from Orange County to Kansas City as soon as she’s old enough. The toughest thing is going to be figuring out a way to pay for the vet visit and the kennel she’s going to need to travel in, but I’m sure we can work that all out. So excited!!

And the boyfriend and I will be heading to South Bend again in August, and we decided that driving is not an option this time, so I’m looking into flight costs and times and sizes of the planes that fly into South Bend (they are small planes, btw…50-passenger sized planes…but they have 2 engines, so I’m ok with that, I guess) so we can plan accordingly. Costs aren’t too bad, and I found a flight on United that takes us through Chicago, which is perfect, so I’m thinking we’ll be good to go. The boyfriend will be pleased.

And with that tid-bit of useless information to you all, I must be off. Work is a-callin’…I think I’ll print out and bind some marketing materials today, because it’s fun and mindless and it’s just what I wanna do, dammit. Bah!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Look, you people just need to know these things, ok?

Something I noticed when I was at home hanging out with all my nieces and nephews is the following: kids are stupid. Not that this is a new revelation for me, but still…I noticed it all over again, I suppose. And I don’t mean they’re stupid in the sense that they should just forget about ever having a normal life due to their slowness. I mean it in the sense that it’s amazing to me that they don’t notice, even at the age of 6, or 7, or 9, that they have that Fudgesicle all over their face once they’re done eating it. Or that it might not be such a fantastic idea to head out the door with a book of matches to light fires in an area that admittedly does have a lot of water near by, but also is surrounded by lots of dry brush. And houses back themselves right up to that dry brush. And maybe lighting the matches in such an area would be a horrible idea. Kids don’t think about that sort of shit. They’re more concerned with the fact that the matches were crappy ones, and wouldn’t light. Darn it. (And the one trying to light the matches was my 12-year-old niece. Who should really know better. Seriously.)

Putting sugar into the can of Coke to make it bubble isn’t a good "experiment" to run due to it’s proximity to beige carpet and plush furniture. Shoving the cousin into the pool is a bad idea, too. (Mostly because it made her little sister wanna go in the pool, too. Because, as cute as she is, she’s only 5, and she doesn’t know that it isn’t pool weather, and that the pool will be really, really cold right now. In fact, it will be really, really cold until at least mid-July, thanks to dad not being the heating-the-pool type o’ guy.)

The only good idea they had? The chocolate tasting they gave us on Saturday. That was an awesome idea, actually. I only got to taste one thing, though. The chocolate all went away after that…pretty sure the kids all ate it.

When I was little, the Twin and I did things like make mud pies, and break the covers of drains in the backyard so we could make stone and stick soup in the water that had gathered itself there. My brother used to blow up his army men with firecrackers, and light them on fire (I’m sure in some sort of simulated war/torture thing) to melt them down into little green plastic puddles. We did all this under the watchful eye of…no one. Once, I was playing with a stick by the pool as the water was being run in it to fill it up a bit. I accidentally dropped the stick in the pool right where the water was running into the pool, and it got pushed out too far for me to grab it and get it back. But I still reached out for it and in doing so, lost my balance, and fell into the pool after the stick. I was 3…and if I didn’t have a Twin, I’d have died. I had learned enough about the pool to know that I needed to try to get to the side…but I wasn’t able to do much more than kick my little feet and get a couple of gasps of air before completely going under. Thank goodness the Twin was able to run inside and get my dad…he saved me from the pool when I was out of breath, and had no more energy to kick my way to the surface.

Why was I able to play unsupervised by the pool when I was 3? Why was my brother able to melt his army men when he was 9 or 10? Why were my nieces and nephew able to take a book of matches down to a dangerously dry area where they were free to attempt to light as many of them as possible? That would be because parents aren’t the brightest bunch all the time either. Sure, they may have more sense than to allow the Fudgesicle to melt all over their face while they eat it, but sometimes, kids get off to doing things on their own, and parents are just glad to have a bit of peace and quiet for a while, and maybe they aren’t so concerned that they’re playing with things they shouldn’t be playing with.

