Thursday, August 03, 2006

The old man is snoring? What about ME?

Ok, seeing as everyone else has sufficiently covered the Project Runway episode from last night, I don’t need to say anything about it! Except that I agree with Ms. Pants! And I’m glad Keith is gone because he seemed to be an egocentric asshole that was starting to wear on my nerves! And I don’t know where all these exclamation points are coming from, but perhaps it’s a side effect of having had too little sleep last night! AUGH!

The boyfriend and I went to a Royals game last night with some friends…we used company tickets that were up for grabs, and we had a really great time. We knew rain was coming, but we were unsure of when the rain was coming. After watching some news before leaving the house for the game, I guessed that it would move in at about 8:45 or 9-ish. The storms that were moving their way across Kansas were packing 100 mile per hour winds that were pushing big rigs around like Tonka toys on I-70 earlier in the day, so I knew we were in for some fun. To be honest, I’d rather face 100 mile per hour winds while outdoors at a venue made of cement than in my rinky-dink house built out of wood and stuff back in 1952. So off to the game we went, knowing that we’d have some weather to deal with, but still looking damned forward to hot dogs, beers, and the possibility of a win.

I didn’t notice what time it happened, but I can say that we were at the top of the 8th inning with 1 out and the promise of more after a pitcher replacement. The crowd started getting a bit loud, and as we looked around, we noticed it was because the winds had moved in. It was pushing a bunch of trash and stuff out onto the field, but the players persevered and kept up the game as best they could. The left-fielder was walking against the wind to his position, and he had to lean into it pretty good to get where he needed to be, it seemed. We all started to celebrate the break in the heat by cheering louder and watching the wind pick up more and more with big smiles on our faces.

When the rain began, it brought instant cooler temperatures, and it started only as a light rain that didn’t affect us or the game much. The wind affected the game more, actually, and with it blowing so hard, it was keeping the rain from falling directly on us in any major way, so we weren’t getting too wet at all. We decided to stay in our seats, even though we were in a section of the stadium that was uncovered and open to rain, lightening and wind. (We were about 15 rows from the field between 3rd and home and behind the visiting team’s dugout. My company has really great seats, IMO…not better than a box would have been, but beggars can’t be choosers, eh?) We kept chatting, and being all happy about the lower temps, until about 5 minutes later when I heard a strange sound coming from above us. I stopped my friend mid-sentence to say, "Wait a minute…what’s that noise?" He replied, "Um, I think it’s the rain…" to which I replied with widened eyes, and a huge grin, "Holy shit! I’m running for cover!"

We all laughed and ran for cover as the really big part of the storm moved in, bringing with it absolutely torrential rains that were soaking the field and the brave players who were still on it. It took a few minutes for the boys to bring the tarp out, but they eventually covered the diamond, and we all set back to see if we could wait out the storm. We waited a while, drinking water, hanging out in the covered areas chatting and watching to see if the rain was letting up at all. I finally asked if we could go at about 10:30 since my bedtime had come and gone, and our friends understand how shitty I am when I get grumpy and tired. We ran for the car through huge puddles and falling rain, and drove home singing along with music and trying to ditch the big puddles that had gathered in the streets.

I had a really fun time, is the thing. People react to rain too often as though it’s made of toxic waste. It was fun to see a bunch of people who weren’t afraid of it at all, running about enjoying the coolness of it after so very many days of hot and hotter weather in a row. I was afraid I would find more of my tree in my front yard like it was after the storm that moved through 2 weeks ago, but it was in tact and I only lost one branch from a tree in the back yard this time. There were lots of little branches and leaves and stuff all over the streets around my house and on my way to work today, and my power had apparently gone out for a few minutes at some point during the night (which threw off my cable, which caused TiVo not to record PR as requested, which caused me to have to watch the rerun that was on at 11 p.m. after we got home from the game last night, so I’m tahred today…oh sooo tahred…), so it was a pretty significant front that moved through, obviously.

Thank GOD.

Now it’s cooler today, and life is happy again. And tonight, I’m working out at home (took the morning off today), and then tomorrow, I’m working out at home (because I’m sleeping in tomorrow again, dammit), and I will remain fat because my body hates me and I am doomed to be a big Fat McFatterson forever and ever and it sucks big donkey balls. But that’s ok! Because I work out! And here are the exclamation points again! So I’d better go…

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mikey said...

Dude. I've hated Keith from the beginning. Ever since he totally "cheated" on the first challenge, where they had to make a dress using parts of their rooms. Sure, he made a pretty dress, but he didn't really follow the "spirit" of the challenge. I thought that older redhead woman should have won - her dress was better and she actually followed the rules.

And then there was that "not wanting to dress the dog" thing. Dude, I totally understand that. Dogs aren't meant to wear clothes. But damn, don't slack and then blame it on your artistic integrity or whatever shit.

And really, I thought that cutie blonde and tatooed neck rocker should have won the last challenge. Maybe it's just a bias I have against crazy Angela, or maybe it's a bias against her ugly foofy style, but I can't believe she led the winning team.

I was trying to think of who I want out next... Angela or Vincent (Vincent really bugs the shit out of me). Angela? Vincent? Back. Forth. And then I thought, "You know, Brandon could leave the show, and I really doubt anyone would miss him."

I didn't really have a point there.