Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is she still a girl?

We had the dog's uterus removed yesterday. She was pretty miserable after it was done, and seemed to want to hang out with us, but was too wary of us to come close much of the night. (She looked at us as though she thought we would snatch her up again to drive her back to that hated vet's office to have something else removed, such as her stomach so we would no longer have to feed her, or her asshole so we'd no longer have to deal with her poop. Because that's how dogs think. They don't know that they can't survive without a stomach, and how much we understand their need to poop. They're dumb. That's why they're called dogs. Get it?

Yeah, me either. I'm tired and putting off the inevitableness of paying my bills. Get off my case.)

Once she had her initial alone-time after we first returned home from the vet (she went into her crate to lie down and lick herself silly, so I wouldn't stop her from doing it every time she tried...), she came out and started wandering back and forth through the living room into the hallway by the bathroom door, and then back through the living room to the door to the kitchen and then back again. It was pitiful. Especially the way she was slinking along, tail down, stopping every now and then to try to scratch the itch that couldn't be scratched with one of her back paws, and then starting up with the walking thing once she realized there would be no relief from this internal nightmare she'd just been exposed to. She looked downright pitiful all night in fact, and I was glad to head to bed at about 10:30 to read for a bit before falling asleep. We put her crate in our room for the night, so we could hear her easier if she needed our help or needed to get out to relieve herself or something. She seemed fine throughout the night, though. I could hear her early this morning as she whined quietly and then licked herself some more, but all I had to do was say, "Shh, shh,'s alright Izzy honey. We're here. Shh, shh..." And she'd stop again for a while. I didn't really care much about soothing her, but the noise an animal makes when it licks itself is unbearable to me, so I try to stop it when it's in earshot if I can. If she felt soothed at the same time, then bonus!

Right now, I'm glad the day is just about over, so I will be able to go home and workout soon, and then it'll be Friday tomorrow, and I'll have a 3 day weekend waiting for me at the end of that, so WOO! Last night's Project Runway didn't turn out as I'd expected, but I won't bore you all with my opinion of it. This guy usually sums it up pretty damned well after a couple of days, so go check his blog out and see if you agree with him. I tend to, and he makes me laugh while I'm doing it! (He doesn't have his weekly post up about it yet, but enjoy reading his past posts, and then add him to your'll be glad you did. I really need to put him on my blogroll...)

Ok, I need to go get some work done before I lose my drive completely. Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday afternoon...Ta!

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