Kids need to learn these things, though. I was afraid of playing by the pool without a parent near by for about 3 years after I fell in it. I’m sure that my nephew won’t be pulling out a pack of matches and trying to play "island" again for a while…he was really embarrassed about being caught, it seemed, and the only thing that concerns me is that my nieces didn’t seem to feel bothered by it at all. In fact, my oldest niece was complaining about the crappy quality of the matches after my Twin went and stopped the game from continuing as she did. She didn’t seem to get the fact that what they were doing was extremely dangerous. Hmm…

I still think that learning through experience is a valuable thing, but I just wanna stress to all the parents out there: kids think stupid things are "cool". They don’t have the better judgment we [should] have as adults, so just keep an eye on them, kay? A kid shouldn’t have to burn themselves/a neighbor’s house/the dog’s tail in order to learn that playing with matches is a shitty idea. Putting sugar in the Coke? That’s more understandable, in the right environment, of course. Making mud pies is fun (until someone tries to take a bite…oh, and from experience, it does tend to make the kid want a chocolate pie at some point in time…), even if dirt in a watery form is involved, and becomes exceedingly more messy that way than in it’s dry form.

You can save yourself a lot of the trouble in the first place by not having any kids. That’s MY plan, anyway. But those of you who already have them, good luck. Hope they don’t burn your house down.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lemme sum up...

The trip home was largely uneventful, to be quite honest. We attended the baby shower on Saturday, as planned; we got together with the boyfriend’s family that lives in Orange County on Sunday, as planned; we ate, drank and be’d merry for much of the time, as planned. It was just all very mellow.

I’m pretty sure that the extended exposure to the 8 nieces and nephews for much of the time we were there might have dried up any ideas the boyfriend had of ever having children. Heh. =) (Really, the nieces and nephews are great. They seemed to have a wonderful time visiting and playing with each other, and allowed the grown ups to have a lovely time of our own for the most part. The baby needed more attention than the older kids, of course, but it was fun to give him attention, since he’s so freaking cute all the time, anyway.) I think it was more that the boyfriend isn’t used to the constant action that occurs while the kids are around. He’s the oldest in his family, and none of his brothers have children, so visiting his house is kind of quiet, comparatively. His little brother tends to rough-house with his dad a bit more than I’m used to, though, so I think we’re even overall.

On Monday night, we played Pictionary with the older sisters. They’d been drinking a bit, though, and got a bit rough with the boyfriend regarding his dyslexia and problems with reading/understanding some stuff. They had wanted to play Balderdash, but that was right out, since reading and writing something quickly isn’t exactly the easiest thing (or most fun) for a severe dyslexic like the boyfriend. So when he had trouble understanding the word "whistle" while we were playing Pictionary (he didn’t realize that the word had an "h" in it, and so he didn’t recognize it when he read it which made it a bit more difficult to understand what it actually was), and had to ask my oldest sister for a bit of help, things got a bit cruel, but not terribly. The word "retard" was being thrown about a bit much for my taste, is all. I don’t think any harm was meant by it, but they seemed to believe they understood the extent of the boyfriend’s issue, and I don’t think they did. Both my older sister and my brother were diagnosed with dyslexia in the 80’s…my older sister was either done with undergrad at that point, or she was almost done with it, and my brother was at one college or another at the time. So older sister has learned a good amount about the disease over time, I’m sure. But no one can understand another person’s experience with it, really, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been able to overcome most of the problems it causes me…sometimes, I read a sentence over and over again without actually knowing I’m doing it, or I flip letters as I write, or I combine words incorrectly as I type (but that’s more my ADD than the dyslexia…). The boyfriend doesn’t spell well, write well, or read well. And while he was able to graduate from high school as well as college in spite of his disease, he still doesn’t feel very smart when it comes to reading or writing. He can’t believe how quickly I type. And he mocks his own speed of reading Harry Potter books (he’s able to get through the shorter ones in a couple of days, since he reads them so non-stop), saying that he would imagine I could finish even the larger of the series in a matter of hours compared to him. But none of this matters when it comes to his level of success, or when it comes to the person he is. I’m convinced he doesn’t think of himself as being stupid or "retarded" in any way. But it didn’t show a very pretty side of my older sisters to him, is the thing. Thankfully, he also got to see other sides of them that impressed him, so it all kind of evened out. I really don’t think they meant to tease him about something that is so out of his control, either. And while it might suck to someone like me, who is a bit too concerned about what other people think of them some of the time, it wasn’t such a big deal to the boyfriend, as he learned long ago to not care much about other people’s opinions of him, or so he says. I trust him. If he says it wasn’t a big deal, then I’m glad. Because I feel just awful about it. I’ll get over it eventually, though.

