Friday, May 05, 2006

And oh, by the way...

If you were the jackass driver of the white SUV parked in the parking lot below Starbucks on the Plaza that got a note on your car around lunchtime that said the following: "Is it really so very hard to NOT park like an asshat? Jerk..." It was from me. Don't park in two spots, especially in that lot, buttmunch.

Although you may think your penis is too big to fit into just one spot, it's actually small enough to do so. Easily, I might add. Fucktwat.

I bet you're the type of person that drives precariously close to the lane next to you as you motor down Ward Parkway, too, huh? Because your penisUV is just too big to even be able to safely drive down the road without everyone around it giving you PLENTY of room to be able to get by, right?

Yeah. NOT, you dipshit.

And for the record, I have refered to you as being an asshat, jerk, buttmunch, fucktwat, AND dipshit in this post, just to make clear how big of a reject you really are.

I hate people who feel they're entitled to do whatever the fuck they want to in this world. Seriously.

Have a great weekend, everyone! :D

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Xavier Onassis said...

Wasn't me!

Although I do drive an SUV (but a small cool one...a Jeep Wrangler...not some big honking Uber SUV), I do have a small penis (do I know you?), and am very much an asshat, jerk, fucktwat and dipshit, I was NOT the guilty party.

In fact, I avoid the Plaza like the plague because all of those names you used apply to everyone who shops on the Plaza regardless of how they park.

This, I believe.