Monday, June 12, 2006

Pitch the woo with my baby tonight...

First and foremost this morning, let me warn everyone that my A/C decided to up and become difficult on me yesterday (it still pushes out cold air, but the condensation drain is backed up or something, and so it is simply dripping down the face of the unit inside my house. Not good…pool of water under the unit, spreading out on the floor surrounding the unit, and dripping down all the wiring and electrical components of the unit in order to pool as it is. Bad, bad, bad…And what's weird is that the main condensation drain that I have leading about 3 feet away from the house under a tree in the backyard appears to be in full working order, as there was a big puddle of condensation next to it yesterday when I checked.), so I’m not all here today. I’m tired, I’m on the heavier side of being a cranky-pants (trying desperately not to misdirect my anger and frustration while at work), and I now have to shell out God knows how many dollars to get my A/C back on track. While it didn’t seem to get warmer than about 78 yesterday outside, somehow my house managed to get up to 81 degrees inside, and it did not cool down, no matter how many fans I had running or how many windows I had open. By the time the boyfriend got home last night at about 11:15, I was sitting on the edge of my favorite chair in my living room, trying to avoid the dog who was consistently trying to lounge on my hot and sweaty lap, and keeping my eyes peeled for the fucking mosquito that had hit me twice on one leg and once on the other already. It took about 3 minutes for total meltdown to happen once he arrived home, and after I crawled into bed weeping, the boyfriend did what any smart person would do, and drove to the 24 hour drugstore up the street to get a big box fan. Why hadn’t I thought of that earlier? All I can imagine is that all the dust that I inhaled while cleaning out the vents under the A/C unit in my house, combined with the heat I had been exposed to pretty consistently for the 8 hours I was in the house after the A/C initially broke, caused me to go quite suddenly retarded. Because the box fan combined with windows as wide open as we could make them go made the bedroom cool down relatively quickly. I even wound up sleeping under the comforter for much of the night, I was so cooled down.

Unfortunately, the rest of the house stayed at a steady temp of 80, and was still having trouble cooling down as of this morning, so getting ready for work kind of sucked, but at least I had a goal in mind, and got to get into an air conditioned car to go to an air conditioned office, and am sitting rather comfortably right now. I’m tired though. Didn’t go to bed until 12:30, and I had taken a Benadryl, so I feel a bit weak, is all. I’m hoping that breathing the clean, cool air in the office will help me get better really quickly.

That said, the rest of my weekend went pretty smoothly. Friday night, there was a bachelorette party for a friend of mine that I’ve gotten to know via the boyfriend. She and her fiancĂ© (who went to college with the boyfriend) are getting married this coming Saturday, so five of us got together on Friday night for a glorified girls’ night out, really. It was a good time and I’m glad I was feeling as good as I was by the time it was time to head out. (I’d gotten a stomach ache again after lunch that day, so I was afraid I was going to be a pooper for the party. But I wasn’t! I don’t think, anyway…)

We started the evening at a bar called Blonde that’s not too far from my work on the Plaza. It’s a cool place, especially if you get there before 9, since no one else goes there that early. (I hate crowds.) Half priced appetizers and $5 martinis and 2 for 1 drinks…yeah – I like that. I wasn’t feeling too hungry, though, so I didn’t eat anything, and it wound up working out fine since my first drink was pretty weak. The weird thing? Somehow, I wound up paying $15 for 2 drinks, which doesn’t make much sense to me, but whatever. Sometimes, that’s just what happens when you go out with a group I guess. We all decided to order our drinks separately at the next bar we went to, which worked out best anyway due to it’s layout.

So we moved on to this place downtown (called "NV"…yep. Just the initials.) that I hadn’t been to before, and it wound up being pretty cool. Not a place I’d go every week, or anything, but a decent place overall. It offered us the opportunity to dance, peoplewatch, and have relatively cheap drinks (the beers were only $3.50!), and I believe we all had a good time.

