Wednesday, August 16, 2006

2 new planets...

Did you ever sit back and wonder about your contribution to the world, where it's taking you, and whether or not you'd be better off just climbing into a hole in the ground, covering yourself with a rock, and never having any human contact again whatsoever?


Yeah, me either. :P

Last night, we celebrated the boyfriend's birthday in style by heading to a dive bar recommended to us by a questionable acquaintance that the boyfriend used to work with, and wound up being very pleasantly surprised! They had pool tables (1st game was free, and all others were only $.75), an air hockey table which I dominated of course!, and a shuffleboard game that didn't work, but we could still play on and add up the points ourselves, so we did. The boyfriend beat me by a small margin on that one, our pool games came out even, and again, domination on the air hockey table belongs to moi, so that's that.

We went home and he spoke to his parents for a good long time via cell, and then we opened his present (a pocket watch he's been wanting) and had champagne and did other things, and went to bed quite late. So I skipped the workout today, started my vacation early when it came to my new eating plan and am winging it as of today instead of starting tomorrow. Won't be able to stick to a menu plan while we're in South Bend, so I have to use my limited knowledge of the plan that I know thus far as well as a little common sense when it comes to eating at the boyfriend's parents' house, at the wedding we go to on Saturday, when we go out to the rehearsal on Friday night, etc...I think I can pull it off. We'll see...

Outside of that, nothing much is going on. The Twin hates my guts right now, so there's that, but I've said all I can say on the issue, and sending any more e-mails or trying to call her won't be a good idea (after the response I sent her today, of course...), so I'm leaving the ball in her court. We haven't had problems like this since high school, I think. It sucks, but I've done all I can do, IMO. (This tone you're reading isn't disinterest or lackadaisicalness about the situation, by the way. It's more of a I've-done-all-I-can-I-don't-know-what-I-did-in-the-first-place-&-completely-disagree-with-the-position-I'm-being-put-in-and-wish-that-rationality-would-step-in-at-some-point-before-things-go-too-far tone, believe it or not...) I'm really hoping that she's able to talk to our brother and sisters about it, maybe even our parents, and get their opinions and hear their side, and maybe make some fun of me in the process because it's completely within reason to do so, and that she calls me when she's ready to talk. I know she's reading this, because, duh, I have site meter, so hopefully this doesn't step over whatever bounds she's set up for my behaviour in her mind. I can only try to be the best person I can be, and I think I've done a pretty damned good job of it considering what we've all been through over the past 10 years, so that's that.

Work is busy, as usual...I'm getting my hair done at noon to fix a problem we had with color from when I had it done a week and a half ago, so that shortens my day a bit more as well. I'd better run. Not sure if I'll post more later, but we'll see. I had one more little story written down to talk about from over the weekend, so I still want to put that up. Keep an eye out for changes, since today's will be the last ones until next Monday. Ta!


FaithsTwin said...

See, this is what is totally retarded- when YOU get angry at someone (something, anything) like you so often do you are apparently ALWAYS acting 'rational' and when anyone else feels angry AT you, it is no doubt, without any semblance of rationality.

You're making it worse.

And that you continue to think it has 'nothing to do with you' is just GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Yes, folks, I got mad at Faith here for NO reason whatsoever! She now expects me to express my issues with THE WORLD (instead of just one person as I have been), use them as a sounding board who will then, in her skewed vision, tell ME I am the one who is wrong and that, dear readers, will make me miraculously see Faith in an entirely different light and forgive myself (because she isn't to blame for any of it, remember) and move on.

What. The. Fuck. Ever.

Faith said...

Yeah, didn't say anything about the situation at all, don't plan to, not gonna. Just expressing my feelings on my blog. Which I forgot was illegal. The blog police will be coming for me soon, I s'pose.

sheri said...

Okay, see, I've been able to name the planets in order since I was a wee bairn. This is just gonna f'it all up for me! And these "new" ones are so freakin' tiny!! Arg?

This is what I'm bothered about today, so I should prolly shut up? K.

Have fun on your trip :)