Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy medium...

Went to my second hot yoga class wasn't hot enough this time. I know, I know...I am one picky bitch. I felt too cool yesterday in class, and even though I still sweat a great deal throughout it, I didn't feel nearly as crappy as I did in the first class on Thursday, so I didn't feel like I got the same benefits out of it. Should I start talking backwards? Since that's how I look at everything in life anyway? Fuck.

Last week, I was driving down the lovely Shawnee Mission Parkway on my way back to work after having taken lunch at home to let the puppy out of her crate for a bit, and I wound up driving next to a little red Miatta for a bit. "Hm," I thought to myself. "That guy looks like Brad Pitt. Although I'm sure Brad Pitt wouldn't be caught dead in a Miatta, for chrissakes, and of course, he just had his kid and has no reason to be tooling around the streets of Kansas in a Miatta [I'm serious...this is what was going through my head], so I'm sure it isn't really Brad Pitt."

Then I had a chance to get next to the Miatta, and I glanced over quickly to confirm that it was not Brad Pitt. And it wasn't. Now he looked more like Ryan Seacrest. Which makes more sense, car-wise, but still not much in terms of why Ryan Seacrest would be driving down Shawnee Mission Parkway on a Wednesday in a Miatta.

Also, Brad Pitt to Ryan Seacrest? WTF?

So then I had to get over in front of the Miatta, as it was just the way the traffic was a-flowin' right then. And I glanced in my rear-view mirror again at the guy. (I don't know why...I was bored, or something...gimme a break.) "Hm," I thought again. "Now he looks like a guy I slept with a couple of years ago..."

Funny how those things work out, eh?

I'm buried at work...had to take some home over the weekend to do, in fact, and didn't get to do it until last night what with the way the weekend played itself out. Basically, I will be a typing, mail-merging, labeling fool for the next week, and I'm not particularly looking forward to it. Wish me luck...

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hi faith. I finally updated my blog. it's boring but you should read it anyway.