I’m just glad that he got to see everyone in action. He seemed comfortable when hanging out with my family on his own, and he had a relaxing time, which was the object of the whole weekend. The family all had nothing but nice things to say about the boyfriend to me, which I knew would happen since he’s such a sweetie, and has such a nice demeanor much of the time. And I’m glad they got to meet him, and that we got to see dad (who is really much shorter than the last time I saw him, which freaks me out a bit…), and that he even had a chance to meet one of our oldest friends at the baby shower we went to and everything. It was a successful trip all around.

Now I must get back to work, and then go get a soda. Because the only thing that helps me deal with jetlag, it seems, is caffeine. Which means I’ll have to wean myself off of it again in the near future, but whatev. I’m all about the curveballs.


Will likely be very busy today, as it's my 1st day back after my vacation. Will try to post all about said vacation around lunchtime. Sorry for the lack o' posting. I literally didn't do much of anything while I was away...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Gap, Indeed...

My Trip to The Gap
By Faith Smith

I decided today that I wanted to check out the Gap store that is located up the street from my office, as I’m interested in finding a new pair of jeans that makes my ass look both bodacious and sexy while I’m wearing them. Plus, I need something in a darker wash than what I currently own. So off I went to the Gap at about 11:15.

I was one of maybe 3 customers in the entire store, which is what I was hoping for. "Ooh," I thought to myself as I spotted a mannequin in a semi-mini jeans skirt in the jeans section. "That skirt is cute! Must try that on as well…" I gathered 3 different pairs of jeans in different "fits", and then started through the sale section and found a new hoodie (of course), and as I wandered a bit more around the store, I wondered if my face wasn’t appropriately expressing the where-the-hell-are-the-skirts?-feeling I was having, as absolutely none of the 5 employees that were working on the floor acknowledged my existence, much less my need to be relieved of the heavy clothing I was lugging around with me. So I finally approached one of them.

"Excuse me…where can I find the jean skirts?"

"We don’t have any right now…"

"Um, how about the one that you’re advertising that you have on that mannequin right there?" I pointed at the mannequin that was standing about 10 feet away from us.

"Oh, those. They’re over here." I had clearly interrupted this guy’s ever so important task of folding shirts. He was annoyed with me. Or he was just bitchy, or something, because his attitude came across as though I was a very annoying person. As evidenced by the fact that he tried to tell me they didn’t have any skirts in the first place. "What size do you need?"

"Well, I’d like an 18, but it appe…"

"We don’t carry size 18 in the store. You can order it online."

"As I was saying, it appears as though you don’t have size 18 in the store, so I guess I’ll try it on in a 16. And, by the way, it’s really hard to try on clothes online, I’ve found. The internet just never fits me properly..." I don't think he cared for my joke. He handed me the skirt, I thanked him, and he walked away.

"We also have this one as well," he said from behind me. I turned to look at the other option he had found, and immediately began laughing heartily. He was holding up a scrap of material that was no longer than a 12 inch ruler. (Wasn’t much wider than that, either, but whatev…)

"I’m over 30. People over 30 shouldn’t wear things like that. Especially big girls that are over 30!" I kept laughing, and thanked him again. He still looked a bit peeved. I began to think it was more of a Morrissey-type-mad-at-the-world-for-existing-thing than just a generally-pissed-at-me-needing-help-thing.

I wandered a bit more, found a couple of cute t-shirts to try on as well, and then headed for the dressing room. (Mr. Happy had to help me there as well. I’m sure I made this guy’s morning…) I tried on the jeans first. I have about an inch to go before I can fit into the size 16 Long and Lean jeans painfully, and about 2 inches before they’ll fit me perfectly. Fine. I’ll try them again in a month or two. I tried on the "curvy" style of their boot cut jeans. Same thing. Just to humor myself, I put on the skirt. It fit just fine. It wasn’t even tight across my ass! Weird. But it was waaaay too short. So no deal there, either.

