Friday, August 25, 2006

It's what's on the inside that counts.


My sofa is a lovely one. I bought it with entertaining in mind...with stretching out to watch television and have nappy-naps in mind...with being able to provide comfort to guests in mind.

I loved it when I got it, but it's time to move on, and I plan on buying a new couch in a couple of months that fits the space in my living room better.

But here's where I'm stumped: How does one know what a good "stuffing" for the inside of the couch may be? I've found that the couch I purchased has broken down over time (under the weight of my almost-200-pound ass, duh), and it's hard to keep the pillows fluffed to an extent that pleases me. So the next sofa I purchase might be a bit more pricey, but dammit, I want the cushions to be able to handle the weight of two grown adults on a daily basis a HELL OF A LOT longer than just 3 years.

I've looked up a few things online, but nothing really definitive has emerged from my search. On one page, someone says to "avoid lower quality foam" and all should be well. But what's lower quality foam? What's it called? Is there a density number I should look for? Should I be ok just sticking to a certain down/foam mix, and if so, what percentage should I aim for? 20% down/80% foam? 25/75? 10/90? WHAT???

Does anyone know anything about sofas out there? Can you help me, please? I can't drop $2000 on a new sofa from Pottery Barn just because I believe that the more it costs, the better quality it'll be, because what if it's not? Yes, the mirror I bought from them on sale over 8 years ago is still living strong and well, but I tend to avoid sitting on that when I can. My drapes are good, and my carpet in the living room is still holding it's own even after 3 years of constant tread, vaccuming, and several recent incidents of doggy discharging. But I don't sit on those things, and I want the thing I sit on every fucking day to be something that can handle my ass.

Please. Impart your wisdom, and set my pained ass free, will ya? If you're timid about posting comments, send me an e-mail at faithsista at that yahoo place. (There's a link in my profile...)

This is my post for a Friday afternoon. This is what's on my mind. Well, this and the question of whether I'll be able to go home and exercise tonight instead of driving my ass to the Moose for badness in the form of food and beers. I'm really very torn right now, for some reason. God, I'm such an asshole...


statia said...

You definitely want to stay away from cotten or linen fabrics as they tend to not wear very well. You'll want an upolstery that's sturdy and mainly poly. As for the foam, I would say you should be able to tell by the density on how it should stand up. Oh and don't forget to get a color that'll hid the dog hair. Because fuck, that's the all important one.

Anonymous said...

don't count out Ethan Allen!

FaithsTwin said...

My Jennifer Convertible, though cheap, has been a REALLY good couch. So far all it takes is flipping of some cushions here and there and when a back cushion seems to be losing shape if I beat the shit out of it (pretend it's the dumbass, pretend it's the dumbass) it shapes up nicely for another long while.

ZGallerie was a great resource, too. I'm not just saying that because I worked there, either. They have quality stuff for good prices. I would say you'd get JUST as great a couch from there as you would with Pottery Barn and it would be about 15% less...but Pottery Barn is a great place too. They don't sell crappy stuff.

BB said...

Avoid Pier 1. Running in to the same issues you are... we need to replace ours soon too.

Anonymous said...

try oggi - downtown KC. you'll pay more for a custom couch - but we've had ours for close to 7 yrs now...even w/ three dogs it's still lookin good - except for all the dog hair :)