Saturday, April 01, 2006


The puppy is coming today! The Twin successfully got her on a flight out of Orange County this morning, and she's due to land in Dallas in about a half hour. Then she'll be on her way to Kansas City about an hour after that, and I get to go pick her up at 5:20 tonight!

I can't help but wonder what goes through a puppy's mind as it sits in the cargo hold of an airplane, all by itself for the first time in its life (and for several hours in a row at that), and not knowing what the hell is going on. Do they go to sleep after a bit? Do they get nervous wondering what's going to happen to them? All I know is that she's bound to feel some relief after she gets into my car, comes to our house, and is released to run about all over the place, and clean up the left-over bits of lint and dust that I couldn't reach with the vaccum or the Swiffer this morning. And the back yard! I can't wait to see her run through the back yard. I hope she likes it here!

Now I need to go shower, and then head to the supermarket to do my grocery shopping for the week. And hopefully tonight, I'll have some time to join my friends at the Moose to watch a little of the UCLA/LSU game. And I hope UCLA kicks LSU's ass.

YAY!!! Puppy Izzy is on her way! Thank you Twin!!!!

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