Monday, July 31, 2006


Is it just me, or did the word "awesome" make its way out of the everyday vocabulary of the typical cheerleader and into the everyday vocabulary of every person on the planet? Not that I'm hatin', or whatever...I say it too. I say it a bit too much for my taste, but much like the word "fuck" I find it fits into so many different applications that it's tough to NOT use it. I just don't remember it being so prevalent before the past couple of years, is the thing. There is nothing that makes me feel less professional than letting it slip when in a meeting, or on the phone with an interested tenant, or something like that. In everyday conversation with the Twin or my stepmom? Fine. When I'm finishing up a meeting about my current goals, both professional and personal, with my boss? Not so fine.

How do I make it stop, though? Is there an "awesome" patch out there I can look into, please?

I forgot to mention earlier that I received fabulously wonderful (see, no need for the a-word there) tickets to Wednesday night's Royals game through my favorite upper-management counterpart here at the company I live and breath for. AND a parking pass, which makes it all the more worth while. The boyfriend (i.e. pre-fiance) and I will be going to our first Royals game together that night, and having a blast of it I'm sure. We've been talking about going to one all year, and even though I'm sure the White Sox will kick the Royals' asses (but who really knows these days...), it will still be a great evening for us. Free date night! Well, mostly free, anyway. We'll still have to purchase the beers and sausages, of course. He's never been to a Royals game, so I will be "popping [his] cherry" as he so lovingly puts it. He's such a goober.

I'm not in the mood to work at. all. Can you tell? I blame the heat. Because, why NOT blame the heat? It's so fucking blameable, it is.

I have had two fast food meals today thus far, and have still eaten more healthy than most skinny people I know. And yet I'm the fat one. Hm. Weird, eh? Here's what I've had: egg mcmuffin (without cheese or margarine) and hash browns from McD's = 370 cals and 14 grams o' fat; grilled chicken sammich with a side salad with reduced fat ranch from Wendy's = 510 cals and 17 grams of fat (I meant to get the sammich without sauce, which would have taken it down to 470 cals and 13 grams of fat, dammit). Oh, and I snacked on some tropical trail mix at about 10:30 a.m. that I purchased at Walmart Grocery the other day. So add on about 150 cals and 8 grams of fat for that (there are cashews and macadamias and almonds in the mix). If I could just get myself to avoid the hash browns on a more religious basis and remember to nix the sauce on sammiches, then I'd be in perfect shape, I'd think!

Not that my body would agree with that, of course. Noooo. It wants me to starve before it'll lose any weight for me, it seems. Being 32 sucks in that respect.

Anyway, I've found that fast food can be ok in some ways. I'm not all about avoiding of it all the time, is the thing. They can make sammiches and stuff without the extra fat and calories from cheese and butter, and it still tastes ok. The reduced fat dressings don't taste that bad. And the nutrition calculators that most restaurants have these days where you can "customize" the selections you choose usually? Brilliant. LOVE them. (Here's the one for Wendy's. And here's McDonalds's. Oh, and here's Chipotle's. I like that one as well. I found one for Pizza Hut the other day, too, but they don't let me eliminate the cheese on my pizzas on their site, so it's not accurate, unfortunately. And I wrote them about being stupid for that option not being available on their website, and they haven't written me back at all, so they can fuck off IMO.) But I do avoid places like Taco Bell and the like, for the most part still. And I can't really bring myself to eat a burger from a fast food place any more these days, so I stick to chicken items really. The boyfriend used to work at a fast food place or two back when he was in high school. So, yeah, the stories keep me at bay from certain things, I'm afraid. It's been almost a year since I've had Taco Bell, and I'm feeling pretty good about that.

Ok, I need to get some other shit done now. Tomorrow will be a more straight-forward, even-keeled posting kind of a day, I'm thinking. Until then, happy reading...