Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Time to gooooo...

There were chips and salsa down the hall in the kitchen for the last 3 hours of the day, and I'm proud to say that, even though I knew they were in there, and I also had to go in there several times to get beverages throughout the afternoon, I didn't touch them!

Ok, total lie. I SOOO touched them! I ate around 5 of them, and I enjoyed the FUCK out of them, so there! I'm so weak, it's pitiful. (But! In my defense, they were the very hardest of all chips and salsas to ignore...the kind from Jose Peppers which are all thin and crispy and see-through because of their friedness. The salsa from there is some of my favorite salsa EVER. Very good stuff. Dammit.)

But I've been really good this week so far, and I'm gonna go ahead and call my weight loss 2 days early. I'm gonna say that I've lost 3 pounds this week. I can feel it in mah bones.

Outside of that, I can say that the boyfriend was acting weird last night and I hope he's better tonight because it was driving me mad, and tonight is Project Runway and I'm very much looking forward to that shit. I also hate my backyard, because it's the trashiest, nastiest looking yard in the neighborhood and I covet my neighbor's yard and I'm pretty sure that's against a commandment of some sort so now I'm going to hell for having poor gardening skeills and would it be weird to ask my neighbor to come landscape in my yard for me?

Thank GOD, it's time to go. Later...

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Trebuchet said...

1. I, too, tell myself I didn't partake in community office goodies when in fact, i partook so much I made myself sick. It's just what we do. Fuck it. They're there, and there are starving children in Uganda, so I'm eating it. As much as possible of it. Pronto.

2. Project Runway: guilty pleasure second only to the aformentioned goodies (particularly when they're brownie bites). Oh, and Hello Magazine. That, too.

3. I'm convinced no one with a personality can garden. I, for one, have ben embroiled in a long-standing war with mother nature, killing nearly everything I've put in a plant since, oh, I dunno, the Reagan Administration.

So don't feel bad. Not being able to landscape means you're probably a lot of fun.