Monday, August 28, 2006

2 New Things

I learned a couple of interesting (and yet still useless!) things over the weekend.

1. My fiance knows my blog address, reads it, and is sharing it with people at random.

2. I really, really, really should avoid drinking martinis after I've already had 3 beers.

Ok, so let's deal with #1, shall we? I was at the Moose on Saturday night, hanging out with some food, beers, and friends to watch the Chiefs play St. Louis (and KICK THEIR ASSES!!! That's right!), and of course was catching up with everyone on the whole engagement thingy. One of the managers (who is getting married herself in a couple of months) came up to see the ring, to chat about the weddings, and to just say hello in general.

Then she said, "Yeah, I read your blog about the proposal, and I couldn't wait to talk to you about it, too..." I stopped listening much after the whole "read your blog" bit of the comment, though, and have to say that I probably pretty rudely cut her off.

"What? You read my blog? Huh?"

"Yeah! [Fiance] printed out the thing you wrote about the proposal, and the blog is on our favorites list on the internet in the office."

I don't think my heart has sunk so deeply into my belly without the assistance of some sort of bad food in a LOOOONG time. My fiance knows my blog address, knows how to direct people to my blog address, and has it saved as a favorite on the back of the house computer at his work. Where people that I write about now and then can read it with wild abandon. And where people that I interact with (namely him) can read anything and everything I write.

Ok, so let's say that I didn't write out here with a complete freeness of being, not worrying at all about people who might know about it knowing that the people that I have everyday interpersonal relations with DON'T read it, and so I'm safe. I would STILL be uncomfy about the fiance (and his coworkers!) reading my blog. Even if I didn't cuss, didn't let out my frustrations with my relationships (or the relationships of folks I'm close to), didn't talk about my poop in such a free and really rather gross manner...I would still not want certain people to read this blog!

But, there you have it. They do, and they will, and that's that. I can't change it.

Fucking A.

#2 doesn't matter all that much now, does it? But to finish that part of the story off, I had 3 beers (wait...was it 4? I don't remember), saw other people having martinis, decided I wanted a martini as well, and then had another one after that. To say I was sloshed would be putting it mildly. I had fun, though. Didn't throw up, although I had a mildly wicked hangover yesterday morning, but I got through it relatively quickly and well. I don't usually get that sloshed after that small of an amount of liquor (I wasn't that small an amount, but you'd have to know just how much it usually would take to get me as tipsy as I was!), but as I eat a lower amount of calories than usual as of late (down to 187 pounds as of Sunday, thankyouverymuch), I get sloshed easier.

Anyway, I'm not too worried about the blog thing, and am happy that I can get drunk easier than ever thanks to my diet, so that's all that matters. Plus, everyone was really complimentary about my style of writing (I asked the one manager if it "sounds like me when I talk" and she said it does! yay!), so that helps.

But did I fuck that all up, huh? Mentioned the blog one too many times, I think. I just don't know when to keep my mouth shut, it seems.


Alisha said...

I guess it was bound to come out at some point right!?!

lyn said...

i'm with you....they read your blog? i learned my lesson the hard way to be careful about my long as you don't feel like you have to censor yourself, it's all good.

FaithsTwin said...

*thinking* Yay my plan worked! Now maybe she'll back off on the gross poo info...

Nightmare said...

You can never be to thin or too famous...someone important said wait, it was rich not famous.

Never mind.

Faith said...

Oh, hell if the poo stories are gonna stop! No, no,'s not my fault if the people I know at the Moose read about them! They read at their own risk, as do you. So nyah.

It may be slightly more uncomfortable to post about the issues in the future, but I figure that eventually, the novelty will wear off, people will forget about this here blog, and I'll be ok to post whatever the hell I want to again with the wildest abandon ever! Mwahahahahahaha!!!!