Monday, August 14, 2006

No title. Not in the mood.

I'm in a terrible mood this morning. It's been raining all night, stormy and thundery and loud, and I didn't sleep all that great (neither did the boyfriend) until maybe about 2, and then I got up at 5, of course. Starting yesterday afternoon, I was put into a shitty place by the Twin, and now she's mad at me, so you shouldn't expect many comments from her around here for a while. (Not that she's been posting too many anyway, except to pick on me and my opinion since she came to visit, but apparently that was the beginning of her issues with me so it makes sense, really. I guess she's been mad at me since the visit really, although I'm not sure why. She says it's because I was "rude" to her and her girls the entire time they were here. I just don't get that at. all.)

I have more stuff to post later, but I need to pull it out of my purse (I wrote stuff down as I thought of it, finally!!), and I don't really have the energy to do that right now, for some reason. Definitely later. In the mean time, I'll work, and I'll talk to coworkers, and I'll hope for the blue skies to show themselves sooner rather than later. Ta!

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lyn said...

blue skies are just behind the clouds. promise.