Friday, June 02, 2006

Question for you...

I've got a question on my mind that's been bugging me since yesterday. Help me out and let me know what you would've done in this situation if you were me...and if you're all worried about being judged and shit, remember that I'm being honest about what I did. (Plus, you can remain anonymous in the comments if ya want.)

Ok, so yesterday, my coworker and our boss and I were heading to the other side of the Plaza to go to Kinko's to pick something up that we had made. As we walked up the street outside our office, my coworker saw a girl across the street that she knew, and they wound up standing and talking to each other for a moment. My boss and I stood around sort of chit chatting while the girls talked.

Suddenly, a woman across the street fell down as she stepped up onto the sidewalk. Seemed her shoe had slipped off her foot, she lost her footing completely due to the shoe lossage, and she fell face down, sprawling on the sidewalk on her belly.

Now, there were two people very close to her when this happened. One was a younger girl who was already down the street with her back to this woman when she fell. Se turned around, and went to help her. The other person was an older man, and while he stood a bit off and away from where the woman had fallen, he was talking to her, so I assumed they were together. The woman looked a bit shaken up, but eventually got back on her feet, collected the bag she'd dropped during the fall, put her shoe back on, and went on her way towards the parking lot she was next to. The man went another direction, so it turned out they weren't together. The young girl that had helped her had been dismissed by the woman when she sat up and assured her that she was fine.

I watched all this happen in a rather periferal manner. I was close to the fall, but when I saw that two people were there to immediately help the woman initially, I thought it would be overkill to run across the street to help as well. My boss didn't notice, or pretended not to notice what happened, as did my coworker and her friend. (To be honest, I think my boss was trying to figure out the proper time to enter himself into the conversation with my coworker and her friend, as the friend was a young, thin, pretty blonde girl. But he got his...she turned out to be the daughter of a collegue, and when he introduced himself to her and she reminded him that they'd already met - in fact, she interned for him last year - he felt pretty cool, I think. Heh.) I thought it would be best to pretend I didn't see what happened, since adding to the embarrassment the woman had experienced in the initial fall wasn't what I felt like doing right about then.

But was I wrong to do that? If you saw a 65 year old woman fall on a sidewalk, and two other people rushed to her aid, would you leave it be as well? Or would you rush to help?


Anonymous said...

With two people across the street helping her, there would be no need for you to cross the street to help her. Unless, of course, she was bleeding, had broken something, etc. and you had first aid training or a cell phone to call an ambulance.

mikey said...

If there are already two people there helping the lady, I won't rush across the street to help... but I'll keep an eye on them to make sure they don't need more help.