Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ok, that's what I thought...

Didn't mean to seem to be "fishing" for comments at all. Just really wanted to be sure things weren't broken. They have been before, so one never knows. Thanks for letting me know! =)

And the Anonymous with the under-tity discomfort? Thank you for the heads-up...I'm a "Secret" girl, and I haven't had a problem so far, but I'll definitely keep your predicament in mind, just in case. So far, using the deodorant under mah boobs has definitely helped. So hopefully I won't have a problem like that!

Things are quiet today. Everyone (including me) seems to be busy consistently. I like the steady busy-ness. Makes the day go by faster. But this is the part of the day where things seem to ssstreeeeeetch themselves out a bit, and suddenly, I'm bored as sin with everything, so I'm trying to mix it up a bit. A coworker and I are hoping we'll be excused to an early recess so we can adjourn to an outdoor watering hole to finish our day, due to the pretty, prettyness of it all out there. I drove home with my AC on in my car last night, y'all. On the last day in FEBRUARY...IN KANSAS!! This is unheard of. We set a record, and I loved it. I can see the buds on the trees peeking through wondering if it'll be time for them to sprout leaves soon, and I sure hope they do. I called my yard guy today to have him help me clean up the leftover Fall leaves that I never got to before Spring actually DOES spring on us, and I also want to know if he can help me rip out two horrendous bush/tree-like things on the south side of my house, and also if he can help me with my plant beds, with the weed-guard stuff and all that. I'm not good at gardening. I should probably go ahead and spill a bit o' cash on it before I get to be known as the chick on the block with the ugliest yard. I don't wanna be that girl.

And I'm trying not to think too much about my trip home in a couple of days. I'm excited to see my family, and to show the boyfriend around my old stomping grounds. Seems that Sea World is not going to happen on Sunday, which is fine with me, really. I don't wanna ruffle any feathers by disappearing for the whole day, anyway, so it works out ok in the end. The boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go to Disneycock on Monday to which I promptly replied, "HELL NO!" I hate amusement parks like that. Bleh. Double-bleh, even! HATE! Turned out he was kidding. (And I'm the one that calls it Disneycock, in case anyone was thinking that the boyfriend's obsession with his cock had extended all the way to the realms of Fantasy Land hasn't.) Apparently, every time he goes to visit California (which has been all of 3 times, including this one, I think), someone asks him if he's gonna go to Disneyland. And he doesn't get it. I don't either. But I hate Disney. (Did I already say "bleh" enough? Because, BLEH!!)

We will be hanging out in and around OC on Friday night if anyone wants to join us. (Joelle & Mikey? Lyn? Kira? Etc? Etc?...) The Twin has suggested Dave & Buster's, and I thought that to be a fantabulous idea right off. E-mail me at faithsista at that Yahoo place if you'd like to meet up, and we'll see what we can work out. We won't be out too late, is the thing, because I'm old and stupid and even just 2 hours of jet lag kicks my ass these days (I know...shut up. It's not like I CHOOSE to be such an asshole, seriously), but I'm thinking we'll be out until 10-ish drinking and playing, and it should be fun! So let me know...(The Sunday breakfast in SD is off now, Lyn. But since we'll be seeing each other later in the week, I figured that'd be cool...I'm so excited!)

My neck and back are tighter than ever, all thanks to that stupid bad massage experience I had over the past weekend, dammit. I wish I could work that out. The boyfriend came home last night, saw the bruise on my left bicep (which is there because of the focus the dumb massage chick gave my arms, and yes, there's a matching one on my right arm as well...), and proceded to poke it with his finger. I don't know test it, for some reason? I quickly lurched in pain, and he told me that he didn't know it would hurt, and he apologized. I mean, WTF? But he was all hyper and happy that he was done with work for the week, so it took him a while to calm down. He gave me what I would consider an atomic wedgie a bit later in the evening when I was wrestling him and tickling him on the couch (it had to be done...he was taunting me with his stinky work feet and throwing the stinky socks in my face with his toes as I tried to relax and watch t.v.), and only started to mellow out a bit at about 11:30, it seemed. Too much Red Bull can be a bad thing, kids.

I've also realized lately that my eyes are on revolt from the rest of my head, and refuse to work well until I get a new pair of contacts for them. Last night on my way home, my left lense actually flipped out, and folded up in my eye. Hate it when that happens. I had to drive with it perched on my left pointer finger until I was able to stop at a stop light long enough to put it back in. Then I realized it was inside-out, and I was in pain until I was able to stop AGAIN and flip it back to it's right side. Contacts are a pain in my ass. So I made an appointment to go see a new eye doctor that's closer to home and work than my old one, and will be seeing them in a week and a half. I hate how much it costs, but I only go once a year, if that (right now, I'm going on 3 years with these same contacts...bad, eh? I know...), so it's not a big deal, I s'pose.

And apparently, I needed to ramble about bullshit this afternoon! Sorry...I'd better get back to work now. Thanks again for letting me know my comments are working properly. (Thanks for nodding along in silence, Maine. I do the same thing much of the time to most blogs myself, except on particularly chatty-feeling days during which I go around and leave comments on just about every blog I read...)


lyn said...

i am so overbooked for friday, otherwise i would have come up to the o.c. to d and b. love that place.

but yeah, i'll see you next week in any case.

p.s. i am bringing a co-worker and he wants to know what the moose is like....if there a website or something???

Faith said...

You always seem to have stuff going on...I'd be tired alll the time if I were you. =)

And yes, the Moose has a website. The best way to describe the place is that half of it is a bar, and the other half is a restaurant. I'm rarely on the restaurant side, except to go to the bathroom. It's a "family" place, but the bar usually stays relatively kid-free except on busy Saturday nights when families are waiting for a table in the restaurant to open up. There are t.v.'s throughout the bar AND the restaurant, as it's a very sportsy bar as well, which works for me.

I can't wait to see you!!

lyn said...

cool, cool. i am pretty stoked to be able to see you while i am out there.

have a safe trip to cali.

p.s. always busy, can usually fight off the tired with caffeine.

Maine said...

*nods silently*

FaithsTwin said...

Maine, do they sell your bobble heads in stores nationwide? =P

Faith said...

Ohmygod, I WANT A MAINE BOBBLEHEAD!!! I have a Shaq one at home, and I guess I can try to pretend that it's Maine, but it'll be hard, what with the Laker uniform, the championship trophy he's holding in one hand, and the three-pete sign he's making with his other hand. In a side-by-side comparison, I think we'd all agree that Maine kicks Shaq's ass in the handsomness department, too. So yeah, I vote for the immediate making, marketing, and selling of Maine bobbleheads. They must have something like that online somewhere, right??

FaithsTwin said... Your Christmas present next year: me and the girls as bobble heads in a nativity set. Perfect!