Friday, March 10, 2006

Yay! Yaaaaayyyyy!!

It’s Friday! It’s Friday!! I’m very happy about this fact.

My throat is a bit sore, because I went out and had a few drinks with this woman and her coworker last night, as they were in town for business and wanted to see the infamous Moose, as well as the not-so-infamous Faith. I’m soooo glad we had a chance to visit and catch up and talk and talk and talk (hence the sore throat…I do much of the talking when I get together with people)…I just love meeting up with my favorite bloggers. I hadn’t seen Lyn for over a year, so it was DEFINITELY overdue. =) Hopefully, she’ll be back again soon, and we’ll be able to hit different spots in the city. I hope I hope I hope…

Felt a bit dodgy this morning, though, and am quite happy that the boyfriend is working a mid today, so he doesn’t go in until noon and won’t be off until about 10 tonight. That meant I was able to sleep in this morning, and I can work out tonight after work. Yay! I’m drinking the caffeine this morning, though, and am sad to say that I think I might’ve gotten bumped off that wagon, thanks to jetlag and all that good stuff occurring over the past week. I don’t have any at home, though, so I can probably avoid it this weekend fo sho. We’ll see…

So. This morning I have devoted my time to looking up shipping info for puppies, and flying info for grown adults into South Bend, Indiana. The boyfriend and I are going to be getting a puppy real soon, as the Twin’s dogs had puppies about 5 weeks ago (almost 6 now, right Twin?), and we want one of them. Twin and her daughters have given the puppy we want the nickname of "Chocolate Chip", and she is just the sweetest dog I have ever met! (If you go to the link and look at the "group puppies" photo, I'm pretty sure Chocolate Chip is the one at the bottom of the photo...she has slightly longer hair, and is fuzzy and soft and looks like a miniature version of the dog we had when I was growing up and I want her!) Boyfriend decided that she was the puppy for us about .5 seconds after we saw her, and I agree. We wanted to bring her home on the flight with us this past week, but she was too young to be allowed to travel at that point. So I’ve been looking into all the fun stuff that goes along with the shipping of puppies and all that, and found some very good info I’ll be going over with the boyfriend and the Twin really soon. It’s not very expensive (less than $200, since she’s so little), and will just take a smidgen of coordinating between the Twin and I to get her from Orange County to Kansas City as soon as she’s old enough. The toughest thing is going to be figuring out a way to pay for the vet visit and the kennel she’s going to need to travel in, but I’m sure we can work that all out. So excited!!

And the boyfriend and I will be heading to South Bend again in August, and we decided that driving is not an option this time, so I’m looking into flight costs and times and sizes of the planes that fly into South Bend (they are small planes, btw…50-passenger sized planes…but they have 2 engines, so I’m ok with that, I guess) so we can plan accordingly. Costs aren’t too bad, and I found a flight on United that takes us through Chicago, which is perfect, so I’m thinking we’ll be good to go. The boyfriend will be pleased.

And with that tid-bit of useless information to you all, I must be off. Work is a-callin’…I think I’ll print out and bind some marketing materials today, because it’s fun and mindless and it’s just what I wanna do, dammit. Bah!


Hunny said...

When you get ready to ship the puppy check out the weather, dogs, and puppies are
Not on the plane, but rather in the cargo hold. Temperatures vary there and can affect the animal.
I have puppies right now too, they are so cute. Little Shih Tzu’s. One is so tiny only 3 ounces compared to her brothers who are 11 and 12 ounces. She will only grow up to be about 5 pounds or smaller.

TGIF also, almost didn’t think I could make it through another week at this job from
Hell. Glad you had a safe trip.

FaithsTwin said...

The pups were officially 6 weeks old yesterday. They are absolutely adorable and I am happy my poor Phoebe had to go through this once- because raising little babies like this may be a pain in the ass, but it is SOOO worth it!

Faith said...

Actually, Hunny, the airlines won't allow me to make the reservation more than 3 - 7 days in advance, and it's because of the variance in weather that can occur...they all have heated/pressurized cabins to place the animals in, but if it's cooler than a certain temp (I think 45 degrees) or warmer than a certain temp (78 degrees) out, then they won't ship them that day. So you are right on the money there, sista! =) Fortunately, the puppies are not a snub-nosed/brachycephalic variety, because the temperature rules get even MORE funky with those!

And a job from hell? That's not good. Hope you have a lovely weekend...working a job from hell earns you at LEAST that much!

6 weeks old!! YAY!!! Only 2 more weeks, and we can get the vet cert, and ship Ch. Chip (not sure what her actual name will be...need to discuss that in more detail with the boyfriend) to her new home!!!

Hunny said...

I have been breeding Shih Tzu's for 7 years so it can be tricky shipping, but the airlines are really good about it!
I work with a group of people that act like we are back in High School. I can go all day and they won't talk to me. Makes it interesting.
You will enjoy having a puppy/dog to greet you at the end of the day! I love all 4 of mine! They never ask what is for dinner, or can I go to a friends house!
Have a great weeekend!

Anonymous said...

I've known the owners for many years. Great people, great company.