Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Meaningless Items of Note

Still busy as all get out at work...I'm basically typing in 1400 addresses to create a new marketing mail list for one of the brokers, and it's not a quick project obviously. I do 10 pages here and there (14 names/page - takes me about an hour uninterrupted to get that many done at once), and then I do another project to break things up a bit, so as to not lose my mind completely. We could've bought the list for $500. But I told the broker to save the cash, and I'd just work extra to get it done this week. I might need to take some home with me tonight and tomorrow, unfortunately. But I WILL get it done dammit!!! Super-admin to the rescue!!!!

The coworker and I were just going over the split of the admin bonus we're going to get paid for at the end of this week for the second quarter. It's weird, and we're bothered, and we're hoping we can get it fixed. This one chick is getting a split still even though she's not an admin anymore, but she's a full-fledged broker. So she's earning commission now. Shouldn't be earning a part of our bonus at. all. in our opinions. If it were a small percentage, then we might let it slide, but she's getting 17% of the bonus we split between us. Um, hello? Why? Hopefully, we'll be able to get it sorted out quickly, since the checks need to be cut today in order to pay us by Friday, as I understand it. I'm still getting a pretty sizeable chunk, but I WANT MORE, DAMMIT!! GIMME MORE MONEY! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Seriously, though, I've got a lot of shit to pay for, and I need as much as possible right now. And then I'll sit and excitedly wait for September's bonus to come along and help me s'more. 3 months never seemed like such a long period of time before I started getting these quarterly bonuses, I swear.

The other day, I was driving behind a car that had a couple of bumper stickers on it that bothered me. Of course, Maine's bumber sticker post was still relatively fresh in my mind, and made me take notice even though I usually just ignore that sort of crap. I noticed the one on the passenger side of the back window first. It said, "My Rebecca is smarter than your honor student." Um, ok...dumb sticker, but whatev.

Then I noticed the other sticker on the driver's side of the back window, and while it was a bit hard to read, since it was blocked partially by the rear-window wiper, I could still see that it said, "My Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is smarter than your honor student."

So ok...this woman was neither original or very funny, it seemed. And she wanted everyone that drove behind her to know that she owns a weird breed of retriever on top of everything else. So she was super-cool, apparently.

My favorite part of the whole bumper-sticker fiasco that was happening in the back window of this lovely Subaru Forester was that the stickers were taped to the back window. Which, I hate to say, looks even cheesier than when they're actually stuck to the back of a car on the bumper. I'd even take a crooked bumper sticker over one taped to the back window any day. Even though I think bumper stickers are the dumbest thing a grown person can do to their vehicle, regardless of how they put it on there. I had them on my broken down old Chevy Blazer when I was in high school and college. Dad didn't like it, and usually took them off when I was home and not looking. I'd replace them the next week after he removed them. When he bought me the Acura Integra during my sophomore year in college, he told me he'd not hesitate to take the car away from me if I ever came home with a single sticker on any part of it. I was a smart-ass, and asked his permission before I put the parking sticker I was required to place on it in order to park on campus at Pepperdine. But I stuck to his rules, and ever since then, I can see what he means. They look tacky and silly.

And some of them say really, really inane, ridiculous things on them, so what the fuck is the point to having them. Your fucking dog is smarter than my honor student. Whatever. My ass is cuter than your face. Don't need that on a bumper sticker, for fuck's sake...I can just say it right out loud and get the point across all the same! Dumbass...

I gotta get back to my typing project. Have a good Wednesday, everyone!


FaithsTwin said...

"My ass is cuter than your face..." Classic. Holy cow that was funny!

Kristine said...

I agree with faithstwin - that should be your blog's new tagline!

Heather said...

I also agree!