Thursday, March 16, 2006

I want a burrito, and all I have for lunch is pasta jumble...

I hate my boyfriend's work. It's his job, and all, but the whole management system of the corporation he works for sucks ass. He's been told twice now in the past 6 months that he's going to be moved to a different store, and then they changed their minds after the initial decision. This last time, it was more definite, though. And then they told him yesterday that - yep, you guessed it! - they'd changed their minds, and they've decided to have his coworker (the other kitchen manager at the Moose) go back and forth from the one restaurant to the other, and boyfriend will stay where he is.

It's ridiculous. In both cases, the change would mean more responsibility and money for the boyfriend. And in both cases, he's been shafted in the end.

It's not for me to worry about, but I do get bothered by the effect this wishy-washy management style has on my boyfriend, you know? If he doesn't have an ulcer, I'd be shocked. We were looking forward to the management change it would have meant for him as well (he has a shrew for a general manager right now, and they butt heads regularly over certain management issues that deal with personnel, time clock issues, and even menu items...), so I think that's the most disappointing thing about all this. He also works about 54 hours a week right now, and that's going to be going up with this new arrangement. But his salary stays the same. That means that right now, he's making about $12.50 an hour. In a management job. One that he's been in for over 2 years. And this makes And now he'll be making even less? It's just craziness...

Anyway, I hate the company for what they do to the boyfriend, he doesn't like it much either, they'll figure out their mistakes in due time, I'm sure, end of story.

There was a meeting last night for my neighborhood regarding some upcoming construction that's going to be occurring in the area for the next several months. Sounds like my portion of the street will be one of the earlier projects (yay!), and this means new curbs, gutters, and a new driveway for my house, baby! I think I'm gonna do a bit of a wider one than I have right now, so as to accomodate extra cars better. The city will be demolishing about 18 feet of my driveway that they will be replacing as a part of the project. That means that I only have about 10 - 12 feet of driveway that I have to have done on my own, and I'm so happy about that, I could scream. (Who knew I could get so worked up over concrete? Not me!)

They will also be tearing out a prominent tree in my front yard, which I gave them permission to do at the last meeting that was held. It's smack in the way of the sidewalk they'll be installing on my side of the street, and while they said they could work around it, if I wanted them to, I actually am ok with it coming down. I wish they could take the walnut tree in my back yard along with it (and apparently, I wasn't the only resident that made mention of such a wish!), but they can't help me with that.

I'm really looking forward to this project, as I think it will greatly increase the curb appeal of my home...and I don't have to pay for it! Well, probably some of the taxes I pay as a resident goes towards it, but as taxes are out of my control, I just kind of ignore them anyway.

Last night's meeting showed an interesting dichotomy that exists in our neighborhood. I sat in the back row with a couple of my neighbors (the guy next door and our neighbor that has the cutest house on the block that happens to be across the street from both me and my neighbor), and the one from next door leaned over and said, "We must be a relatively young block in our neigborhood, huh?" I told him I had been thinking about that lately, actually. When I sell my house sometime in the next couple of years, I'm pretty sure an older person/couple wouldn't be the ones to buy it. My neighbors and I sat on what appeared to be the young side of the room. The other side of the room was full of people who were at least 60, and liked to complain about shit. One lady didn't like the type of new street lights that will be installed during the project. Another lady just installed a new sprinkler system in her front yard (even though she had to have known that it could be damaged by the upcoming project) and wanted to be sure the warranty on her new purchase wouldn't be effected by any damage that might occur. And one older gentleman had a concern about how they could accomodate his need for access to a paved driveway, as his wife is in a wheelchair, and he lives on a corner where both streets he has access to might be out of commission at the same time, it seems. That last one wasn't so much of a complaint in itself, but he, like the other two people, went on and on about the issue even after it seemed that he had his answer. I was hungry, and wanted to go home and eat dinner. I was done with the old people asking their questions.

I voiced my concerns as well, though. Don't get me wrong...could you imagine me NOT speaking up if given the chance? Yeah...duh! So I asked about how the weather might effect their timelines, and wanted to know if we would have issues with our street being at a reasonable height for us to be able to access it and drive on it...the normal shit. And that was that. I do not care about the streetlight choices the city made. I was not stupid enough to install some expensive landscaping or watering system in my front yard near the street in the last year, as I've been fully aware of the plans to tear up the street and half of my front lawn since about 6 months after I moved into my home. And fortunately, I don't have any special needs that they will have to accomodate during the project. I'm easy in that regard. Yep. Every now and then, it happens...I can be easy-going about something. Eat it up while you can, because it don't happen often, folks!

Ok, so long, boring tangent is over and done-with now. I need to pee and search out a snack, and then I need to start addressing postcards. Very exciting day for me, fo sho. Hope all the bloggers have some good shit updated on their blogs, because I'm gonna need it today, my friends!


Mona Buonanotte said...

The internets don't want me to comment today. Bugger!

Does your boyfriend work for a national chain of seafood restaurants? A good friend of mine does, and received the same 'shaft' as your honey, and she ended up ditching them. Damn them and their tasty biscuits....

Faith said...

Nope...he works for a local corporation here in KC, actually. They started out with ideals of being less corporate and more employee-friendly, but of course over the years that initial desire has waned, and now the employees are left with crappy middle-management in charge of the restaurants, and no one listening to the people who tell them how the changes they're making aren't doing anything other than make the good managers want to quit and go elsewhere. Bunch of dumbasses, they are.

FaithsTwin said...

Sorry about the whole crappy management thing! What a bummer.

Happy you'll be getting a new driveway, tho. That sounds like it'll be a good thing. Can it shovel the snow off itself while I'm there? =P