Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The One With Faith's Shoes

I have one quote going through my head as I wander about the office in these shoes I have on my feet today, and it is this:

"The man who made these hates feet and wants to see them die!" - Monica from Friends episode "The One With Monica's Boots" from Season 8.

It's my own fault. I was tired of wearing the same two pairs of shoes that are comfy and yet still stylish, as I'm afraid they will soon quit me by completely breaking since I wear them pretty much constantly. I hate any other pair of shoes, though. I can't find a proper pair to replace the favorites! I've tried...honest, I have! But it's impossible, and so I will have to wear them until they do die, which will be a sad, sad day indeed.

My. Feet. Hurt.

I want a beer, dammit.

1 comment:

lyn said...

i dunno man. i have plenty of fashionable yet comfy shoes...maybe we need to hit the mall the next time i am there so we can find you a pair!