Friday, May 26, 2006

Just going through the motions...

My eyes are FREAKING OUT today. Twitching and stinging and sensitive to's not nice. I don't know how to appease them. Take allergy meds? Take out my contacts? Do both? I think I just might do that in a few minutes, here...

Free lunch today from PF Chang's, which is fabulous.

The sudden summer-like heat we've been experiencing has released all the nasty bugs that like to chew on me when I step out doors, so now my legs and feet (and one shoulder) are covered in bites. It's my favorite time of year.

Ok, not really. You got me there.

The fridge at work today was officially past plain ol' nasty status and had moved on to able-to-support-small-colonies-of-aliens status. I've been bothering the admin staff at the front of the office (who are supposed to be responsible for regular clean-out of the fridge) for the past 3 weeks about this, and thought I had tracked down the problem items last Friday. We got rid of them, but the fridge still smelled gross all this week. Today, I took a moment to review the top shelf of the fridge to see what was there. And sure enough, I found the culprit. One of the coworkers down the hall is on that "Success Meal" program, so she brings little boxes of food for her meals through the day every day and stashes them in the fridge. Underneath a bag of carrots that had been in the fridge since the colonization of Jamestown (and yes, they got thrown out) was a boxed success meal that hadn't been so successful, it seems. It was from 4/22 (they all have little labels on them that give the date they're for, who they're for, and what's in them...), so that means that my coworker had failed to eat said meal over a MONTH AGO, and left it sitting in the fridge to rot.


So I threw that out, along with a bag of leftovers from PF Chang's that had been in there for last week, and then made the offer to our office HR person that I would be happy to become the known "Fridge Nazi" in the office, if she so desired. She said that'd be great, we're putting up a sign on the fridge (a laminated sign no less) that says it will be cleaned out every Friday, and then before I leave at the end of every week, we're tossing everything that's in there, besides the sodas the company provides for us all, as well as things like yogurts and someone's bag of granola which doesn't seem to be contributing to the problem. (I'm gonna check the expiration dates periodically on the yogurts and cream cheese containers, and throw them out accordingly.)

And now my plan for total domination of the refrigerator is complete. Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!

That's as exciting as it gets. I'm looking forward to the long weekend. Even though it's gonna be hotter than a muthafucker here, dammit. I plan on spending half the time in my back yard doing some work, and the other half in my pool, a.k.a. my bathtub. Because that's how sad I am...

Y'all enjoy yourselves, too. Hope you have a real pool you can hang out in!

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Xavier Onassis said...

My gf has been having a real bad time with her eyes.

Says it feels like they are full of gravel. Really dry and itchy.

Went to the doctor.

Dr. said there are 3 types of tear ducts...oily, mucus and tears. Her oily and mucus glands weren't producing. Just tears.

Her eyes were drying out in 2-3 seconds instead of the normal 10-12.

Gave her special eye-drops and told her to put a hot compress over her eyes for 3 minutes at a time to clear up a possible blockage.

You might want to have it checked.