The hoodie and I became fast friends right quick, which is how I like it. And as it was on sale from the exhorbitant $58 they had originally been charging for it, I felt it was a good buy at just $40. (A cable-knit hoodie for $60? Come on Gap. Really. WTF?)

I paid for my new friend (which will replace an old, worn out, ratty one I have at home…), and walked back to the office contemplating the oddness of the materials and sizes I’d just encountered. I bought a large hoodie, whereas about 2 months ago, I wouldn’t have fit comfortably in it. I fit into a size 16 skirt, but not the jeans. Was it a stretch thing? I dunno.
But I do know that I need to hit Old Navy again soon. A store that carries as many sizes as that one is a-ok in my book.
I understand that there’s only a certain amount of room that these stores have for stock. And I understand that it’s not their fault that I’m a size 18. But I still feel discriminated against for having to pay for shipping and to have to wait 7 – 10 business days in order to try on a pair of their jeans, or their bras, or their dresses, or what have you, just because I’m a girl with some meat on her bones. I guess I should feel lucky that they even offer the sizes at all, right? Hmph. Whatever.

I can't help it, the road just rolls out behind me...

I’m putting address stickers onto postcards for mailings today, and I’m working with a BIG STACK of postcards which I grab smaller stacks of in order to put the labels on them easier. So each page of labels has 30 labels on them. And what I like to do is see if I can perfectly match the small stack of postcards I grab from the pile to put the address labels on evenly. So far this morning, my first two pages of labels I hit it wrong…I only had 28 cards in one case and about 25 in another. But the last two stacks have been dead on!

Because it’s the little things that keep me smiling. =)

I think it’s time for a break, though, to head to the Gap to try on some new jeans. Better to do it earlier so as to avoid the crowds as well as the after-lunch-bloating that tends to happen to me daily. Also, I am ravenous today (which makes me think of being ravishing, and so I love to use the word for just that reason…), so getting away from any and all food sources (i.e. the fridge with my lunch in it) before I put away another meal after I’ve just finished 2 of them (I already had a bagel with hummus AND a granola bar this morning!) would be ideal for me at this point. I hate days like this…I feel like I can eat anything and everything, and it’s just not a good idea. Is my metabolism kicking in finally? (I did start taking a chromium supplement to try to help things out a bit…and I don’t know if it’s the supplement or the fact that I got my period, but between Sunday and Wednesday, I lost 2 pounds.) Is that why I woke up hungry this morning? (Which makes no sense because I ate plenty of dinner and dessert last night…) Is it why I remain hungry now even though I’ve eaten a LOT so far this morning? I hate trying to figure this all out. Bugs the hell out of me.

Tonight is laundry, going out to dinner so I don’t have to cook again, getting the mail from the boyfriend’s old apartment and packing my bags night. I’m already exhausted. Thinking about all I have to do tonight isn’t helping.

I can’t wait for a real vacation. YAY!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ok, that's what I thought...

Didn't mean to seem to be "fishing" for comments at all. Just really wanted to be sure things weren't broken. They have been before, so one never knows. Thanks for letting me know! =)

And the Anonymous with the under-tity discomfort? Thank you for the heads-up...I'm a "Secret" girl, and I haven't had a problem so far, but I'll definitely keep your predicament in mind, just in case. So far, using the deodorant under mah boobs has definitely helped. So hopefully I won't have a problem like that!

