Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I know what I know...

Life is catching up with me. I'm about to have my first period in 3 months* starting tomorrow, I'm stressed at work, I'm stressed at home, I'm attempting to keep up with my proper diet and exercise (which is working really, really well, I'm happy to say), I am battling constant heartburn (which I attribute to too many salads and too much stress), and my hair looks like shit (the color isn't latching on properly yet...).

This week had better turn itself around, dammit. Right quick.

*I'm doing that deal where I take my pills for 3 months consecutively, so I only have 4 periods a year from now on. It's working out pretty well except I'm still getting used to the schedule and I'm constantly wondering, "Is this the month I'm supposed to have one? When was my last one? Shit, I hate getting old..." So this time, I'm going to write it down, like a good little girl, in my calendar. That way, I won't forget! Easy peasy!! Go me! (Aw, shut the hell up, me. You're bothering the shit out of me all of a sudden...)

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