Friday, August 11, 2006

So far, so good...

Well, I dropped 4.5 pounds this week, so I'm on the right track finally, it seems. I had a couple of weak moments over the past 2 days in particular, but considering I've only been following the meal plan for the past 4 days (today is the 5th), I'd say it's doing something right in my body "formula" to have it respond appropriately, finally. Exercise alone didn't do it. Eating healthy most of the time didn't do it either. It took a drop in sodium, processed foods, and overall calories to do it. Just like I thought.

The great thing about the plan I've chosen is that it's not only easily adaptable to both my dietary needs as well as the boyfriend's, but it has recipes for food that are easy to make and taste really good. After just one week, I have a better idea of how to substitute things so I can buy less at the grocery store this week, and still stick to the "plan" as required. I have a good idea of how to handle my plan while I'm away next week in South Bend. And no matter what, with the calorie intake vs the calories I'm burning right now, I'll be sure to lose 1 - 3 pounds a week if I can just keep this up as I have been. And that's just with 4 workout days and 1 heavy work-around-the-house day each week! It's totally doable and not too tiring and easy to keep up with, is my point.

I'm sure I'll be back at 160 again before I know it. (But I'm trying to focus on just 10 pounds at a time. And I'm really hoping that by the time I get to 160, I'll be motivated to go to 150. Because that'd be the ideal weight for me to reach and maintain...)

And that's all there is to say about that.

Yesterday, I had two coworkers tell me that they'd had dreams that involved myself or both myself and another coworker. One of them involved nudity, and the other was really more mundane comparatively, so I don't remember it all that well, but that's probably due to the nudity issue in the other dream. Poor thing really couldn't compete with that, I guess. I'm not sure what to think about the fact that so many coworkers are having dreams that involve me right now except maybe to say that my plan for total mind control and domination via the refrigerator is apparently working, so I'd better keep on it until I get to the point where people actually give me money to clean their old nasty shit out of the fridge for them.
I also figured out where Jessi lives finally, and we are, indeed, very close together. (She had a dream about me the other night too, it seems. Since she has nothing to do with the fridge at work, I can't say I understand that entirely...) It's kinda fun to know that the blogger world that I exist in is as small as it is, sometimes. It's nice to have "friends" in Australia, too, but you know what I mean.
Ok, so I must get on now with the fighting the good fight and staying away from the free hashbrowns in the kitchen, so I'd best be off. As it is Friday, and things have been kinda slow around the office as of late, you can count on probably one more post from me later today. Things have been popping into my head all week that I think, "Hey! I should blog about that! Write it down...write it down!" But I didn't write it down, and now I can't remember what I was gonna blog about. I need to get better about that, honestly. Because some funny shit happened to me this week, I swear! I remember laughing several times throughout the week. Which is always a good thing, but it's BETTER when I can share the laughs! I'll make a better effort from now on, honest to peas.


martinoffroad said...

mmmmmm, did someone say hashbrowns?

lyn said...

congrats on the weight loss. have a great weekend!