Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Quick question...

I just found something through my sitemeter that kind of confuses me, and I'm wondering if any bloggers (or avid readers of blogs) might be able to help me understand it. It's this. You might have to just click the link to see what I'm refering to...I'm not sure I can describe it all that well, but basically, it appears to be a site called BlogShares that has my blog listed on it, and shows what it's worth based on something that I can't figure out. Says my blog's worth is $11,519.23, but I don't understand what that means. They talk about it being a "game" of some sort. Um, wha...?

It mentions something on the help page about "claiming your blog"...has anyone done this, and is there any reason I should do it?

WTF is this all about? Is it a good thing that my blog is "worth" what it says it is? Does that mean that I'm more popular than I realized, and I need to bump up my content to a more interesting level? Help a sista out, if you would...gracias mucho.


Pensive Girl said...

hey, i might be wrong, but i'm pretty sure the "worth" of you blog is based on how many people link to it, post links of it etc etc etc :)

statia said...

Blogshares was just a stupid passing fad a few years ago. I HATE blogshares and have requested several times to have my link removed. Unfortunately, I apparently have no say in whether or not my site is linked there.

Faith said...

Ah, that would make sense jessi...Even if it is still weird, I think.

Statia, I think I remember you posting something about that a while back. I knew I'd heard about it somewhere, but it's been a while, and I couldn't remember where I'd heard it (for some reason, I thought maybe Mikey had posted something about it...). Why do you hate it so much?

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith! Yes, BlogShares is a game based on an directory of blogs (over 8.9 million at last count). They are added automatically just like google or yahoo would add them. Value is a fictional number, of course, but is based on game values of the recognized blogs that link to your blog.

Statia: I don't know where your requests have gone to when you've asked to have your blog removed from the BlogShares, but please send your request to Include your blog url please. The Administrators will take care of it within a day or two. Unlike most search engines/directory, was always remove listings at the request of site owners.

Island Dave
BlogShares Board of Directors

statia said...

@Dave. I've asked several times, with no answer. So, yeah, I'm a bit peeved about it.