Monday, April 03, 2006

Just testing something...

I've been wanting to post pics here for a while the way that Jessi does on her blog, or the way that BI does on his blog. (Used to be that we would have to install some crap software called "Hello" to the computer we blogged from in order to post photos directly to the blogger posts...but it seems that went away. And so I am happy now.) So I thought I'd try it out today and see if it works. And it does.

Awesome. (Pic above is of the beach at Lake Michigan when I went to visit boyfriend's parents last November. It was a perfectly gorgeous day...)

Oh, be prepared for some pics in the posts from now on, muthafuckas. Because there will be plenty. Oh yes, indeed.

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~sheri said...

Puppy pics?
Puppy pics!!