Monday, June 05, 2006

Money doesn't grow on trees? You sure?

Shit. These last couple of weeks, I've been spending money like I have it. I really, really, really need to put the credit card down, and just walk away. After my appointment I had today with the gyno, I shouldn't have need to use it again for a while, so I really might just take it out of my purse and forget about it for a while. Seriously. Just not good.

"'Ello, Sue! I've got legs! Do you like bread?"

Not sure why I needed an Eddie flashback just now, but apparently, the brain needed a break. What can I say?

Ok, so I'm wearing one of the new Target dresses today to work, and I'm loving it. Comfy, cute, working well with my curves...I knew it was a good dress when I woke the boyfriend up to say goodbye this morning and he said, "That's a nice dress..." That worked for me. He doesn't usually say much about my clothing. So just out of the blue like that? Lovely.

I haven't taken any more pics of the new dresses because I just went and returned a bunch of them to the SuperTarget not too far from my house on Saturday and Sunday. I just didn't have a chance to snap photos before doing it. I went out there on Saturday to return the sack dresses and realized they had all the dresses in stock that I had been ordering on line. So I tried on some different ones, found an AWESOME one that I didn't know would look as good on as it did (it looked sort of shapeless and icky on the hanger), and then found a cute top, too. It was good trip. So when I went back out there with the boyfriend on Sunday, I went ahead and returned the dress I wasn't so sure about, and the one that didn't fit me at all, since I decided being frugal was the best route at this point. I'm very proud of myself, really.

I had such a lovely weekend, really. Until it all came to a screeching halt last night when the dog decided it was time to behave like she was retarded all of a sudden. I had just finished laundry, and it was time to put the towels away. One of the rooms that is off limits to the dog is the bathroom, as there is a bath rug in there that she loves to pee on. So I keep her out of there, usually. But last night, I was putting towels away in there, so she was in and out with me while I did it...lying down, getting up, wandering around my feet trying to trip me - you know, the usual thing.

Next thing I know, she squatting, staring right at me, and peeing on my brand newly washed bath rug. I FLIPPED OUT, to put it mildly. Made me want to toss her across the room, really, but I restrained myself, called her a bad dog in my loud and firm voice, and then put her out on the back deck to contemplate her decision to piss off mommy like she had (a.k.a. to wander around and smell things and watch the bugs fly around the light by the door).

I needed to give her a bath, was the thing, and I didn't want to be rough with her about it, so I calmed myself down, brought her back inside, invited her back into the room where she'd just done the thing that made me angry, and then washed her little body and made her clean and happy again.

So then we went to play a bit...I wanted her to dry as much as possible before going to bed, so she wouldn't be all damp in her crate all night long. So we threw her little stuffed kitty a bit, and she ran around and had fun, and then she disappeared into the kitchen. "Yes," I said, "Let's go out one more time so you can go poopy before we head to bed..." She came running in to me as I put on my flip flops. "C'mon, big girl! Let's go outside!" And as we walked into the kitchen, I gave my normal glance around the room, and saw that it was too late. She'd already decided to go ahead and poo right on my kitchen rug in front of my sink.

To say the least, I was not very happy. This time, she knew she'd done something wrong, fo sho, as she slunk away from me and ran into the living room to get away from me as I tried to put her outside again. (The yelling I was doing might have given her a clue, too...not sure.) I gave her a short smack on her nose when I caught up to her (she runs away and hides...on the couch. You know, 'cuz I'll never find her there!), and then put her outside again while I cleaned up and tried to calm down a bit AGAIN.

She was pretty scared of me when she came back in, and we made nice-nice before she went to bed because I don't believe in making a dog feel it is "punishment" for them to be placed in their kennel/crate at all. But I did pop her in there a good amount of time before I went to bed, which is unusual for me. But I needed the "me" time before I crashed. I washed my face, flossed and brushed my teeth, watched a bit of Iron Chef, and then headed in to bed when I was feeling a desire to lay down on the couch and sleep.

Conclusion from last night's activities: dogs are a pain in the butt. Probly not news to most of you. But I thought I'd mention it all the same.

Ok, must pee, must find lunch, must do work, etc...latahhhhhh...

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Xavier Onassis said...

That's exactly why I don't own one.