Thursday, March 30, 2006

Reason #3 & #4 that I LOVE my new job...

The following e-mail correspondence is occuring amongst all of my 19 coworkers at this very moment:

Coworker # 1: Whoever has the stapler from the copy room, please put it back. If you need one, I will order you one. Thanks!

Coworker #2 replied: I will burn the building down if you take my stapler.

Coworker #3 replied: Coworker #2 you are ready for some one on one with the maestro

Now, I don't entirely get the "maestro" reference in the e-mail from Coworker #3, but it's still funny because, well, I guess you'd have to know the guy. (And if anyone knows what he's referencing with that comment, then please let me know...) I just love that they all respond the way they do to each other. And it's not like all of us even need to get involved, but we sit in our little area of the office, and we can all hear each other laughing as we open and read the latest response to the e-mails, and it's just so goddammed fun, people. This is the work world I've been waiting for since I graduated from college.

And oh admin cohort (a.k.a. "Coworker #1" in the e-mail correspondence mentioned above) just came by to show me the SWEET little closed deal package for a property that she received from one of the brokers this morning, and holy high hog in heaven...I'm gonna have an AWESOME bonus in June, it seems. Just with that one package alone, it surpasses the bonus I'm getting this week for the first quarter, and that 1st quarter bonus isn't anything to scoff at, lemme tell ya.

I'm in job heaven. I've died and gone to job heaven, honestly!


Hunny said...

Boy am I jealous!!!!!
I want a good working enviroment too!
Oh well, I will just continue to smile and make them wonder what I have been up too!

Ms. Pants said...

"maestro" is Spanish for "Teacher."