Thursday, April 06, 2006

Singin' in the rain...

I had to pull together a presentation for my coworker first thing this morning, and within this presentation, I was binding together 12 different sites for the client’s review.

Am I the only one out there that remembers that Sesame Street song for the number 12? Whenever I see a 12-number sequence, I think of that song. "1 – 2 – 3 – 45 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9101112!" It was all kinds of funky, and very, very 70’s, and it still pops into my head to this day whenever I run across the sequence. I asked my coworker if he knew what I was talking about, and he said he didn’t remember it. But he does recall that he used to wish he could grow up to be Snuffleupagus when he was a kid. (And who knew that his name was actually spelled that way? I just looked it up in Wikipedia and saw the real spelling of his name. All this time I’ve been calling him "Snuffleufugus" with an "f", not a "p" in the middle of his name. Damn. Now I feel like one of those people that thinks "supposedly" is actually said "supposably.") I didn’t want to BE Snuffy, per se, but I did always look forward to seeing him in each episode. Poor, crazy old Big Bird…seein’ shit that ain’t there. I always felt so bad for him! (And a little bit confused as well…was Snuffy real, or was he imaginary? To this very day, I don’t know. Ooh! And thank you, Wikipedia, again, for giving me the story of Snuffy’s reality on the show. Go and read about it and clear your mind once and for all. I don’t have children, so I was unaware of the changes to Snuffy’s existence on the show. Interesting! Ok, not really…)

Things in my life have, of course, become all things puppy. Izzy is the sweetest little dog, and we’re having a lot of fun with her! Last night as I was preparing dinner, she lay down behind me on my kitchen rug, and started to chew on it. She likes to chew on carpets (shut up!), and it’s hard to deter her from the activity. This particular rug can take the abuse…it’s tough, and it’s seemingly made for the gnawing of little puppy teeth. However, I don’t want to encourage her to chew on any carpets in the house, so I tried to stop her by going to the living room and getting her teeny-sized kong for her to chew on instead. She promptly picked up the kong, carried it back into the living room, and then came back in the kitchen with a look on her face that seemed to say, "Silly mom…the toys belong in the living room, not in the kitchen!" And then she wandered back into the living room to do something else. Probably chew on the rug in THERE. *sigh!*

The last few days of crate training have gone exceedingly well, and I actually told the boyfriend last night that I didn’t want to jinx it, but it seemed that we had gotten the most perfect puppy ever! Yeah, I jinxed it. He took her out to do her bidness at about 8:30 or so, and when they came back in he said she’d only pee’d, which was weird because she’d finished eating long before that and hadn’t done anything else but pee since, so she was due. Then she wandered off towards the bedroom, and I don’t discourage her from doing so because her crate is in there, and I keep hoping she’ll become more comfy with it, and start going into it on her own whenever she pleases. But the boyfriend found her in my treadmill room instead. Where she had poo’d on the carpet. Little buggar.

Our response to that was to not let her lounge on the couch with us for about 20 minutes. Really, we were ignoring her cries for attention after performing a non-indoor activity like she had, in an attempt to discourage the activity from occurring again, if possible. She tried to climb up on the couch, but she’s too small to get up on her own yet, so I just told her "no Izzy!" when she tried to climb up on the edges of the cushions. It was soooo hard to listen to her cry like that and see her little concerned face, as if she was wondering whether we stopped loving her all of a sudden. Then she tried getting on the couch by the boyfriend’s legs, and her hind legs were slipping off of the floor cushion she was using for height and leverage in her attempts, and they were flailing so wildly that I couldn’t help but turn to the boyfriend and giggle into his shoulder, and he was laughing too. Eventually, she realized we were not going to give her any love for the moment, and she turned to the only friends she had left – her toys. After a couple of minutes, when she turned back to us again for another chance, we let her back up on the couch, and she collapsed onto the boyfriend’s outstretched belly contentedly. It was very cute.

We’re looking at having some seriously stormy weather again today, though, and this will be the first time I’ll have to deal with taking her out to do her thing in the rain. The last few mornings, the grass has been pretty wet due to the humidity and all overnight, so it’s not a problem with that…I’m just wondering if she’ll refuse to go outside, and I don’t know that I really have time for it today. I have to go home for lunch on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays in order to let her out, and I have lunch while I’m there. Yesterday, she did well, and I was able to get back to work just a few minutes over the hour I’m usually allotted (not that anyone notices, really). Today, if it’s raining and icky out, I can only imagine that she might not like it much. Although, I have to say that she doesn’t seem to mind the wet grass so much, so far. What bothers her is me trying to dry her off when we get back inside!

Anyway, should be an interesting day. Hope everyone out there that is in the path of these wicked storms stays safe, and has a great Thursday! YAY!! It’s Thursday!!!!!


Pensive Girl said...

your dog schedule sounds a lot like mine. by the way, she is CUTE!.
the first time Gus had to go out in the rain, i held an umbrella over him (and i got all wet.) but, he is a totaly wuss dog. he's really scared of storms though, so i hate the thought of him being home today. oh well, hopefully he'll hide under the pillows or something.

p.s., i totally remember the 1-12 song! did you wat 3-2-1 Contact?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst you bubble but the "Number 12" song was on the Electric Company not Sesame Street. But great post any way!!

Faith said...

Proof, anonymous...I NEED PROOF!!

Since the shows were on back-to-back, I usually can't remember which one had which song, etc. Electric Company doesn't exist anymore, though, right? So I think Sesame Street should adopt the Number 12 song, as it rocks so very much...

FaithsTwin said...

Nooooo, Anonymous, it's Sesame Street and it was on just last week. I listened as my sick kiddo watched in the other room.

Maybe it started on Electric Co and migrated to Sesame, but I don't remember it that way at all. In my odd little memory (and since I have a 9 year old and a 6 year old who regularly watch the show) it has always been on Sesame, NOT Electric.

Darren said...

O.K, O.K. I was wrong you were right. You can find info for the song (the real name of the song is The Pinball Number Count Song) at

But I do still think you have the most entertaing blogs in K.C.

And stop calling me Anonymous my name is Darren

Faith said...

Ok, DARREN (:P)...glad you were able to find that info. Now I'm gonna go look it up, and have my coworker listen to it, and see if he remembers it after he's heard it. Thank you! (And thanks to the Twin for pointing Darren in the direction of looking up such a wonderful little tidbit for us all. I love it when people do things for me! Now if I could just find a way to get someone to clean my house for me...)