But here’s the weird thing: both of these places we went to have these "Reserved" signs sitting on a bunch of their tables. At Blonde, I had heard before that as long as you’re gone by 9:30, then you’re fine. The waitress said we could sit there as long as we wanted "if we bought a bottle" but I didn’t know what she meant, and we weren’t planning on sticking around that long anyway, so we didn’t care. But we ran into the same thing at NV, except in their case, they had a little menu on the tables around their super comfy couches that we were sitting on. The menus listed certain alcohols at different prices…$175 for Jose Cuervo, $200 for Absolut or Jaeger, and $225 for Crown Royal and some other shit. It talked about how you could get mixers to go with the alcohol, but I stopped paying attention really after I saw the Jaeger being offered for $200. Really? People will pay $200 for a shitty alcohol like that? Is the bottle the size of a small human being, or something? WHY the FUCK would someone pay that much for a fucking bottle of alcohol?

So I asked the cute little waitress (Angie With Amazing Boobies) what the deal was. I had to push through a crowd of people who thought they were VERY cool in order to get to her, but she willingly answered my questions about the set-up. I told her I couldn’t imagine spending so much on bottles of alcohol. Why did people do that? "Well," she said, "they get to be up here instead of down there [we were on a different level, two whole steps down on the same level as the dance floor, where I was sitting on a bar stool with another one of the bachelorettes watching the crazy people dancing all night], and they get to be served by me!" This was true…waiting in line for one beer and a glass of water earlier, I had been cut off by no less than 2 "gentlemen", the second of which I stopped from ordering before me by saying, "Pardon me, but I was here first sir." The bartender helped me first, but the guy wouldn’t even LOOK at me. I had been waiting for just over 5 minutes, and there wasn’t any way I was letting that jackass just jump in there because he thought he was cooler than me. Asshole. Anyway, I thanked Angie for explaining it all to me, and walked away laughing. Those assholes pay a minimum of $175 for a bottle of alcohol (for 4 people, mind you…if you have more than 4 people in your party, then you have to order another bottle – I just looked it up online. You can see what I’m talking about here) just to hang out in a different part of the bar, and to be on a different level than everyone else. Very weird.

And ohmygod, didn’t realize there were so many badly dressed women in Kansas City. I mean, I knew we weren’t perfect, or anything, but these women were wearing skirts that were just not right, people. This one girl was walking around in one of those baby doll dresses that were popular back when I graduated from college (1996, yo), but she’d "updated" it by untying the top, exposing her bra and half of her breasts. She just looked sad, more than anything else. Disgusting.

But! Very entertaining! I had a great time, and was really happy that the maid of honor in the wedding turned out to be such a cool chick. We sat and talked about people and just watched it all as it went down. We weren’t as keen on dancing as the bride and our friend Alisha were. So they danced and we sat and it was all good.

And that is the story about the bachelorette party. This week, we have the wedding shower on Thursday night (I know…don’t get me started), and then the wedding on Saturday. I already warned the bride that I would have to take advantage of that whole have-a-year-to-send-the-gift thing, since I didn’t want her to think that I wasn’t giving them anything at all. I just can’t afford it right now. And that was before the A/C went bye-bye. Now I’m even more in a fix, and will likely have to beg out of being able to take the bottle of wine and the bottle of champagne I had planned to take with me to the shower on Thursday night. I feel like an ass, but my credit card is stretched tight as it is, and I’m really doing well with the whole not using it thing, and don’t wanna stop now.

Ooh! Wait! I get paid on Thursday! I’m sure I can afford $20 worth of alcohol to take with me to the party! Whew. I’m glad I remembered that!

So hopefully everyone will stay cool this week (how they ever got along without A/C back before it was invented is beyond me…) and have a relatively mellow time of it all. Think cool thoughts for me and the boyfriend, kay? Hopefully the weather will stay cool today and tomorrow, like it’s supposed to do…


Heather said... this NV place a gay bar? From the pics, it sure looks like it. Not that there is anything wrong with that...I'm just making and observation.

Faith said...

You know, you're the second person that's said that to me. I didn't notice a very high population of gay folks, but it would make the way some of the girls were dancing make much more sense. And the way that guy treated me at the bar. Also, I can see how it would be gay-friendly. The dance floor is rather large. But they played more house music than anything else, and from my one night spent dancing at Missy B's a few years ago, I don't think they prefer that type of stuff. But I guess to each their own, right?

There were definitely plenty of straight people there, too, if that helps. But again, it would make sense if it was more of a gay hangout. Still doesn't explain the way those girls were dressed, though...