Friday, March 24, 2006

You might wanna turn around, and walk away...

- Not in a good mood today. I'm trying to fight it every moment I'm in contact with other people, though. It's gone ok so far, but it's only 8:40 a.m. We'll have to see how the rest of the day goes.

- *shaking head* Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke, DUKE!!! WTF, guys??? Thanks. That's all I can say. Thanks a lot. It's a good thing I stopped betting on sports after the USC/Texas fiasco, dammit.

- Boyfriend is worried that he's going to be facing some serious kitchen issues today due to this crap. Have I mentioned before that I hate politics? Yeah, I do. But we stayed up until about 11:30 last night discussing the issue at length. I can't go into it now, because I'm too tired, and see above about the mood, but I hope it doesn't seriously cripple his work he understands it, much of the Hispanic kitchen population across America (in big cities like LA, Houston, Chicago, NY...and Prairie Village, apparently) plan on walking out of their jobs today so we can have a taste of "A Day Without A Mexican". See more info here, as they did the walk out yesterday in Wisconsin, it seems...

Anyway, boyfriend is already short-handed, and he had to fire a guy yesterday for sexual harassment issues that have been non-stop and ongoing, and if he has even 2 or 3 guys decide to not show today, then he'll be there from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. tonight. Because that's what happens to managers, I guess. He's such a hard worker!

- Quick tip to everyone: If you are in a marked left-hand turn lane, it is ILLEGAL (against the law, ticketable, WRONG) to pull out of that turn lane in any way, shape, or form in order to go right or straight or whatever the fuck it is that you decide you need to do instead. If you find yourself in a turn lane that you realize you didn't need to be in after all, you have to make the turn and correct your path in a legal format AFTER you've made the turn! Thanks. Hope this helps some people out there, so you don't come across a PMSy, sore-throated, pissed off girl who's a tad late for work (even though she really didn't care about that today...), and make a mistake like trying to pull in front of her in order to change your course of direction at the last minute. She's very sorry that you made the mistake of getting in the wrong lane in the first place, but she wants you to follow the rules (just as she would do if in your shoes) all the same. Gracias.

Hopefully I haven't offended anyone with this post. Any Duke players that happen to read it? I'm sorry you played a good game, I'm sure, but it wasn't good enough now was it? Maybe next year, boys. Hispanic population? I didn't go into the particulars on how I feel about your plight, but let's just make it clear that I'm on your side in some ways and not in others. Maybe I'll feel inclined to explain further at a later date. Turn-lane violators? Yeah, I don't actually care if I offended you. Follow the laws of the streets, or don't drive on them. End of story. (I almost got in two accidents this morning due to people who decided they would make up their own rules, and that was a bit much for me, to be honest. Two almost-accidents in the course of 10 minutes? No...just - uh-uh.)



Hunny said...

At least it is Friday, and another week is over. You have the whole weekend to relax.
Just take deep breaths and thing only 7 more hours.

lyn said...

damn duke. but hey, ucla won!!!

have a good weekend

Mona Buonanotte said...

Duke AND Gonzaga. Well, my bracket sucks.

Your left-turn-lane experience reinforces my belief that all cars should be bumper cars. That way, BAM!, you get out your aggressions on the stupid drivers, and no one gets hurt.

Hunny said...

Dang I need spell checker when I post!!!!!!
But at least the day is half over!!!
Your welcome to come to my house this weekend and help me bake. When I am really stressed I cook. So this weekend it is chocolate chip cookies, and my version of beef wellington.
Now if I can keep my eyes open for the rest of the afternoon.
Have a great one!

Faith said...

You're so sweet, Hunny! You can always rest assured that I can generally figure out what you mean just by reading the rest of your post - no spell-check needed. =)

This weekend, I plan on getting out into the garden and doing some damage-control (I left it a mess in the Fall...), having dinner with a long-lost friend/old coworker tomorrow night, and getting my hair done on Sunday. I was thinking of cutting it into a bob (chin-length), but with the mood I'm in this week, that could be a dangerous decision, so we'll have to see what happens...I might just do the same-ol' cut that's been making me happy for the past few months, and wait until next month to see if I'm still wanting to bob it.

mikey said...

Duke sucks!

That "Big Baby" dude is like Shaq's little (and more like-able) little brother. He's gonna be a load by the time he gets to the pros.

Go UCLA! I know they're not USC, but I always root for the Pac-10, since everybody else in the world seems to have a bias against them. Tonight, Washington is gonna take down UConn! Go Huskies!

Oh, wait... Go UW Huskies!