Friday, April 21, 2006

Feeling a bit more mellowed now...

I'm really glad this week is over. Although it isn't really completely over, it's just sort of over, and then it kind of continues on tomorrow, but that involves free food, and it's mid-day so I can still sleep in, and that's all that matters, really. I'm planning on doing yard work this weekend, too. Wish me luck. Bleh.

So my coworker told me the other day that she had just watched our boss write a check for $1.5 million for his taxes last year, and she didn't really know how to get past that. I told her I had just written a check for $3,600 for my fucking driveway, and THAT was hard enough to do...but $1.5 million?? That would be impossible, I think. Apparently he'd "had a couple of deals that went really well" whatever that means. But I just wanted to share this little tidbit so that all of the folks out there that think the rich don't have to shell out big bucks when it comes to their taxes? Yeah. $1.5 million. There ya go. Hope that helps some of y'all feel better.

That reminds me...I used to enjoy selling stock at a loss, just so I wouldn't have to pay out taxes on additional income come tax time. In fact, it usually helped me get a bit more of a return, as I recall. I'm thinking it's probly a good thing that I don't dabble in the stock market any more.

I have so many things in my head before I come in here and start typing, honest I do. But then I get to it, and it all rushes off someplace else, where I can no longer access it. Sucks. I need to start jotting down notes. Like the $1.5 million tax thing? Yeah, I've been meaning to post about that since Monday. Oh well!

Ok, just got a letter given to me that needs to be typed up, so more later, I'm sure. It's a bit quiet around here today and I don't think anyone really wants to do any work. I'm definitely in that category myself...

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lyn said...

seriously. i am trying to blow off the rest of the day. checking with the boss now.