Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Oh, and your thong is fulgy, beyotch.

Ok, I have to say that I'm not liking my breakfast very much this morning so far. It's a tofu scramble with zucchini and green onions, a little garlic powder and some oregano, and I'm wishing that I had some parmesan (soy, of course) to dump on top of it to give it a bit more flavor. That would make it perfect, IMO. But I'm starving, and it's a filling breakfast, to say the least, so I'm eating it and just dealing for now. I don't think I'll make it again, unless I find a way to spice it up properly. (I also have some sliced strawberries and a piece of whole wheat bread to round things out...those are helping break up the boring tofu dish, thankfully.)

Successful morning at the gym. No foul smells near me while I cardio'd, the t.v.'s remained on the channels I wanted them to be on (although none were tuned to local news, but maybe I can fix that tomorrow morning), I caught up on my ESPN shtuff, so that was all nice. The locker room was the difficult area today. I walked in to put my stuff in a locker, and the whole room was wet and musty. It was like someone had come through with a hose and hosed the place down, and it hadn't dried yet because it was too fucking humid to do so. So all the benches were totally wet, and even a few of the lockers I tried to put my stuff in were wet on the bottom shelf. I finally found a dry part of a bench and a dry locker and put my stuff in it, and went out to let an employee know about the problem and they took care of it while I was working out. But it was so hot in the gym today, for some reason. And the locker room isn't any better than the gym area when it comes to that, so I sweat, and I sweat, and I showered and then I sweat some more...I HATE it when my body keeps sweating that badly. Drying my hair sucked, putting on my makeup was a nightmare! Awful. Just awful, really.

So then I finished up with my hair and makeup and went back to my locker to get dressed, and someone has put their bag and stuff on the bench right in front of my locker. Now, I don't know if I'm the only person that does this, but when I get to the locker room in the morning, I try to find a locker that is surrounded by other open lockers. This ensures that I will have plenty of room to get dressed and spread out a bit when I'm getting all my shit together after working out. There are around a dozen women in there between 6:50 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., all trying to shower, do hair and makeup, and get out the door. We stagger our processes pretty well though, and while I've been in the mirror area with aroun 6 other women before all doing our makeup and hair at once, today there were only 4 of us at the busiest time. So it varies a good deal when it comes to volume of women doing their thang in there. Some people just come in to workout, and leave their purses in the smaller lockers. Good deal. One of those came in today and put her shit in a locker right next to mine, which I thought a bit rude, but I moved my stuff to a more open-locker area, and went about my routine as usual. But when I returned to the area to get dressed after I was done with hair and makeup, and I found this asshat had left their bag and other shit just lying all over the place like that, it pissed me off.

First of all, I keep all my stuff in my locker when I'm not around it. I get what I need for my shower, and I close the door and go to the shower area. I come back, I put on my underwear, I grab my hair and makeup stuff, and I close the locker again before I head into the mirror area to get ready. This is not only preserving my "valuables" (heh...yeah, does someone want some sweaty extra-large Target workout clothes and a pair of $40 Adidas that are a bit worn and ucky? No? Kay...), but it's helping to keep the area clear for the other women that might need to get ready in the same area as me. This is called basic common courtesy, and everyone should practice it, yo. Ain't that hard.

So this bitch's stuff is on the bench in my way, and I get dressed, and try to get out of there so I can get to work on time when the girl returns from the shower area to continue getting ready.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that this chick was not shy AT. ALL. Hell, I was suprised she didn't break out a vibrator to warm herself up a bit before the day really got started for her. I'm standing RIGHT THERE, and she flings her towel off her body, and starts to dry her hair with it. Needless to say, she was buck nekkid, which I'm fine with, but I was bending over my bag getting the last of my goodies together when she pulled this towel trick, and so her ass was RIGHT in my face. No kidding. I actually exclaimed a little in surprise at her audacity and complete disregard for any kind of personal space whatsoever, and she kind of looked around after a second and realized that her choocha (she had turned around at that point, lucky me) was right in another chick's face, and she decided it might be time to move over a bit. Yeah, ya think?

She continued to get ready like that, too. I was able to put on my deodorant and get out of there, but she was just taking up the space that 3 people could fit in, flinging her boobies around carelessly, hanging out in her thong as she combed through her long hair, throwing the strands that were falling out as she did so anywhere on the floor that she cared to. (Am I weird to collect my hair and take it all to the trashcan, just like I try to do at home? Hair all over the floor is gross...) She pissed me off. And NO, it's not just because she was skinny. It's because she was RUDE. I'm not an asshole like that...if she'd been a nice skinny girl, I would have been envious of her, but instead I was just glad that my parents raised me to have some fucking manners.

I need to get some work done, but needless to say, my day hasn't started off exactly the way I'd have prefered it to. I'm hoping that it gets better and better as the day goes on. Hope the same happens for all of you, too!!


FaithsTwin said...

I give this situation a half and half- you are half right: she was rude. You, however, are SUCH a tightass with so much of your shit I don't think it was ALL her fault for being the way she was. Pick up your hair to collect for a trashcan!? WTF? Do you NOT see how fucked up that is? Maybe you don't; so I am here to tell you it is fucked up. You may find it ok to collect your own hair, but I would never expect someone else to think that is 'common' practice, dude. I mean, when I stand up from the toilet and realize I have left a little black curly behind, I'm gonna make sure it goes 'way. Picking up my hair brushed out of my head in public? NOT a priority!

Faith said...

You must not lose as much hair as I do when you comb it out after a shower. Since I wear my hair "curly" much of the time, I don't comb it after every shower, and so when I do it straight instead (like I did this morning), I wind up with lots of hair being combed out. I'm not just gonna leave that in a pile on the sink (which is also where I choose to comb my hair, and not in front of a bunch of lockers, swinging my head around as though I'm the only one on the planet), because that's gross. I live in a house where plumbing is a main concern, and so I've been really careful for the past 3 years about not letting too much excess hair get away from me in the shower (had to clean that drain once...*shudders*) or at my sink. I figure I'm just being a good customer for cleaning up after myself when I use the facilities at 24 Hour Fitness.

Then again, I also clean up after myself in restaurants, movie theaters, and most other public places. People who work at those places are meant to ensure our comfort, not be our slaves.

Xavier Onassis said...

Hair, schmair. Who cares? Have you seen my picture?

But I anxiously await the next post describing near-lesbian-like encounters in the locker room.

Hey, I'm a guy.

And since guys pretty much invented the double-standard, I can guarantee you that if some guy whipped off his towel like you describe and then turned around all commando in another guys face, there would be blood shed.