Things are quiet today. Everyone (including me) seems to be busy consistently. I like the steady busy-ness. Makes the day go by faster. But this is the part of the day where things seem to ssstreeeeeetch themselves out a bit, and suddenly, I'm bored as sin with everything, so I'm trying to mix it up a bit. A coworker and I are hoping we'll be excused to an early recess so we can adjourn to an outdoor watering hole to finish our day, due to the pretty, prettyness of it all out there. I drove home with my AC on in my car last night, y'all. On the last day in FEBRUARY...IN KANSAS!! This is unheard of. We set a record, and I loved it. I can see the buds on the trees peeking through wondering if it'll be time for them to sprout leaves soon, and I sure hope they do. I called my yard guy today to have him help me clean up the leftover Fall leaves that I never got to before Spring actually DOES spring on us, and I also want to know if he can help me rip out two horrendous bush/tree-like things on the south side of my house, and also if he can help me with my plant beds, with the weed-guard stuff and all that. I'm not good at gardening. I should probably go ahead and spill a bit o' cash on it before I get to be known as the chick on the block with the ugliest yard. I don't wanna be that girl.

And I'm trying not to think too much about my trip home in a couple of days. I'm excited to see my family, and to show the boyfriend around my old stomping grounds. Seems that Sea World is not going to happen on Sunday, which is fine with me, really. I don't wanna ruffle any feathers by disappearing for the whole day, anyway, so it works out ok in the end. The boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go to Disneycock on Monday to which I promptly replied, "HELL NO!" I hate amusement parks like that. Bleh. Double-bleh, even! HATE! Turned out he was kidding. (And I'm the one that calls it Disneycock, in case anyone was thinking that the boyfriend's obsession with his cock had extended all the way to the realms of Fantasy Land hasn't.) Apparently, every time he goes to visit California (which has been all of 3 times, including this one, I think), someone asks him if he's gonna go to Disneyland. And he doesn't get it. I don't either. But I hate Disney. (Did I already say "bleh" enough? Because, BLEH!!)

We will be hanging out in and around OC on Friday night if anyone wants to join us. (Joelle & Mikey? Lyn? Kira? Etc? Etc?...) The Twin has suggested Dave & Buster's, and I thought that to be a fantabulous idea right off. E-mail me at faithsista at that Yahoo place if you'd like to meet up, and we'll see what we can work out. We won't be out too late, is the thing, because I'm old and stupid and even just 2 hours of jet lag kicks my ass these days (I know...shut up. It's not like I CHOOSE to be such an asshole, seriously), but I'm thinking we'll be out until 10-ish drinking and playing, and it should be fun! So let me know...(The Sunday breakfast in SD is off now, Lyn. But since we'll be seeing each other later in the week, I figured that'd be cool...I'm so excited!)

My neck and back are tighter than ever, all thanks to that stupid bad massage experience I had over the past weekend, dammit. I wish I could work that out. The boyfriend came home last night, saw the bruise on my left bicep (which is there because of the focus the dumb massage chick gave my arms, and yes, there's a matching one on my right arm as well...), and proceded to poke it with his finger. I don't know test it, for some reason? I quickly lurched in pain, and he told me that he didn't know it would hurt, and he apologized. I mean, WTF? But he was all hyper and happy that he was done with work for the week, so it took him a while to calm down. He gave me what I would consider an atomic wedgie a bit later in the evening when I was wrestling him and tickling him on the couch (it had to be done...he was taunting me with his stinky work feet and throwing the stinky socks in my face with his toes as I tried to relax and watch t.v.), and only started to mellow out a bit at about 11:30, it seemed. Too much Red Bull can be a bad thing, kids.

I've also realized lately that my eyes are on revolt from the rest of my head, and refuse to work well until I get a new pair of contacts for them. Last night on my way home, my left lense actually flipped out, and folded up in my eye. Hate it when that happens. I had to drive with it perched on my left pointer finger until I was able to stop at a stop light long enough to put it back in. Then I realized it was inside-out, and I was in pain until I was able to stop AGAIN and flip it back to it's right side. Contacts are a pain in my ass. So I made an appointment to go see a new eye doctor that's closer to home and work than my old one, and will be seeing them in a week and a half. I hate how much it costs, but I only go once a year, if that (right now, I'm going on 3 years with these same contacts...bad, eh? I know...), so it's not a big deal, I s'pose.

And apparently, I needed to ramble about bullshit this afternoon! Sorry...I'd better get back to work now. Thanks again for letting me know my comments are working properly. (Thanks for nodding along in silence, Maine. I do the same thing much of the time to most blogs myself, except on particularly chatty-feeling days during which I go around and leave comments on just about every blog I read...)