Friday, June 02, 2006


My alma mater's baseball team will be hosting part of the NCAA Baseball tourney over the next few days, and today they play Mizzou. Yeah, good luck fellas. Pepperdine is the #1 seed. I'm thinkin' they might just advance on over y'all, but we'll see...I don't pay much attention to college baseball, but of the few sports Pepperdine competes in at Division I level play, baseball is at the top of the list of well-played sports. Basketball has struggled ever since they made it to the Elite 8 back in 1993, I think it was. Waterpolo (boys) and volleyball (girls) are the only other sports that they tend to excell at, as I understand it. But when I saw across the news ticker this morning on my fave news channel that they would be playing Mizzou, I felt it warranted mention. Because it's not often that one of the local schools here in KS/MO have to play against my very own alma mater. So GO WAVES! Beat those Tigers, YEAH!!!

I needed it to be Friday sooo badly today, so I'm really glad it is. Tonight, I will veg in front of the t.v., watching things like Most Haunted and a recorded show that was on BBC the other night (it's about Gordon Ramsay, that crazy-ass chef in London that yells at his subordinates. I love watching him, if for no other reason than to try to stretch my ability to understand what the fuck he's saying half the time. He's insane...) after I spend a bit o' time with my gutters on my house. I think I'll clean out the gutters on the front of the house tonight, and Lord only knows when I'll get to the back ones. It's going to be hot here this weekend. And it will only continue to get hotter over the next few days after that, it seems. The heat is expected to break next Wednesday, according to the weather guy this morning. It's supposed to cool down to 85 at that point. Awesome.

I got my new dresses from Target, and I was very pleased with one, ok with another, and have to lose 15 pounds before the third one will fit me properly, and even then, it's a short dress, so it needs to be worn with jeans, or something. Crazy ass styles these days...I might take pics of the dresses I like tonight. We'll see. Thanks to everyone for their input on my last post about my dresses, though. Very sweet of you all to agree with me like that. I LOVE it when that happens!

I'd best get going. I have work to do, amazingly enough. Plus, breakfast just arrived, and I wanna check that out. Later!

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Cheri said...

I'm late in looking at your dress pics but I agree with everyone else. I LOVE that torrid look hot! I'm surprised it's the first thing you've ever bought from them. That store is great! They have one at Independence Center if you ever feel like "live" shopping. I can't wait to see how the other dresses you bought work! I need to find at least one more dress myself. I decided dresses for summer are much better since I have to try to keep cool in my NON airconditioned Jeep, ugh!! Have a great weekend!!