Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Wait a minute...this woman that admitted to killing her husband by shooting him after they'd fought about financial issues, and has been in jail since the authorities caught her in Alabama (where she had run away to after she shot her husband...), was released from jail today on a $750,000 bond that was in place?

Sooo, murderers that have confessed to their crime can be let out of prison these days by just paying a certain amount of cash? Has this always been the case? Or is it special for her because her husband lost all their cash by falling for one of those ridiculously stupid Nigerian money scams that I can't believe people actually think are real. Ever. I mean, obviously, her husband was an idiot...sure. But still, he was her husband. You'd think she would have noticed the idiocy prior to the marriage, and just accepted it as part of the package, loving him anyway for being so quirky. (Kinda like how I still love my boyfriend even though he managed to pee on the floor next to the toilet sometime last night before he came to bed, and then left it there for me to clean up. Yep...he's a boy. I love him the way he is. Dammit.)

I'm confused. Why would a judge put a bond on a case like this? She admitted to killing him. Isn't that something that kind of earns one a go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200 card?

I don't understand some people, honestly...

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